Season 2, Event 6 - Panacea, Favorite Moments


This event was a great one for me in many ways, and now I would like to hear what made it great for you!
I might even share a few moments myself once this gets started... (wink). Favorite moments... GO!

Wolf Conn

Wolf , player of Ezra,

I had an amazing game! Some guild and NPC interaction were off the charts. The Orphanage Headmaster and the Cartographer were great!
The drama that Ezra thought was dead as of last game was rekindled with some serious fire. (Looks at the guilty MWE)

Kristin, you got some damn chops woman. You should have just killed me, the guilt i felt over what you did to me was palpable. Thank you.

CANADA! you're the best. I enjoyed our foxhole conversations.


Oregon Staff
This was a good weekend. It was a good escape, it was full of laughter, emotion, and friendship. Thank you all for the great RP and to the NPC's for all the fun!

Favorites in no particular order:

*Being inducted into the Earth Guild, and the best test ever ^.^ {Amory only felt a little bad about leaving that guild member nauseated}

*Awkwardly giving Shin a favor before the ritual/battle >.>

*Selunari Party! Didn't get to stay long, but it was wonderful to be a part of again.

*Everything Ed.

*The bind-fight with Orin, all the other sisterly fighting, and all the little moments reinforcing our bond.

Not in game, but I really enjoyed all the great conversations during Afters too. Thank you all again for making this a great game. See y'all in January!


Oregon Staff
  1. Meeting Sir Dorn and receiving my Armsman's favor.
  2. Rescuing Hava and burning through all of my PTDs in the span of maybe a minute and a half.
  3. Trading a goat for a ritual catalyst that Durnic had been looking for for a while. Durnic then being completely overwhelmed by finding said goat. Having to get others involved to acquire said goat.
  4. The Kerns, especially Corynn's crush on Durnic.
  5. My resurrection story from Hava.
  6. The Saturday night fight and Roscoe's bad *** CoP shenanigans.
  7. Bacon conversations.
  8. "Durnic the Dashing", though not fun for Durnic was hilarious for me. It was difficult to keep any semblance of a straight face.
  9. This conversation:
    "Alluvio wants you!"
  10. Giving Ole her mother's sword. Very touching moment. :)
Not on the list and completely unrelated, it was very difficult on Sunday to remember that there is no longer a circle around the tavern and that I could leave or enter any direction I wanted to.
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I have many moments from this event that made me smile and sometimes laugh. Here are a few, in no particular order;

1) Watching (and listening to) the Spirit Restoration Ritual. Good job Jimmy and Shane!
2) Ezra and the children. "Did you bring us candy Mr. Ezra?"
3) Everything Hava, especially the rescue.
4) Being Dor, and becoming infected with glitter. I was pretty, dammit!
5) As Dor, telling nearly every female Elf that they aren't the female Elf. I had to rebuff Roan... :(
6) Dante's face as he realized he was being told to go close a portal to the Void... from the inside.
7) The mod to close the portal. It got a tad dicey.
8) Coming in to town as Mandara Bolla. "Who do I have to Obliterate to get a drink around here?" Who knew that would lead to my goblet getting filled waaaaaaaay too many times?
9) Each and every person who came to get a brief audience with Mandara. So much good RP! You were all amazing! Those stories need to be shared, but I'm not going to do it.
10) Jacob Horland, one of the spirits of the tavern getting to say his final goodbyes after resurrection in the Earth Guild circle. Oh, wait... ;)

Paul N.

1. Selunari Party-great RP moment, good drinks
2. watching a player drop due to a mushroom. (also happy someone got the player healing in time)


Hey Folks!
Had a fantastic time at our Season Closer!

1. The Spirit Restoration ritual at last. It was a 24 hour heart racing marathon, I loved it.
2. Mandara Bola finally healed! Casting that Whispering Winds as he rifts behind me.
3. Late o'Clock with Mishan Vhan and the sleepy crew
4. Getting to thug stuff, for a change!
5. Saying good luck to folks right as we all lined up to die. It was an intense moment to say the least.
6. Receiving a favor from Amory. Oh, so clueless Shin. So clueless.
7. Basking in the glow of a promise made and a promise kept.

Looking forward to next season's opener!


Seattle Staff
Hey Folks!

3. Late o'Clock with Mishan Vhan and the sleepy crew
Bill may have talked to his NPCs about a glass being filled once, or twice.

Or thrice.

We may have laughed. Maybe. Cannot confirm.


Oh boy, here we go:
1. Declarations made between Orin and Muirgheal, and all their interactions and conversations.
2. Sisterly interactions between Orin and Amory, including bind off and absolutely noticing the favor that was given to Shin...
3. Having to kill Nessie, and telling Jacob's resurrection story knowing she was going to cause his death.
4. Audience with Mandara Bolla, and responding to the respect and trust question.
5. Conversations regarding Orin being an angry Dryad.
6. Ordering Sashenka post battle res.
7. Conversations with Corynn, and feeling like a school child.
8. Conversation with Oly about her dream, and growing as an adventurer.

Krystina F

In no particular order

- "Oh, you must be the Dragon. How can I help you?" "Who do I have to Obliterate to get a drink around here?" "Um, let me take care of that for you, right this way...." [Leads Mandara Bolla into Tavern thinking OH **** OH **** OH ****]
- Óle watching with morbid fascination as Lumos is taken down, totally ignoring the rest of the battle around her
- receiving her mother's sword from Durnic
- "arguing" with Tal Herroth over what constitutes a magical item, and what made one magical in the first place
- Óle not screwing up any of the resurrections, even though she was pretty sure she was going to lose a spirit.
- Orin trying to convince Óle that she's actually important to the group
- complimenting Draegka's sheep, and repeatedly finding herself calling Draegka clever
- trying to convince others that Óle is sure her nightmares are more than just that, and everyone brushing them off as just dreams

And many others, though I can't remember them at the moment. :)


Oregon Staff

*Jimmy taking the Head of Rules position seriously and making a rules clarification during Nessie's resurrection >.<


In no particular order

- "Oh, you must be the Dragon. How can I help you?" "Who do I have to Obliterate to get a drink around here?" "Um, let me take care of that for you, right this way...." [Leads Mandara Bolla into Tavern thinking OH **** OH **** OH ****]
Sounds like that would have been a perfect opportunity to get rid of a rival. :D:p

Krystina F

Sounds like that would have been a perfect opportunity to get rid of a rival. :D:p
True, only he had just complimented her for being one of the few that never entered his cave to disturb him, so she was dumbfounded and speechless, and just wanted to make sure she didn't accidentally piss him off.


Oregon Staff
Seattle Staff
So much... so much... no particular order.

So, I'm super not the best roleplayer and not very comfortable with the whole improv/acting thing yet, but I had a lot of great interactions with people this weekend. Thank you all for your patience with me, and giving me the chance to practice and get less awkward. You are all awesome people, and I have really never had the pleasure of becoming part of a better community than Alliance.

For more specific / action-y moments:

1. Running into a tree during the night fight (gotta work on not backpedaling) and getting hit with a spell
Me: I'm fine! Everything's fine.
Lumos: ... did you take that?
Me: ... uh, right, SPELL SHIELD! *run behind tree*​
1b. Approaching a group of people thinking they're PCs and them turning out to be Lumos and ALL the void creatures
*runrunrunrunrun* SPELL SHIELD!
I swear I don't think I've ever burned through so many defensive in a game as I did this past weekend XD .​

2. The Bench of Guilt, Self-Pity, and Bad Decisions with Lyn and Tairin

3. EVERY SINGLE TIME we went charging off into the woods while people were trying to get to bed -- I just wish I had gone sooner that last time, and maybe there would have been one less trip to the circle and Isodel and Lyn wouldn't have ended up on the bench. Thank you NPCs for making going off into the woods alone scary again!

4. Ending up owing Tal-Herroth another favour... although I'm still not sure Isodel agreed to that.

5. Conversations with Ole near the end of the event. After everything that happened last time Isodel was not expecting that to go well, and instead found probably possibly the coolest MWE ever... other than maybe Kel. Look forward to seeing how their Jerkbag-hunting adventure goes and doing things together at future events!

6. All of the fun tromping through the woods with various people while looking for trouble. Particularly going across that bridge.

7. Actually sneaking up on Evan.

8. Getting physically dragged into a ward because I was so startled by an attack that I froze. Thank you for saving Isodel's life guys!
This event was really insane, and fun, and was also a really cool learning experience!

- The undead chicken mod!!!! Running away from Diego made me laugh so hard! Best adventure ever.
-The Selunari party! I had a lot of fun twanging away on that kalimba (I don't think anyone heard me, but whatever!) and hearing Hava sing. Plus, drunken marriage stories.
-Finding out I can in fact shriek really, really loudly. Good skill to have, I think! And getting saved and escorted back to the tavern, and getting free chocolate :) Pretty awesome.
-Made some new friends this time around; thanks for roleplaying with me all you cool PCs!
-Learning some really cool stuff about Stone Elf and general Elf culture (Art and Wodes, or however you spell that). Makes the world of the game really come alive and feel real when people go into such detail with their characters.
-Being one of Lumos' bodyguards >:) eh heh heh heh... I got killed off pretty quickly when the players got me on my own, but man, four bodyguards and Lumos vs. the players? We were intense!
-Being part of the "50 Slay Mushroom" Squad. That will go down in Alliance history.

See you in January! ;)


1) Mike and Jason's Deep Ogres.

2) Late Saturday night shenanigans.
Thank you NPCs for making going off into the woods alone scary again!

3) The rising of the Necrochickens.

4) All of our lovely p̶u̶n̶c̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶b̶a̶g̶s̶ NPCs, new and old.

5) Last but not least, Death by Shrooms.
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Corynn: "Tal-Herroth... do you have a magic armor?"
TH: "No, why?"
Corynn: "2 Earth"
TH: "Ouch!"
Corynn: "...what?!"
TH: "Sorry, reflexes!"

"Orin, lass, this isn't an interrogation..."

Muirgheal: "Corynn... I tried a Cure Mort potion, she's not getting up!"
Corynn: "...don't you have healing arts?"
Muirgheal: " never taught me..."
Corynn: "Oh... I should do that. Healing Arts, are you dead?"
Aisyk: "Yes."
Corynn: "That would be your problem lass... I grant you the gift of life... there, good as new."

Durnic: "Corynn... did you just wink at me?"
Corynn, blushing: "I... well... I ehm... I may have?"

Watching Muirgheal and Orin return from a "walk" giggling and smiling. You're not fooling anyone!

Talks with Luta and the Selunari lass about art, culture, history, age.

Tal-Herroth treating Corynn like an actual mother, coming to him for advice and cuddles. I died a little.

Giving all our loot to the Earth Guild.

The "I've never actually done a resurrection before" party. Giving Oly pep-talks even when Corynn was terrified himself.

Battle-chanting Diego back from the dead and seeing him storm off in a rage. Still got it.

Casually blowing through healing to ruinate the undead.

Coming back into the tavern covered in blood, and with blood running down my face. Nobody saying anything about it.

Smoke pit chats with Bill and Chumley.

Heart to heart with Hava. That lady gets Corynn. <3