Searching for Permenancy Catalyst


Chicago Staff
I have begun a search to obtain "The Essence of a FallingStar" however with so few FallingStars and the numerous changes to scrolls and their catalysts it is an assumption that the Catalyst for that ritual may shift to align with the new age of magic. Should this new Catalyst be discovered or said Essence - please remember me in your travels.

My search continues to create my fully empowered Workshop of Convience. To take the effort to fully empower it is an undertaking of Reagents and ritual skill that I wish to see preserved through my lifetime.

I will accept discussions of reasonable market value for said catalyst as well as open discussions for bartering with my formal abilities, Merchant abilities/knowlwdge &/or access to said workshop once created.



Chicago Staff

I have plenty of components I do not wish to use. As for the catalyst, perhaps we can come to an agreement, but I know I have extended an offer to Beryl and the rest of Lifestorm, if I dont hear anything back in a few weeks we can discuss.

A simple merchant,


Regarding a permanancy catalyst, I know one was found recently but it was decided to not put it up for auction under the concern that It may have been cursed. I'm not entirely sure what happened of it but I know it was legitimate that the condition of the catalyst beared more investigation. I'll reach out to Foss and see where that is at.

-Squire Raganrok Battle-Forged


Chicago Staff

Feel free to reach out sooner, I would rather have an idea of the arrangement you might seek. As it will allow you to know that much sooner if I could manage it.

Squire Ragnerok,
That is good to know that such may be an option. I will inquire further at our next market Gathering.