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Approaching the front desk Tengu pushes back his hood showing somewhat disheveled feathers and obviously weary from recent events. "If it pleases you I would like to request an audience with the Fatespinner," he begins. "There are some matters of grave urgency which must be reported immediately. Lady Zanthia's time is valuable I understand and I ask for but a few minutes."
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Talon following in heads to the front desk. "I need a room for Aezir to stay in... Also to put his stuff there. I also have a letter from him to the Fatespinner."looking around he sees Tengu waiting He turns to him. "I am still quite a bit shaken from what has happend and I am sure you are already planing on talking to the Fatespinner. So i think I am going to go rest and collect my thoughts."
"If you wish I can take the letter and ensure that it reaches the Fatespinner. Rest well, there will be much to do in the days to come."
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The old woman behind the desk looks shocked. "Yes, of course." As she is looking through another book, and rummaging through a drawer full of keys, Zanthia comes hurrying down the stairs, fastening her cloak on the way. A tall man wearing a green tabard bearing the circle of the guild meets her at the bottom. "Your carriage is ready."

The hall is a bustle of activity, Earth Weavers and civilians alike running in a somewhat organized chaos. The tall man seems to be directing it all.

The old woman hands keys bearing numbers to both Talon and Tengu. "Quarters are on the second floor, as always. When your friend gets here, we'll give him a room them too. Please remember to return the keys before you leave the city." She scratches their names into the smaller book.

Zanthia is about to rush past, but notices the two of them standing there. "Tengu! Talon! What happened? Where are the others? I'm on my way to meet the Archmage, so talk fast."
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Bowing to the Fatespinner Tengu says "We come bearing grave news Lady Zanthia. Talon, Aezir's message if you please."
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Talon gives Zanthia a light bow and hands her the note. (i have no clue whats written on it brian knows that) "Things went badly out there. All i can realy say."


Here is the note Aezir wrote.

Lady Fatespinner

Apologies for not making this report in person but I trust Talon to get this letter to you. Short version is The Breach Earth Circle has been completely fucked. A dragon known as The Conflagration came and destroyed everything. Before escaping I managed on grabbing as much stuff from the Earth Circle as I could. Everything is enclosed in this chest I sent with Talon.

I am going back into the destruction to see if I can find any survivors of those left behind and setting up Camp by the Lux. I don't know when or if I will make it back but seeing as we lost the Breach Circle while I was left in charge. I don't think I should be assigned to another Circle at the moment.


Paragon Aezir
Formally of The Breach
Turning to Talon Tengu remarks "There appears to be nothing we can do at the moment. We should rest while we can, I fear there will not be much opportunity in the foreseeable future."

Pulling a piece of parchment and a quill he quickly writes a note: "Fatespinner, I understand that there is much to do and very little time. If you require an additional information or assistance I will remain close at hand and await further instruction. -Tengu Tietzsche, Watcher of the Inner Circle"

Approaching the lady at the front desk Tengu stops and takes a breath. "Understandably the Fatespinner is in quite the hurry at this time. Would you please see that she gets this note Ms...?" (I do not know her name)
"My thanks Nana," says the Biata before departing for the peaceful solitude of his room. There was much to consider concerning recent events and quick action would likely be necessary; for now, however, a hot meal and some sleep would do very nicely.

As he walks towards the room to put his belongings safely away his mind wanders to the matter of the child he had placed in the care of the Earth Weavers some two months past. "Perhaps I should look in on the child, ensure that she is doing well," he thinks to himself.
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