Season 2, Episode 4: (3 Day Event) "What Nightmares May Come"


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Please join us for Season 2, Episode 4 of our Aethera campaign!

Location: Camp Kostopulos

Logistics will be from Friday, 5pm until 8pm

Opening Ceremony will be at 830pm and a hard lay on at 9pm! This is a weekend event and will go until noon on Monday. We have a LOT of Modules and Adventures for everyone! This will be a full costuming and set up event.

(This is a cabin event. Showers, plumbing, and Electricity will be available for all players)

$120 for all Players (Food Included, Vegan options available)
$45 for all NPCs, includes food
***$20 for Mid-Season Membership.

***This is a new season and as such, we need players to pay the membership fee. This covers all of your insurance and is super important in case of emergency! I cannot stress how important Membership fees are!

Pre-registration is here:

Prepay is done via...

PayPal at
Venmo at @Paul-Richard-Iverson

Pre-registrations and Pre-pay are due by Sunday, August 25th!

Those of you that do not pre-pay and pre-register will be charged and additional $20 at the door. No exceptions!

Please be advised, those that do not pay, will not play.

Preregistration (42 PC, 9 NPC)
AceiLyn Brown
Alex Shamis
Amber Feldman
Andrea Crider
Andrea Rye
Bethany Andres-Beck
Brad Lewis
Brandon Braithwaite
Veranna Hogan (NPC)
Darren G. Hunter (NPC)
David Jamieson
Debbie Landis
Rayelle Balzer
Erin O'Donnell
Faith Ralston
Faolin Gill
Gordy Vetas
Heber Ford
Jacob Hurtt
Jacqueline Cusimano
Jamie Harris (NPC)
Jeff Goulding
Jerrod Wiesman
Jess Watkins
Jesse Brent
Jesse Zeliff
Jordan C. Brun
Justin Black (NPC)
Katie Lewis-Kooring
Katt Ingara Dustin
Katy Payne
Kimberly Warner Brown (NPC)
Marlene Schmidt
Marley Sage Gable
McKenna Patterson
Michael Hill
Michael K Ricks
Mike Schwarz
Nicholas vandeventer
Parker Christensen
Paul Iverson (NPC)
Becca Rogers
T Richard Brown (NPC)
Roy Marambio (NPC)
Sariah Ford
Suz Bastien
Suzanne Cusimano
Sylvia Swassing
William Broderick
Xander Drysdale
Xander's Wife (Name???) (NPC)

PCs Paid: (9)
Parker Christensen
Liz Christensen
Debbie Landis
Jerrod Wiesman
Preston Wright
McKenna Patterson
Katie Lewis-Kooring
Brad Lewis
Sylvia Swassing
Bethany Andres-Beck
Xander Drysdale

NPCs Paid: (2)
Paul Richard
Xander's Wife (Name???)
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