Season 3, Event 2 - Fascination - Favorite Moments


Firstly I want to say thank you to each and every person who came out to this event. It was great to be Head of Plot and have an event that fell on my birthday. It was even better to create an event on my birthday that so many people enjoyed. I love you all!

So, I'm going to start, even though there are way too many to list right now. Here are some of my favorite moments...

1) The Snipe, Part I. Mike S. was amazing and incredibly patient as the Snipe. The way he was able to put so much emotion and pathos into those calls that echoed throughout the Friday night sky... all the way back to Monster Camp. I could tell what he was feeling, what he was dealing with, even if I couldn't see him. That poor Snipe...

2) The Snipe Part II. Frustrated players, all ready to give up... but they never really did. Very creative on finding solutions.

3) The Snipe Part III. Turkey wrestling.

4) Hearing about how some of the games went just a bit weird. Not wrong, just not quite as expected. Like using a trap to beat yourself up.

5) Learning about auctions as Dorrvakt. Squire Diego is far to cunning and tricksy a negotiator, Dorr is keeping his eye on him.

6) "A deal is struck!"

7) Playing poker as Mandara Bolla, the Celestial Dragon.

8) The performances for the Troubadour's Challenge. Every single one was wonderful. We all hard such a hard time trying to decide the winner. I am so proud of every single one.

9) It took three years. It took becoming Head of Plot. It took waiting for this exact event... Commander Cluck and the Necro-Chickens came alive! We did it everybody!

Ok, more to come, maybe. Now I want to see what you have to share! Let those who missed out know exactly what they missed! Share those moments!


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Oregon Staff
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3) The Snipe Part III. Turkey wrestling.
When you are a 5 foot tall panda and trying to wrangle Snipe that is much taller at you, placing his loud clucks right in your ears... ugh! I wish I'd have thought to hold that beak shut with monster strength earlier! Having all the players that were kept awake by the snipe upset to find out I wasn't going to hold him all night, was pretty funny too!

Star moments for Pachow: getting into the celestial guild, passing her citizenship test, but I honestly think one of the best moments was the look on Elryion and Raganzi's face when they realized she was talking to Michon about a deal that might involve bringing an entire land of pandas here from another plane, and the synchronized "Pachow! NO stop talking to him!!!" That followed, was hilarious.

The fortune tellers were great. They were spot on for every reading I saw them do, and ohhh the aura cleansing... Wrapping of Diego's leaking balls, and Raganzi storing the glowing nuts in his mouth, it was so hard to not bust up since Pachow doesn't realize how much of a Sex joke is involved there!


Oregon Staff
I was very much looking forward to this game, and I'm exceedingly glad I was able to make it. The Fae Games as a whole were a highlight of my time playing Alliance. As always, I thoroughly enjoyed RPing with PC's and NPC's alike, especially people I don't normally talk with!

So, favorites, in no particular order:

*The Tiny Tank! Mavis was great to interact with, and seemed to really enjoy bouncing around in that huge suit of armor handing out elemental blades like candy!

*All the new PC's and NPC's! You all were fantastic, and I hope to see you all back again.

*Snipe Wrasslin' friday night. Watching Matt/Roscoe and Mike/The Snipe mock-wrestle in the tiny circle of power was the funniest thing I've had the pleasure to watch in a while. You both were amazing, and the startled noises Mike made were fantastic.

*Prison Hugs.

*Captain Cluck and the Necro Chickens. So. Many. Chicken. Puns and jokes. The fight was hard, but so so funny.

*Dueling Ashok, Roscoe, Ole, and Ulric in the question game. Silence is the perfect, if not boring, weapon. Even if it did result in a small staring contest with Ashok.

*Fae Game Rule technicalities. So many stories of loopholes in the rules. If there wasn't a rule against it, it was fair play {though the laws still applied >.> }

*Sedovia's Got Talent/The Troubadour Contest. That was amazing. Ballads of family strife and war, a murderous tavern song, bubbles, and the creepiest tribute to bacon.

*Conversations with Daskalos, Dorrvakt, and The Weaver. The twists those conversations take are always fascinating and make for great RP.

*Sir Dorn and his Reeve or Leave campaign. Not that the latter was a huge factor, but I guess Amory is Reeve now....

Very much looking forward to the next Oregon Game, sad that I won't make Big West, and will miss you all in the interim!


Everything about this game was fantastic. I really enjoyed being forced into a situation where I was constantly RPing/strategizing with characters I don't normally interact with nearly that much. It was a blast and I am sure we all formed strong bonds with those on our team and our Fae. Attempting to figure out what the REAL challenge might be each time was really fun.

I had soooooo many good fights with Ben specifically. Such a great player, fighter and all around person.

Raganzi leading us down the path behind the tavern, it's pitch black and we are knowingly walking into a lizard trap:
Raganzi: "So this is definitely a trap, someone needs to keep and eye out on the right for things sneaking up on us, like this guy right here"
*lizard laying in a bush*
"Did any of those stick"
NPC: "Yes"
Raganzi: "You know, that's just an example"


I would have to say that my favorite part was bargaining with the weaver for an advantage during the rabbit run, everyone ended up up giving the weaver some kind of sugery treat in exchange for walking the track before the run. I managed to get to the very end before taking a 20 slay rabbit to the back and walking back to the tavern. Seeing this giant blue spider man eating pop tarts, kettle corn, cookies, and various other treats was one of the funniest things I've witnessed!
I think the weaver was the real winner of the rabbit run.


Oregon Staff
Man, I forgot just how much awesome monster camp can be. I had an absolute blast. Between Commander Cluck, the imprint golem, bloodcap fae, and sneaky lizards, I got to be a happy stick jock as much as a happy RP monkey with Commander Cluck, and Clyde.

A special shout out to Ulric for Kyn-talk and how fences are bad. A second to all the NPC guild members who were on top of _everything_ in monster camp.

I may have paid the price with a blown out knee... but I'm just going to pack a brace and go at it again next time.


What a wonderful first experience for a newbie! The highlights for me were how friendly, helpful and PATIENT everyone was; the snipe (who's call I'll post on the FB page shortly); and that final battle against the Red Caps - the banter between Red Cap and Adventurer was thrilling!


I wasn't sure about going into Fae Games, but I had a great time. Re-connected with some characters I haven't talked with in while and really re-connected with being Orin.

1. Amory/Orin interactions are always a highlight for me. Lectures, advice, teasing, respect, and above all: love.
2. Finally having my "discussion" with Ashok, and the amazing RP of that. I look forward to the seeing what happens.
3. Aizyk labeling Lycose "good news" and Ashok "bad news"
4. COMMANDER CLUCK! Battlefield pun off with Ben.
5. Ian and Orin's interactions after Saturday night...I cannot say any more than that.
6. The songs and poems were amazing. Writing the song with Luke, and being blown away at what he did with it. Dancing with Ulric for our performance.


Oregon Staff
  • "Misunderstandings" with Dor
  • Troubadour's challenge. I did not expect such stiff competition! Amazing.
  • Interacting with folk I don't normally get to
  • As always, shenanigans.


Oregon Staff
1. Amory/Orin interactions are always a highlight for me. Lectures, advice, teasing, respect, and above all: love.
^.^ Our interactions are always fantastic. This absolutely made my week <3


Oh man, this was a great game for me.
  • Getting started with establishing a branch of the new leaf academy in Foxbridge.
  • Hearing a lizard call everyone filthy humans and just absolutely destroying it for its dishonor to my race.
  • Convincing other people to play poker with a dragon and Fae; and then winning a quite large pot and walking away with my winnings. Was half sure I was about to get murderated on the way back to bed by someone or something...
  • Going out adventuring with the new PCs and showing them around!
  • Going on a Lair card that ended with me finding a Lumos portal and knowing kinda what it was and what to do about it! Then finding the people that I needed in order to investigate it futher. (Scholar winnn)
  • Teaching 4 people during the event (3 of which was teacher)
  • Seeing the armor that was found; buying it so that I could equip people who might not have a lot of armour such as new adventures... and then finding Mavis!
  • Really starting to make headway on making a magic item library for new folk.
  • Ben playing an NPC that managed to get a death off on me when I was pretty sure no one in the group had any lifes and thinking to myself "welp, hello circle time!" but we managed to have a single one left. Then using curses to completely incapacitate it.
  • Seeing Commander Cluck try to take Kelb away and stick him in a circle and just unloading tons of my spells to stop him culminating in a magic storm that I then got to hold for quite a whille.
  • And finally; seeing a scroll drop and having our party sell it in the auction after I appraised it at 20g and it sold for EXACTLY that much. (I'm a real merchant/scholar!)

Haden H.

  • Learning to LARP as a first-timer
  • Pretending to be illiterate for three straight days, and then suddenly being able to read and write again on Sunday
  • Defending the town from late night monster raids
  • Friendly players helping me figure out how to play (thanks for helping me not die)
  • Being taught to read at the age of seventeen
  • Spending half my life-savings on a milkshake, which was totally worth it btw.
  • Excellent tunes for the Fae Games
  • Getting a rad milkshake
  • Did I mention the milkshake (It was a really good milkshake)

Edit: You might say that being illiterate was a NOVEL experience

I really enjoyed having a different little group to hang and plan with! Was really fun way to meet new people and connect more with others!

The songs and poems! Wow on the fly creativity everyone!!

Rosco and his trap "cheating"

Avoiding fae! Carmen was super impressed with weavers costume and Roan thought he was just creepy as hell.. don't make eye contact..

Good old Saturday evening necro monster fight! Scaling felt good, just enough waves! Coulda used one more shot at Ben's chicken fae though!

Thanks all!


It was fun trying to come up with plans to get things, from trying a ton of mundane effects on the snipe to battleplan destroy the chicken, roscoe's ingenious trap plan, and Pablos deft maneuvers through the henhouse.

I genuinely enjoyed getting to play with a new team throughout the event (Pablo, Hava, Tairin, Tadi, Ezra, and Roscoe), and even got to have a great moment with a team member when we focused on business first while trusting in our team to succeed.

I felt like every member contributed, and in the end we showed well.

Late night Lizard traps, and lizard interrogation was also fun! "Someone get a rope! I'm gonna hobble it, Pa'chow, hold this thing in place" *proceed to tickle for information*

Sadly, continuing to be right about every horrible thing I guess at, even after I was convinced I was wrong, i seriously need to start predicting things like treasure chests, and friendly villagers.

Lastly so much silver blading. It is great to have a group that is made up of so many different types, and I am excited to see where it goes next.


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I was completely taken with the beauty of the Weaver. I loved co-creating with my team for the games. Getting to write and perform a new song was wonderful and stressful. The other Troubadours were fantastic! Loved my RP with Mavis.