Seeking formal scrolls.


Seattle Staff
Hello maelstrom residents,

I am seeking General and Earth aspected formal scrolls in this order of priority:

-Cloak Of Darkness (Pending legality clarification of use for Dark Elf/Anazatae/Valterri)
-Spirit Walk
-Whispering Wind
-Spirit Recall
-Preserve Duration
-Blissful Rest
-Stable Foundation
-Bound shard
-Seek the whole
-Spirit farewell
-Universal Speech

If you are in possession of any of these ritual scrolls and are in the market to sell, please contact me directly. I am happy to negotiate prices and alternate payment arrangements if coin is not your favored medium.

-Mr. Elec Xiloscient
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Seattle Staff

I do not believe there are any legal constraints in place, and even if there are, Cloak of Darkness should not prove to be problematic in that sense.

If your need for a Spirit Farewell is dire, I have a mist-touched scroll that I have acquired for future use while traveling, but if your intended use is not immediate (as implied by the scroll's position on your list) and you are also gathering reserves, I would prefer to retain mine.

Lady Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth of House Phoenix


Seattle Staff
Lady Vellis,

The Spirit Farewell is not urgently needed, but thank you for the offer.



Are they going to be cast here?
If so, I have a Seek the whole I have been spell crafting for people.

- Lox


San Francisco Staff
Similarly, I have recently acquired the means to cast a ritual with the effects of a Resonance. If this will meet your needs, we can speak about it next time we gather.

Pluvianella Charbonneau