Season Schedule 2019 -- Tentative

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    Hello everyone!

    We are pleased to announce our tentative schedule for next year. We have 8 weekend events booked at the lovely Camp Harmon, and are planning on adding a number of day events as well.

    Expect final confirmation of these dates soon, along with which event will be played in which campaign. But we wanted to give you plenty of notice to get these dates on your schedules.

    • Feb. 15th-17th
    • Mar. 16th-18th (Yes, this is a Sat-Mon. event. We are working on getting it shifted to our usual schedule but this is what we have blocked out for the moment.)
    • April 19th-21st
    • May 3rd-5th (May instead be the 10th-12th at Camp Enchanted Hills).
    • June 7th-9th
    • June 27th-30th: Big West Regional event in Seattle
    • September 6th-8th
    • October 18th-20th
    • November 15th-17th
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  2. Samyania

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    Who do I have to bribe to get 10/18-10/21 declared Enerett this time...
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  3. markusdark

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    If no one else will take the money...
  4. markusdark

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    For the record, Feb's date coincides with DunDraCon.

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