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Discussion in 'Utah: In Game' started by JordarAd, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. JordarAd

    JordarAd Newbie

    I am in need of more Arcane Pigments to complete my pages within the Libram Arcanus. Any merchants who have spell ink or spare books within their possession, please seek me out at the next gathering or contact me through private Courier.

    -Brother Faux
  2. Jesse Grabowski

    Jesse Grabowski Fighter Owner Denver Staff Chief Executive Officer Marshal

    Brother Faux,

    We can once again find ways to add to your book with spells from mine if you like.
    If you have the coin, I have the ink and books.

    Guildmaster Thaddeus
  3. JordarAd

    JordarAd Newbie

    My appreciation, Guildmaster.

    Would you be interested only in hard coin, or would you be willing to trade goods or services for the ink and access to your books? I will be easily available at your beckon at the upcoming New Moon Gathering.

    Also, I have some additional information for you regarding the tasks you requested of me.

    -Brother Faux
  4. Jesse Grabowski

    Jesse Grabowski Fighter Owner Denver Staff Chief Executive Officer Marshal

    Either, both. Perhaps another task or three then? Yes?

    I will see you soon!
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  5. Kix

    Kix Newbie Owner Denver Staff Kansas Staff Marshal


    I would be glad to offer you my book for copying anything you might need out of as well, or in the event you ever would like to memorize spells from it. What I have is to be shared with everyone it can be.

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  6. JordarAd

    JordarAd Newbie


    I May take you up on that. I know Brother Maule would appreciate it.

    - Brother Faux
  7. Jaerc

    Jaerc Newbie

    To Faux, Guildmaster Thaddeus Brighstone, Puck, Maule

    With great respect, I'd like to join this circle of sharing.

    I can bring Ink, Books, Coin, and a willingness to share my own gathered knowledge of the arcane.

    Guildmaster, I too am at your beck as Faux has suggested and am eager to report about my task. I hope you would allow me to share what I have learned with Faux and vice versa -- if you see fit to make it a triumvirate gathering. There is another matter which I would discuss with both of you, unrelated to out prior investigations, regarding troubling notes recovered from the Dwarven Ruins nigh the Outpost related to corrupt magics of yore.

    Askeksa Firstforest

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