Season closer feedback

i don't ever start with negative feedback but this time I will. Gents from the OEF and npc's can sit this portion out. To my fellow PC's, your a bunch of animals. The state of the area around the campfire was abysmal. Water bottles, cups, plates and bowls littered that area. Unless you are Aric or mia, I'm not your father, certainly not your mother. PICK UP AFTER YOUR DAMN SELF. Robert and I spent 20 minutes picking up trash last night and then I spent another hour this morning just collecting trash. Robert, Genevieve and TS mike were generous enough to provide food, the least we can do is clean up after ourselves. End rant.
Plot, thank you. I felt busy and like we accomplished a lot even with the weather.
Npc's fabulous as always.
Good event despite the weather.
Rhys, Cason, Gideon always enjoy standing along side you.
HOG as always you guys rock.
I'm greatful that in an ever increasingly crazy world, we can come together and enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship of mutual interests and fun. Thank you all for yet another great season.


Chris, Brigit, Cory, Bev, Jared thank you so much for running a great season. I've felt like I learned about the world. I've made choices, alliances and enemies. I've been able to see things through to completion and still get hooked into more things for next season. (Already got a list started for the opener) Overall I've had a great time up in Traverse City this past year. Thank you very much.

Things about this event specifically.
Woo baby I had fun.
Plot: Thank you plot for a great event. It felt really good to have a plan to get something done, and to be able to accomplish it. 3 back to back town mods on Saturday morning. It was awesome.
I am continually impressed with how connected everything is. Everybody is somebody I need info from.
Carol: Two events in a row, you've weathered harsh larping conditions. Both oppressive heat, and miserable cold and rain. Thank you so much for NPCing. it really helps make the game great.
Tory, excellent prop monster. You've come a long way. That steam-golem looked really cool and you moved very well within it. Top notch. Did you make the dragon head as well? Whoever did, it was very sweet looking.
Mike and Evie, thanks for bringing the food I didn't think I needed until it was there. Delicious. (Also, I put your cuts of the final mod treasure in your pink box, where the tips go)
I loved being able to solve some mods in an unconventional manner. Good job Mike, channel that Dark Unicorn.
To all the PCs. Thanks for coming out to the event. I felt the town was alive, and had multiple moving parts/groups.
Hopefully next year we aren't in tents, but if we are, I'm sure we will continue to have a great community.

Out of Game note on treasure from the void/time/ritual thing:
After the ritual, I went to monster camp to get paid, and when I came back a large group of PC's had left to go do other things (which made sense, adventure while the weather holds). I tried/hoped to get everyone their cut. ~4 gold. If I did miss you, please pigeon me here, and I can mail it to you, or we can settle up next season. Treasure split is a pseudo OOG thing, so it's not Grey asking Gideon for his cut, it's Mason asking Joe. I can't not pay you, that would be cheating on my part, any more than you shouldn't ask for a share if you didn't do anything on the mods. I know treasure can be a big hassle at a larp so I just want to be clear please please please get your cut. I have some unaccounted for shares. Easiest way is to just send a direct message to me in these forums. Left click on my name under my avatar on the left of this post, and click 'Start a conversation'

Really looking forward to next season.


Chicago Staff
Thanks to Plot, NPCs, and PCs alike! I had a great time! Definitely hope to make it out a lot more next season. Making only two events was definitely not enough!

The community is everything and its great to see a year of rustic sites has not stymied but in fact strengthened the community in the great North!


Thank you to all who have had to deal with a new plot member. Still learning the ability to make plot on the fly and make a good event for everyone.
I had fun this year and hope I can learn more for next year and bring enjoyment to everyone.
The rain sucked but I think it brings a different play to the event and everyone still did their best.
And please don't be afraid to give me contractive criticism as I want to do better.



LOVE this chapter, love the community! Thank you all for being so welcoming these last three months! I already can't wait for next season. I have a habit of sticking with the people I met right off the bat as a "safety net" but I got to interact with so many new (to me) people during this event and I loved it. Also kudos to Cory for holding the Best of the Best roleplay mod, which I think went really well, and thanks to everyone who signed up for it in- or out-of-game and made a presentation.

- Tavern meals! A thousand blessings / míle sláinte to the crew that provided the food!
- Being able to "resume" the glowworm mod. Didn't bother to ask Gideon to join me because I think he might have cried about going again ;)
- Again, I have to shout out about the Best of the Best. It was a great opportunity to be able to announce it but the BEST part was definitely watching everyone introduce themselves and show their craft! There wasn't a single demonstration that I didn't enjoy, but I have to give huge shoutouts to Lady Ahlana for her alchemy exhibition/teaching and to Maxwell for his delicious "hoochcraft".
- Thoroughly enjoyed doing my first NPCing when Grin had "gone to bed" Friday night but I really couldn't sleep, and then again Saturday evening during the all-town mod. Points to everyone who kept stabbing me in the groin (*cough*Your Grace*cough*) ;) and so much appreciation from me to the staff and other NPCs and PCs who gave me pointers on combat styles I wasn't familiar with. And your endless patience with my stupid mistakes.
- Tori's awesome dwarven golem. 'nuff said.
- I know something else hilarious happened with either Grey or Aragon or both, but I can't recall it right now. Will edit in if I remember.

Not favourites:
- The out of nowhere migraine and my subsequent inability to journey to the planes of Void and Time with you all. Truly my only complaint. Glad I got to at least participate in protecting the circles during the sealing ritual.


- Being able to "resume" the glowworm mod. Didn't bother to ask Gideon to join me because I think he might have cried about going again ;)

You're a monster, leave those glowworms alone. :)
Grin, sorry man about the ball shots. In the dark I try to keep my strikes low to avoid snap slashing people in the head. That being said anytime you need your buys pushed up to your tonsils, I’m happy to help.