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Discussion in 'Oregon: Out of Game' started by Sita, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Sita

    Sita Artisan

    I had a great game, and there were definitely some fun moments. Here are mine, what were yours?

    *Amory finally getting to grump at Orin about bad decisions ~.^
    *Charades with a Death/Bureaucracy elemental. We're terrible at it, apparently.
    *All the new PC's and NPC's! It was great interacting with all of you. Takes a lot to be dumped into the ending of a story, and roll with it.
    *The shoutiest Biata!
    *Explaining the tradition of Dryad Battle Taunts, then watching everyone catch on.
    *Talking with Little again - As always, I enjoy our conversations and the directions they take.
    *All the "Reeve Amory" moments. Realizing just how hard Roan and Orin must have it.

    Thank you to everyone for a great time. I can't wait to see you all in November ^.^
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  2. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    Man, this was a great game, even if I'm still walking like a peg-leg pirate.

    * Honor Bearnanigans
    * The aforementioned Death Elemental charades. That did not go the way I planned it in advance.
    * Telling the littlest new scholar to "Defend Me" as Abana. With no weapon, she just stood out in front with her arms spread wide. Glorious.
    * Dragging Ashok off to the dark thinking to myself. "Man, if only Abana knew he has a Rebirth."
    * Tal-Harroth. Just everything there.
    * War returning to Aer'Aestra, just as Abana predicted. ;)

    More than anything else, it was watching PCs think, grow, feel and make important decisions about how to handle a moral situation that wasn't cut and dried. That sometimes the Right Thing isn't the easy thing, or even the nice thing, and that maybe... just maybe... the Right Thing isn't the right thing after all.
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  3. Hava

    Hava Newbie

    It was a game of exquisite personal conflict for Hava.
    First was being allowed to sit in on the meeting of the Selunari families was a great honor.
    Choosing to serve the families by doing a Shatter Spirit ritual that she would have NEVER done on her own.
    Second, the meeting with Death from the plane of bureocracy and finding that the ritual would definitely kill the Jemajh.
    Third, doing the ritual itself. I had never done, or seen a ritual performed. (Zaz-extremely nervous). Hava was shaking with the weight of what she was about to do. Getting to do toning at a LARP was great!
    Fourth, Watching Abana undergo the torture that she put others through, Hava was horrified at herself for having done this to anyone. She hoped against hope that the Jemajh would resurrect after the ritual.
    All in all, a difficult and magnificent game.
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  4. Hava

    Hava Newbie

    I left out two important things...My time talking with Little increased Hava's self doubt about what she was going to do.
    All the great RP with the fabulous Demona. What a treat!
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  5. Hava

    Hava Newbie

    I am scattered today. The time with Dorrvakt was a well needed laughter break. He was hilarious!
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  6. Ryan W

    Ryan W Artisan

    "Luke, we're trying to figure out what's wrong with this unresponsive downed Jemahj. We checked to see if he's unconscious, dying, dead, asleep, and paralyzed and he's not any of those. What does that mean?"
    "He's faking it."
    *Jemahj jumps up and attacks*

    Thanks to the folks who came and interacted with my rituals. I like being able to pull other PCs into that part of the game.

    My declaration that the Lightning snake is mine. MINE. NOT yours. Mine. His name is Zappers McSnakeface

    Healing hugs for the Night Hunter.
    "I'm sorry your mom was evil and she's dead forever."

    Also Luke drew his friends.
  7. Sita

    Sita Artisan

    Oh man, I forgot about that >.> {I'm also pretty sure that happened a second time >.< }
  8. JessWhite

    JessWhite Newbie

    Oh man, I had a great first game! Some of my best moments were my rp with Searsha (I know that isn't how it is spelled, but I can't find my book where I wrote it correctly).
    I also really enjoyed the fae.
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  9. elliotbay

    elliotbay Knight

    I said this at closing, but I really dug how Abana's shatter spirit was handled
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  10. Paul N.

    Paul N. Newbie

    this was one of mine as well, had a lot of fun playing the "Night Hunter"
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  11. Krystina F

    Krystina F Newbie

    I don't have a particular moment that stands out, but I had a lot of laughter this event, which is really what I needed given the events that were occurring outside of game for me leading up to this event. So thank you to all the NPCs and PCs that Ole laughed with. Krystina needed that, A LOT.

    Also, "sex joke?"

    Also, also, suckering Tom and Jess into coming to game with me in June instead of November. Yay for Killian the Biata and Vina the Hobling!!!
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  12. MaxIrons

    MaxIrons Squire Seattle Staff Marshal

    Yesssss! They were awesome
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