Season closer Pre-reg for October 16th 2015 Up Dated 10/14/14


Traverse City Staff
This will be at the Girl Scout camp. Logistics will be from 8:00pm - 10:00pm with game on at 10:00pm. You will now be able to pay with credit card at the door. Directions to the camp are on our web site ( Pre-reg bonus of 50 gobbies for everyone that pre-regs before October 13th at midnight.
The fee for this event is $40.00 and we can accept credit cards at the door or in PayPal on the web site.
Please send the following information to
  • How you want to spend any build/goblin stamps
  • Magic Item information (item number, expiration date, and their effects)
  • Spells, Formal, and Production
If you're a first time player, still send logistics an email so that we can help you with character creation and other things ahead of time!

1) Tristin Williams
2) Robert Goldade
3) Carrie Zabawa
4) Tory Dueweke
5) Nathan Baine
6) Nick Porter
7) Dave Herald
8) Amy Herald
9) Matt Byers
10) Brigit Convery
11) Anique Puckett
12) Daimen Puckett
13) Mark Mellor
14) Summer Harrison
15) Evan Primeau
16) Leah Preston
17) James Purkiss
18) Alex Wierschke

1) Chris Thetford
2) Rob Ordway
3) Cory Walker
4) Bev Sisco + kids
5) Jared Sisco
6) Genevieve Preston
7) Zack Cunningham +friend
8) Mike Nrodby
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Idk, Kit.... We were SUPER low on healing last event. I was literally the second biggest earth caster after Gwen.
It was sad.
Also, I'll also be attending, btw!


Kuyak the elephantkin...hey he has as many healing spells as he does slays so that makes him a healer right!
If a Celestial caster with no knowledge of first aid or healing arts can mem more earth magic than an earth caster, then yes. Yes it does.


I should come with Jehyu, he's got a healing column too.


I will be there, and I'm almost certain that Tory and Summer will be too.


Wait, are we all bringing e casters? I'm an earth caster too!


Wisconsin Staff
I'm coming! Cause I'm sooo awesome! And we need Gwen and Gareth as our mom and dad on more mods!


I will be attending in all my glory. Who's ready for non stop mods? Think they made a Rule because of me last event. I mean who really needs sleep?
Beverly said she would npc.