Season 2 closer favorites!


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Holy heck what an intense game! Folks please let everyone know how much you had and what moments made great memories!!


Holy heck what an intense game! Folks please let everyone know how much you had and what moments made great memories!!
I desperately want to write my favorites but I’m still sorting so much out in my head.
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  • I killed a griffin!
  • Lalan's sacrifice to awaken the obelisk
  • Seriously, we permed two griffins
  • Funeral/victory feast saturday night
  • Did I mention the griffin-killing thing?
  • Sasha walking in to perform our resurrections and describing that she was coated in feathers and blood
  • All joking aside, killing a griffin is the coolest thing I've done as a PC, and definitely the most important moment of Kodash's life so far. That alone made this my favorite event to date. Pair that with all the other cool stuff going on, and you've got a pretty high bar set for next season
Edit: oh, and we finally figured out how to make a proper shield line. It only took us two years...
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Top 10 moments:

1. Ironclaw buying Etta a Nikoli exclusive (a.k.a. a super pretty necklace that got commissioned just for her.)

2. Meeting a Cousin of mine who came through the mist and had a fan just like mine, and the same sense of humor, and the same fashion color coordinating ideas...we're probably long-lost twins!

3. Mari telling me that she thought I'd make a good healer, and that I should ask Rourke or Sasha to train me over the winter.

4. Playing a face-palm inducing dice game where someone magically won with all 0's. This spot is also tied with Ironclaw touching the Oblisk, which resulted in a fun (and very unplanned for) fight.

5. Becoming an (almost) full-fledged member of the Merchant's Guild in less than 24 hours.

6. Being ridiculously excited becuase I found out that I might get to meet the woman I believe to be my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother.

7. Hatching plan Forget About It with Urig and Aiden.

8. Getting to bond more with Olgum, Luca, Silky and other adventurers. We have to have strong bonds to withstand the upcoming onslaught!

9. Being on kitchen staff with Justine, Ironclaw, Gregory, Lizzy and Mallory and getting to know them a bit more.

10. Finding out that I might get to see the Unseelie King again.
IronClaw/Sebastian’s top 10

1. Getting enough gold to afford a necklace for Etta, he’s liked her a while now but is relieved she didn’t turn down the necklace

2. Going to the place that was once my home... aka the place I was enslaved and forced to kill other kin

3. Getting some memories back and remedying Melora

4. Spending a few hours with melora and Larey as they rebonded

5. Having a kin meeting with Tibialis and Mardex along with our new kin friends who I hope to see again soon!

6. The Saturday night fight! Our line held together so well!

7. Touching the obelisk and disobeying everyone’s order... oops I’m a free wolf dammit!

8. Learning how to slay!!! Finally!

9. Kitchen time with the kitchen crew! I love all of you guys!!

10. THE START OF THE WAR! Let’s kick some empirial ***!!!
Y'all, I had so much fun!
I had some awesome RP all weekend with everyone I interacted with. I laughed. I cried (a lot). All the feels! All of my characters were on emotional roller coasters this event. Well, maybe not Barilise; she just settled into murderous rage and stayed there. lol I was all over the map and I haven't finished processing the totality of the event. These were some of my favorite moments.

- finally getting to stretch Barilise's wings and take her stat card for a spin

- getting blown up as Barilise

- performing my first ritual ever as High Magnate Elizabeth

- still having my ritual kit handy to teach a visitor from another land how to cast ritual magic

- Loray meeting her daughter for the first time and apologizing to Ryatt (I was sobbing so hard i was shaking)

- Buddy's magical makeshift spider butt

- the undeclared food wars. pleaseplease, keep trying to one-up each other's foods. lol

- Lalan's final mission

I want to give a shout-out to the Kesh. I admit to being a bit intimidated to walk into a team made up entirely of men playing a traditionally violent race and tell them I was in charge. I've played this game a while now (2001) and have experienced some sexism, whether it be not taking me seriously, assuming I'm there to support them, or or hitting on my clearly not interested character. But these guys have been nothing less than outstanding with regard to my personhood. I felt accepted and respected from day one. I'm really going to miss playing Lalan with them. Thanks, fellas.


I’m going to miss a lot here but I’m going to try anyway...

- Convincing Tammy & Jeremy to come back and Damian to LARP for the first time ever :)

- Qori’s realization about the war and all the awesome discussions with Roark, Sasha, Greyson and the High Magnates about her options.

- Realizing Qori was growing and I had nothing to do with it.

- The dwarf mod - Greyson turned Scarn, Qori cast sky necromancy, the twins went frontline - and all our brains broke.

- Playing Brownie/Melora - thank you guys for trusting me with that role, I know you had a vision for it and I’m glad I could help bring her to life. With that:
- —— Mags and her awesome portrayal of Loray - Ironclaw’s complete confusion - Henry bringing tears to my eyes as Ryatt, Greyson and Aaliyah feeding and caring for me and ultimately the council meeting, Calling out Hendal and talking to all the kin. Stepping out of Q for a bit was really great!

- Roark, Greyson and Mari were kind of my heroes this weekend - you guys are amazing to RP with and really help me test Qori a lot.

- Yelling at spectral-elf-General-who-I-always-want-to-call-Anck-Su-Amun-so-I-just-don’t-bother (Danielle- thanks for being creepy as hell!). She had to see that through even if it meant not fighting at all.

- The times gas mod! I really liked the structure :) it was pretty fun, racing through was awesome - we could have stood to have a better way of planning in the future so group 3 didn’t get stuck, but all-in-all it went well :)

- I stood toe to toe with 2 griffins and I lived. Also, turns out when they evicerate me, they explode. Has nothing to do with orcs... nope.

- Realizing Q draws a line at slavers, especially slavers trying to take Roark AND people attacking actual loyal citizens as if they were traitors.

- Celestial rage

- ANOTHER AZARKA!!!!! Confirming Q’s hypothesis that if we had our horses it would, in fact, all be over. Thanks Hoyce! Now let’s win this damn war ;)

- All the ribbing from the Kesh. Damn Q has earned it. Lol.

- Goretongue just. Yeah, that’s all I can say. I’m gonna kill you Colonel - or at least contribute while a dwarf shatters your face.

- Also - Sasha - WTF!

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I had an incredible time. I never expected to get sucked into the moment so hard and legitimately feel pain and loss for someone I barely interacted with. I was incredibly immersed in that event and I'm glad I was able to take part in that moment. and I hope to share in more with everyone else.

1. Interacting with Marrie. even though it wasn't much, I enjoyed every interaction Eurig had with her. even when she employed others to quiz me on a name I'm not even going to attempt to spell.

2. grouping up once again with eda, ironclaw, olgum, and aiden. we make a great team and it's nice to see we all share a common interest in getting a job done, no matter the the personal cost or time wasted.

3. sniping emperial soldiers and griffins from the balcony. and then hearing the laughter I caused when I finally came down from my perch.

4. starting my path down being an information broker. And the discussion with Roark about doing so. I can't wait to continue down that road. maybe in my travels I'll meet with my contact again.

5. learning that iron ironclaw is to remain in line of sight and away from dangerous artifacts AT ALL TIMES! I was so conflicted on this. in game: DAMN IT SABASTION!!! out of game: bring it froggy!!!

6. making a fair bit of coin while gambling. mostly coppers but I came out with a profit every time.

7. just talking and roleplaying with everyone on the balcony. some of favorite moments in this game are just shooting the **** with everyone.

8. by far my favorite moment from this event, was with the spirit. never in my wildest dreams did I expect to feel the way I did in those moments. it's honestly the point for me where it feels like a character has taken on a life of it's own. The way those moments, conflicted with Eurig's own experiences and made him question his own thoughts and ideals, locked me in to an already intense role play experience. and I truly thank everyone involved in that. it was an absolutely incredible feeling to get lost in what is and what will become Eurig.

9. only because I hate leaving things on a sappy note. I know a song that gets on everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves, everybody's nerves.
1) Rescue Lorays child. Mardex needed this win. Especially with his character history.

2) Building a kingdom. I think this is one of the best parts of this chapter. The kin players actually get to be involved in the world building. This is kind of mind blowing for me since normally we are thrust into a world where the laws are already written, the governmental structure already set in place. We actually get to build a place we would like to live in. Really cool.

3) Mardex: After this is over I'm retiring to a mountain.
Tibialis: You dont get to build a nation and walk away. We will find a place for you.

4) After Mardex goes over the section of the Venerable Order of Chivalry making small adjustments. Talking to Ogden about and Mardex and Tibs looking at each other and realizing exactly who is going to fill that position.

5) All the Kin, including this from other lands, we freaking rock!

6) Squire Ole. Congratulations! This event I had more direct interaction with Ole and watching him stick to his guns at the final battle is exactly what a member of the order should be doing!

7) Magnate Tibs and Tib's Titans, well deserved.

8) Mardex to High Magnate Keenan, I know why you married him now, he has such strong hands.

9) The involuntary dwarf module and getting the huge dark secret which could turn everything to our favor but it coming slightly too late to stop the war from happening.

10) I think I've said this a million times and every event i just feel like I'm getting better and stronger in my RP. PCs and NPCs alike just bring out the best in me and my old *** in this I just need to follow rule #1 from Zombieland and I'll be fine!

Thanks for a great event everyone, I'm gonna go home later on and drink from the Kraken!!


My brain is so full from the weekend I'm not even sure where to start.

First (always) Thanks to Henry, Hoyce & Mags for writing a kick *** game. Thank you NPCs, both full weekend and those who hopped fence. Thanks to food committee and volunteers for feeding the masses and doing the endless cycle of dishes. Thanks to every player for being immersively awesome and making this thing fun.

In no particular order:

1) WE SAVED HER. Spectral Elf for the win. I loved every single thing about this and after spending several games and ibga's trying to help her and figure this out, it's a bitter sweet thing to wrap it up. Danielle is a rock star and played it perfectly. Four elves chasing her around the fire trying to figure out what to say to get her to give up the bones was an exercise in emotional endurance. Teaching the others her name, crying that she's finally free, and the Elven send off salute.. Perfect. "I want to go home now".

2) Keeping Goretongue talking through a wall of force to keep him away from the rest of the Friday fight for a while. Creepy guy is creepy.

3) Fixing problems. Mari doesn't' like when Aaleeha is upset. Or Rourke. I'll bring them presents. Aaleeha: "Oh no, I sound like Mari!" <--- ha!

4) Teaching ThreeQuarterMaster lessons in not leaving things laying around.

5) Ace thinking Mari swindled him with her psychic knowings.

6) Watching the Kesh activate the obeslisk with the statues the Mage's guild has been hunting for. Kudos to all those guys and Mags for a really cool RP on getting that thing going with the keys.

7) Saying the most random things with complete confidence that they're going to happen and being believed. Dreams don't lie.

8) Lady Elizabeth casting a ritual in the guild circle to open a rift in the wall... all the kin go through... "Mari, are you coming?" "Oh, no, why would I do that?"

9) Walking into an OOG conversation in-character and turning it into an IG Q&A.. "I have questions... carpet?"

10) Qori admitting that Celestial Magic was good and necessary and helpful, and then casting it herself back in time, and then asking for a magic blade.

... I'm sure there's more, the whole weekend was an endless series of fantastic moments between players and plot stuff.



10) Qori admitting that Celestial Magic was good and necessary and helpful, and then casting it herself back in time, and then asking for a magic blade.

Wait, wait... that’s not what she said at all! She mumbled that it would be useful in killing a howl bear, and you all tried to make it more than that! She drank a lot after casting sky necro though... and she really needed that magic blade because Barylese was tooling people.

OMG! I rode a howlbear!!! That should be on the list!


Wait, wait... that’s not what she said at all! She mumbled that it would be useful in killing a howl bear, and you all tried to make it more than that! She drank a lot after casting sky necro though... and she really needed that magic blade

Sounds like necessary and helpful to me :p there’s hope for Q yet!


Woof. What an event. Thank you to Magdalen, Hoyce, and Henry for your amazing writing efforts, and to all our NPCs and kitchen crew for making this thing tick. I still have some unpacking to do, but here's what I have:

-Magnate Tibialis. Yeesh. I made this character with the intent to avoid all responsibility and play second fiddle to everyone else; how the hell did I end up with all this responsibility and a militia to boot? Still, this was a neat and unexpected twist in Tibbs's story, and a very dynamic offering and choice. "This isn't for me, but I do believe an Imperial Magnate should sit in on the kin meeting." "I agree." "Oh, so you accept?" "WHAT NO."

-Brainstorming a new government with all the other PC kin and a few NPC kin as well. It was cool getting to bounce ideas off each other as we slowly build a new Wyndael.

-The kesh PCs were one of the big highlights of the event. I love their rapport with one another, both re: serious things and silly things such as their varying family areas of expertise. This group of players brings a lot to the table, and are all phenomenal, understated roleplayers who bring so much to the table without ever hogging the spotlight. Dan in particular was a delight to RP with, especially as I've rarely had a chance for 1 on 1 RP with him before. This team is a delight, and I love seeing how they work together and what they do!

-Mardex, Tibbs's fellow tired soldier. It's nice having another PC who Gets It, and having him present and knowing our characters were nearly always on the same page was both a huge comfort and help in keeping organized.

-Mitzie's PC, Mari, is so unique and seems so deliberate - from the off-handed terrible (or delightful!) things said off the cuff as if they were nothing ("I think Vesper's dead" ruined Tibbs's day/year/life) to the thoughtful insights from a very different perspective, to the fact that Mitzi is STILL killing the RP even when she's sitting along at the table - this is a great example of a character who just feels like real, living breathing person. She and Roark are great counterpoints to Tibbs's pretty straightforward logic, as they bring varying, usually more esoteric thoughts to the table that would never cross his mind and that's so ******* important in a world where there are cosmic monsters and magic and curses!

-Roark's reaction to Doom Doom, Jr.'s death. My h e a r t. The feeling of failing one of your best friends, even if you made the decision that was best and most right at the time. This one hits very close to home OOG, so it was a bit rough afterward, but in the moment it was amazing.

-Magdalen as Barilese, full stop. What a literal, actual monster. "Your Empire threw innocents into the Maelstrom!" "I know, lolololol!" UGH.

-Dustin as Sasha is just such a delightful character who is always full of unexpected twists and turns. In Vesper's absence, Sasha is the closest thing to a best friend Tibbs has ever had, and trying to explain that was So Important.


-Tibbs's Titans. I do not endorse that.

-It was really cool to see Ole not only be squired, but start squiring REAL HARD while talking to the orcs about their role as a legal, official military detachment. I've only ever gotten to RP with Will before when he played Gebous, and Ole is a really cool and engaging contrast whose story is really cool to see unfold!

-Seeing bits and pieces of Ironclaw's story unfold as parts of Loray's were tied up. The resolution of Loray's daughter's storyline was phenomenal, and Kelly did an amazing job as Melora. She gave so much weight to the idea of a freed slave struggling with the meaning and application of actual freedom that was so hard to suss through even though it was worth it. I appreciate the gravity with which the matter of slavery has been treated by this campaign, in general.

-SIGNET (is that the right name) is such a good character. Very good at being the sort of character who always has the perfect suggestion or observation for a given situation, or even just a helpful push in the right direction. Their reaction to the dwarven slaughter encounter was so good!!

That's all I got for now, sorry for the novel!

On a less favorite-y, more serious note, I've been trying very hard to go out of my way to get and keep players informed re: what's going on so they can make decisions appropriate to their characters. If I fail to do that at any point, please let me know so I can adjust course.


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Hello folks. Wow. Took me a while to process the stuff. Heres my favorites in no order.

1. Magistrate. Tibbs " You need to get out of your own way and be who you are " - Roark

2. Seeing the orcs back in force.

3. Death of Berilise.. She was a monster

4. Squire Ole. Hes a square and ok fellow.

5. Fighting and interacting with Goretongue.....imma get you

6. Qori. Yes all the qori.

7. Heart broken Roark

8. Not saving DoomDoomjr. Chachachhaa

9. Meeting that unseelie fae prince and getting vampire charmed.

10. Seeing folks i havent in an age.

11. Sasha.. Who are you anymore..

12. Realizing the taking half measures and doing things because they can and not because they should is not his way.

13. Tearing off the house sash and leaving it on the earth guild floor.

14. Presents from Mari.

15. Awesome rp with Bolg. Two tired guys doing the right thing.
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