Sealing the Well


For those of you who traveled with the Selunari to the Well from which all of the foul mists are spewing forth, we thank you for your courage. That being said, our venture deep into the Selunari homeland was potentially quite fruitful as when we encountered the Well, Plue was able to use her lodestone to memorize a list - riddles of sorts - that will potentially lead us to sealing the dark mists forever.

I am asking that Plue copy the list here so that we can all work together at deciphering it and recovering the necessary pieces.

Thank you all for your hard work. The Wayfarers of Enneret are indebted to you all.

Resete of the Platinum Tongue


1) Pinna from the Night Wolf's Lover whose remains are rumored to be entombed in a statue in Theros

2) Flame from a Candle Lion Mane. There is a Pride local to Brimms Watch that Nyrani and Kjeld have close relations with. We should work to attain this.

3) The Day Court Queen Tesni Albright is known by many names all which imply Fire, Light, and Sun. One such name is Steward of the First Flame. It is rumored she possesses a powerful item that can cast a light across all of Ennerett. This is our most likely ingredient.

4) The King of the Night Court is Adriano Indigo Gauerdia, though he is known by other names one of which is Spinner of Night. Lore also calls him the Attendant of the Atramentous Armor. I believe this would be our ingredient.

5) Pieces of the Stymphalian - the Silver Moon that was placed into the sky

6) There is a book that regails the tale of the First Beast - mother of all the beasts of the 1st Era. She was said to possess talons of gold. We must research where she or her remains are located and acquire one of these talons.

7) We know what and where the final feast is but, due to issues regarding secrecy, cannot share too much more information. The wine from it will be attained, though this being a 2 part ingredient, there could be more. If anyone has ideas, we are open.

9) In Tian there is an old Love Story of the first Dynasty. A prince had his ability to kiss stolen from him just before his wedding. It was taken to Bay of Storms in Naga territory and according to legend, the Prince - with his Fiance, Best Friend, Sister, and Lover - fought the Naga Queen and Reclaimed it. I believe a journey to Tian to discuss this with the current Dynasty and verify the story is in order. This "Kiss" would be our likely ingredient.
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Here's the list I copied from Plue at the last gather:

"One for sorrow
Pinna from why the wolf runs

Two for joy
Flame from the Lion's mane

Three for a girl
All encompassing Sun

Four for a boy
Who spins Night into skein

Five for silver
Flying high above

Six for gold
A talon of the First Beast

Seven for a secret
From Mother's lost love

Never to be told
Jeroboam from the Final Feast

Eight for a wish
Stolen from a Djinn

Nine for a kiss
Gifted from the First Prince

Ten for a bird
From the nest of the Bryn

You must not miss
To return to Enerret all shine and glints."


San Francisco Staff
This looks correct, though missing some punctuation that is unlikely to be relevant.

I need to recheck my lodestone to see if “pinna” is an error in transcription for the more common “penna”, or something else entirely.


Terren informed me that pinna is actually a word meaning "a portion of the ear", so it may be referrin' to that and not the ritual component. I'm fairly certain the notes you showed me said "pinna", because I was confused at the time.


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(OOG: I plan to check with Plot to see if it’s a typo before we go on too much of a wild goose chase, given that the rest of the list doesn’t seem quite that obscure.)

tolgar undershaft

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Hmm well if these all require some sort of component I do have a stolen wish from a djinn. Back in twinspire a DJinn showed up and was causing all sorts of crazy antics. In some weird mess up he thought that I had hit him so he deathed me down on the spot. When someone explained it wasn't me who did that he lifed me and granted me one wish as an appology. I used that wish and "wished I could have his vest." He looked at me smiled knowing i didn't fall into his trap to twist my words to something bad for me and handed is over. I still have this vest, so if that might work as the component for number 8 I will make sure to keep it extra safe until we next gather.

My guess on the others
Number 2 Hairs from a lion mane
Number 3 a ring of made of yellow gold
Number 4 pretty sure this has to do something with the fabric of time but NO clue on what we could use for this.
Number 5 is a plat piece seeing that it is silver looking and came down from the sky. "flying high"
Number 6 a Talon from a golden eagle.
Number 7 a old love letter kept by an old lady
Number 8 (see first bit of post)
Number 9 Anyone know who the first prince in these lands were? Perhapse we can get some more clues as to what we could be looking for.
Number 10 I went back and forth on this. Thinking it might be a snake. but then the Luck of the Bryn... If I remember correctly Resete you have some dice in your position. This might be a trick where on words where some birds eat snakes and you can roll 2 1's for snake eyes. Just leaving this here to hurt your brains more. :)

Sir Tolgar Undershaft, Knight Commander of the Order of Morgan

((OOG I an confirm that the One for sorrow, Pinna from why the Wolf runs is correct. ))


I believe many of these to be quite literal based on some of the writings we have uncovered.

The first component would be from the Night Wolf's love. She was a great bird that he slayed and her remains are believed to be entombed in a statue in the capital of Theros. If this is the case and it truly is "Penna" it would make sense for us to retrieve them from the statue.

The second component may be a piece of Candle Lion flame. I believe Dame Nyrani has good relationships with the local pride, and if this makes sense we could acquire some.

I believe the third and fourth may have something to do with the Day Court and Night Court of Fey. If I am correct, the Day Court has a Queen, and the Night a King? If this is so, perhaps it could be an object from each of them that is required.

Five for silver - this is the Moon that was made out of a SilvernBird and placed into the sky. I believe there was some silvered creature that was fought in Caius that was supposed to be some part of this myth. Did anyone collect the remnants of it?

The sixth item, I believe we must do research into the Age of Legends to discover which beast was the first of the great ones that warred in this land. The beasts are all rumored to still exist, but be asleep. If this is so, whichever was first would be the one whose talon we require. I do know that a Golden Dragon was one of them.

I am unsure of 7 but it is the only two part answer. It would be a bottle of wine from some feast that represented a Mother's lost love. Perhaps it represents the wine from a funeral of sorts?

The eighth, a stolen wish from a Djinn seems straight forward

Nine - we must research the Monarchy's from the Ages and trace them back. Find out who the first prince was or what it could represent.

For the tenth a bryn is a hill of sorts if I am not mistaken. So we must retrieve a bird from a nest on a hill. Does that make sense to anyone?

Please chime in if you have any other ideas or clarifications.


Terren informed me that pinna is actually a word meaning "a portion of the ear", so it may be referrin' to that and not the ritual component. I'm fairly certain the notes you showed me said "pinna", because I was confused at the time.
Pinna refers to any sort of projecting body part such as a feather, wing, or fin. For a plant it could be a frond. Given, however, that we are dealing with a bird I believe that the feather may be the reference point.


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The part that stands out to me most is the penultimate line. "You must not miss." This suggests to me that we only have one attempt at this. I feel we should proceed very cautiously.

Some of these descriptions are distressingly vague, and could have many possible meanings. For example, the first component and the fifth, by Resete's reckoning, I think are the same thing. The Moon was the Night Wolf's love in legend, correct? And the Stymphalian (the large silver bird we encountered in Caius) is, or is related to, the moon? (I don't recall the exact details - if someone could refresh my memory on the legend that would be very helpful.)


The Night Wolf's lover was killed and then a metal version was built and put into the sky as the new moon.


Given Kjeld's confirmation, these are two separate things. The statue in Theros that is supposed to contain the Night Wolf's lover is indeed different from the Stymphalian. This would be two distinct ingredients needed. I do agree with Plue that we will only get one chance so we better make it count. I do not believe these to be as Vague as everyone things. I believe they will be quite apparent once we have done the proper research.


[[[OOG: I am confirming that Pinna is *not* a typo. ]]]
Uh...I should says "Mother's lost love", with a capital M. Since you all picked me up, there have been sightings of people with chain-like or symbol like tattoos on their wrists. On the island, they reacted to a song, and began attacking. And the same thing was on the wrist of the mother of the child who I couldn't--couldn't....anyway. I can't remember the context, but I remember them being referred to as Mother's children, or something of the like. I'm currently working with Ruby to gain more information on these people sighted with the tattoos. I am wondering if this might be the mother referred to? Though there seem to be several things that we face/have faced that call themselves mother in some form or another.
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I should also mention that the Stymphalian we fought was a stunted version of what it should have been...I've seen them, when they were whole...very different. I have no clue if the state of that beast in its last fight would affect the attempt to seal the well. Or...if perhaps we'd need one from a Stymphalian that still lives? Is the tense in the riddle relevant?


I have been doing more research into this, and I believe I have found solutions to a few of the questions. I will update the first dream so all can easily understand.
-A roiling, growling voice echoes through the dream. It is recognizably Morganna-

You are correct, a Queen of Day and a King of Night.

Liorre, Resete, if you're willing to speak with me about this matter this coming gather I can look into what is needed from the fey monarchs.

I must advise caution in using the names and titles of the monarchs in the dream. His Majesty shouldn't be much of an issue, Her Majesty on the other hand.... look, I'd appreciate an overabundance of caution.


If anyone has gained any information regarding this - please let me know. Just posting this here to update. Please send any private responses if you don't trust the open forum.


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Plue's voice appears in the dream. She speaks with what sounds to be great difficulty. " notes...last meeting. Come...Brimm's Watch."

(Plue would show the following section of her notebook to any of the White Tenebrous Walkers who wish to see it. She can be easily found around Brimm's Watch. She indicates, very haltingly, that Petronia is helping her to write up a more complete record of that meeting, but it is taking some time due to her current difficulties. ((OOG: super busy, haven't had the chance to write it up yet, but I'll try to do it this week.)))

Investigation leads:

  1. Remains of lost love. In statue in Caius. Terren (Plue)

  2. Flame from candle lions. Nyrani

  3. Day queen - one of three items. Morgana & Resete

    1. First flame - most likely

    2. Eternal inferno - shard realm

    3. Duke Elmo - person
  4. Night King’s black armor. Morgana & Resete. Black armor that cloaks in complete darkness.

  5. When day wolf killed his lover the bird - karlik created stymphalian. Plue & Petronia

  6. Krakata, first beast, mother of all beasts. Gold talons, firey breath, steel. Petronia. Manticore is possible second option

  7. Shin

  8. Namrik & William

  9. Tian - story of first dynasty prince -- had ability to kiss stolen from him. Chuck. Must be gifted.

  10. Possibly from Sylvarus? Terren.




I am working on the calculations to be prepared to retrieve the necessities.

When I am done, I'll be sure to make it known to you.

I just need more time.

- Squire Shin Shanshi
House of the Zodiac