Season Highlights and Favorites


I mean, who else gets a voice in their head that ever-so-slowly poisons and corrupts them, demanding subtle but consistent RP transformations that lead to intriguing interactions and tons of PC confusion?! MOST. FRUSTRATINGLY. EXCELLENT.

Also, being Rose Brewer. I knew I had that role a few months in advance, and at first I was like "Nbd, politics, whatever." Thennnn I saw stuff unfold on the boards, and life got super tense and exciting. Thanks for that epic and intense opportunity!!!

Also, many other things! I'll just post randomly when they occur to me, hahah.

Oh, and personally? Flint and Mycos drama. I love you guys. <3
Also! Chulainn and Nikhujo. THANKS for getting Chulainn stuff to come together even though it was a lowbie. I LOVE being a gorbe with you, Frank! <3