Season 2, Event 4 - Ruination, Favorite Moments


You know I want them, you know I need them, you know I love them. Shout'em out!
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Kel's first tentative steps into what it means to be a knight.
Describing his homeland to a lost family Folk, going through it all, and finding out there was a noble behind him the whole time, and all the embarrassment thereof.
Coming into the camp as lowbies and realizing we're outnumbered... man I love that fear feeling. It all went pear shaped but we went through.
Ayzyk and Kel slowly forming a serious friendship based on mental damage.
Getting confirmation of how Kel is likely going to freak people out badly if/when he starts casting earth rituals. Also figuring out I'm going to need to get a latex throwing knife.


Obviously the late night stroll through the town which lead to an ambush was a heart wrenching favorite. OOG completely understand and its reasonable, but man that was painful.
The "Stun Limb" storm on the Juggernaught compliments of Lycose and Kai (I think 6 stun limbs later one finally stuck) and then having Flynn add one to the pile to "disarm" (heh) the Juggernaught.

After battling multiple Juggernaughts.. doing that math afterwards and taking a guess at how much body they must have.. ffs..

The "death storm" inside the portal and finally going down on the 6th one taken

Fighting along side Dame Lain (Sp?) during the Saturday night highbee fight was a blast. She is a badass (of course.. look who plays her.. =P). That whole fight was fantastic. The mix of monster types/sizes/abilities made it an amazing fight. The fact that we actually held the line essentially the entire fight was a new concept to me. The only time it really "broke" was when Juggernaughts came through and even then it closed right back up and those that needed to deal with them did. Great job guys!


So, Friday night, standing next to Spook, Tairin shaking her head at silly adventurers who just couldn't take the brief moments of silence and enjoy them. She also met Kai for the first time! That was a fun experience. Getting asked by a group of people wanting to look for undead and Tairin just kind of went, "Nope. Don't like undead. Don't search them out if I don't have to."

Saturday. Whoo, Saturday. That was a roller coaster. The ambush mod was fantastic! And having several sneaky characters actually wanting Tairin to take part on a stealth/recon mod. Early in the evening, getting to hand off the letter to Dame Taryn and trying to muster up the confidence to tell her what Mel wanted her to know, and then Dame Taryn wanting to know who Tairin had been running with. And then Tairin watching a little bemusedly as Dame Taryn made every single one of the group uncomfortable. The late night walk with Dame Taryn. Listening to her, Tairin was looking inward, wondering if this is where she was meant to go. And then hearing the enemies rift in behind the pavilion. It wasn't too long of a fight, but Tairin was shocked when she heard that Dame Taryn had taken a shatter spirit. The roller coaster of emotions that ensued from Tairin standing at the Earth Circle, back to everyone. And then her not wanting to leave, and sitting to speak with Spook again. And then having to go ask Paladin Lain (Sp?) for the unread letter back.

Sunday. That letter from Lumos was fabulous. And then Orin's assurance that hate mail was a good thing made it even better.

Honestly, the whole weekend was just fantastic. And how everything was handled was awesome.


1. Friday night gifts and being friends with Aizyk.
2. "Grumping" at Amory for doing dangerous things, and then a few hours later jumping through a portal and officially joining "Team Crazy Death Squad"
3. Getting interrogated by a dragon (super intense)
4. Good conversations in general, including death rituals involving bacon :)
5. The huge emotional toll of losing Cypon (that's going to leave a scar).

Sunday. That letter from Lumos was fabulous. And then Orin's assurance that hate mail was a good thing made it even better.
Follow up to that conversation: telling Tairin that we are a swarm of mosquitoes and we shall basically swarm Lumos to death.


A few thoughts after recouperating for a fantastic weekend!

- Shooting Star. Small moments that echoe an entire character's life
- Late Night conversations
- Getting to spend a fair amount of time with Dame Llane. I always enjoy the character interactions between Paladin and Squire
- Panda / Akemi / Shin Shennagins
- Family.
- Finding a young dragon in need and having some very distressing internal struggles and anguish. It's the best
- Fighting in the Shade
- Fighting alongside Paladin Llane was a blast
- Meeting a Historic Legend Abana the Red was breath takingly fun and exciting
- Standing vigil over Dame Tyren's effects; a somber note
- So many other, wonderful, personal moments that was a blast. Thank you everyone f0r the amazing Roleplay!


Sharing drinks with Leonin to disastrous effect (if Edarius is ever intoxicated feel free to way lay him. Note you'll need at least way lay 4 if my helmet happens to be on) and isodel, durnic, and roscoe pranking him for it while he was still not in his right mind. (Edarius was in a bad place Friday).

Jamie making me super paranoid all of Saturday with veiled threats that things were going to happen that I was going to regret it. We are all going to miss having you on plot Jamie.

Saturday night fight flanking Diego. Our little fighter squad rocked. All around awesome fight despite getting beaten to death after tripping by I don't know how many torn. Edarius's knee was effectively shattered during that fight by a torn (explain that in a sec).

Saturday night in the tavern nursing my injury learning that Dame Kanna had died and Edarius feeling slightly guilty believing that had he have been present and able to take even one of those shatter spirits that the Dame might still be alive (Edarius believes the lives of the Knights to be much more important than his own).

Trying to console Tairin in regards to Dame Kanna but failing because Edarius is an uncultured human that doesn't know how other races handle death.

Lastly an OOG thing. All the help people were willing to give me and did give me after I had torn my quadricep double hooking for the highbies. Thank you Emily for helping me off the battlefield and Nikki and Styrie for getting me to go to the hospital and have it looked at after game because my knee was so swollen and the pain was awful (spent about an hour in the ER in so much pain that I thought I'd blown my knee out like my dad) Thanks to everyone else for helping me out throughout the remainder of the event and making sure I was alright. You guys are an amazing community in and out of game and the care people showed when I got hurt so bad that I had to page makes me all the more glad that I joined up. My knee will hate me (tore the muscle very near the joint) for some time to come but I'll definitely be back in action as soon as I'm able.

Looking forward to rejoining everyone this fall if I don't get to see any of you in Seattle or San Francisco next month.


OOG, I enjoyed nearly accidentally joining a perfectly balanced team to do mods. And we all made a killing in gold for it as we pushed our APL a few times.
IG, Leonin struggled a bit to form into a leader but I felt like he is growing into accepting fellow heroes for their faults and differences. There was a great late conversation with Spook about fitting in and acceptance. Enjoyed showing Ehvarion how to loosen up and channel has need for violence in "Semi-constructive" means. Also, finding out that male Dryads have "Twigs and Berries" and may also have twigs and berries, but female Dryads may have twigs and berries but not "Twigs and Berries".


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“Favorites” is such a strong word. I had a great event, but man was it rough!

*Corrupted Cypon. “Yep! I am strong!” Damn it Bill. All the follow-up RP trying to convince others that he could be helped, cured, please don’t kill him? When someone asked how Amory was doing after going through the Archway, my answer included the angriest of tears.

*Having an “Oh… this is how Orin feels” moment when Orin joined Team Crazy Death Squad... :|

*Jordan as a Wildling getting ready for the first town mod: “Little Wildling broke its leg. Went back to mother. *shouts* Mother killed him!”

*Luke’s vision rituals!! Very, very glad you did not opt to go with the “Everyone in the circle thinks they’re Barbarians” option.

*Conversations with Ashok, Aizyk, and Kel. One of these days, we’ll have to talk about things other than traumas >.>

*Watching Ian shift into the responsibilities of Bandoleer ^.^

*Helping the Earth Dragon to the circle, and the RP with its second self after. “I remember you’re someone I can trust”. Also the death glares after my miss-step Sunday morning inviting them to the Information Meeting >.>

There were a lot of other little moments that made the weekend brilliant. Thank you to everyone I interacted with for such great RP. I’m continually impressed by both players and NPC’s alike.
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Also, finding out that male Dryads have "Twigs and Berries" and may also have twigs and berries, but female Dryads may have twigs and berries but not "Twigs and Berries".
Ah ha! So that's the origin of that conversation! I nearly forgot that happened, so thank you for the reminder. Amory is always amused when Dryad mating habits are brought up ~.^

P.S. it's "Twig and Berries", "Twigs" might be a bit awkward ~.^


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Ah ha! So that's the origin of that conversation! I nearly forgot that happened, so thank you for the reminder. Amory is always amused when Dryad mating habits are brought up ~.^

P.S. it's "Twig and Berries", "Twigs" might be a bit awkward ~.^
He was talking about male Dryads in the plural, so grammatically, he's correct.

Unless male Dryads share a singular....well. I think you know where I'm going with this.

You weird Dryad people.