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  1. Mathis

    Mathis Scholar South Michigan Staff

    To those who gather in the Kingdom of Wayside-

    As you are likely aware from the Lady IronRose, the King of Dragonreach personally bequeathed an enchanted blade to the adventurers of the Kingdom of Wayside. His Majesty's intention was to provide a boon to your community, as the Kingdom of Wayside had aided the adventurers and Kingdom of Dragonreach when we brought the battle against the wyrm Bleak to its conclusion.

    King Lycergis commissioned the sword, Dragon's Reach, with many enchantments and impressed upon Lady IronRose his desire to see that no one person came to be the only bearer of the blade. My King desired the blade be passed among those deemed worthy by Lady IronRose so that many could share in the benefits of his gift.

    This gift is also part of the opening of relations between our kingdoms and a hopeful sign of further positive relations to come. In honor of that goal, I am seeking stories from those adventurers chosen by Lady IronRose to wield Dragon's Reach in their adventures. I hope to hear many tales from all of the adventurers who had the opportunity to put Dragon's Reach to use in protecting the people of Wayside.

    Please feel free to post your stories here or send them to me directly. I will have them transcribed and present the result to the kings of both our lands. I will also make the collected tales available for the public so that all may observe what good comes from working together.

    Travel Safely,

    Sir Mathis of the Order of the Emerald Flame
    Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach
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  2. Sir Mathis,

    This weekend Dragon's Reach helped do the impossible.

    Garwon was the first to wield the blade and I look forward to his stories.

    Yours In Service ,

    Lady IronRose of Storm's Rose
    Special Envoy of King Grimlock to Dragonreach
    Founder of Forgotten Hope

    "My Life For Theirs"
    "Defending the Dealings of Time and Space"
  3. Hello,
    First, I would like to take this time to introduce myself. My name is Garwon Tel'Morko, I am an elf from the forest near the eternal leaf crown. I had the honor of being the first adventurer chosen to wield Dragon's Reach in wayside. I was able to take Dragon's Reach on many adventures this market day. Here are some of my favorites in no particular order.

    1. At one point me and some of my fellow newer adventurers were sent to investigate so large insects on a farm. When we got there they turned out to be large ants. They had made a nest inside the barn of a local farmer. When we went to look into moving the nest some elements began to attack us. Not having much experience with the elements, I learned it is much fun to have a fire aura when fighting ice elementals. We were able to move the nest a bit away from the farm while doing as little damage to the ants as possible. One strange thing we learned is that the ants seemed to be able to absorb fire.So of my fellow adventures are doing more research into these creatures. They are nothing like i have ever seen.

    2. At another point some undead lead by some sort of lich (people were calling it a "lichbit", don't know much about it) attacked near the tavern. Not liking undead and having an earth aura on this sword i must admit i was actually somewhat excited to go attack these monstrosities. At one point during this attack Baron Bluewater fell and I happened to be right there and was able to give him the gift of life. It felt great to be able to help out such a seasoned adventurer be so new to the adventuring life myself. Then at another point I found myself next to Lady IronRose when a creature started flinging spells. While the Lady had many spell defenses herself it was great to be able to add one more layer with the spell parry from the blade. In the end we ended up not only defeating these undead, but also taking home the head of the lich with us.

    3. A friend of mine needed help collecting some tar from some nearby tar pits. Upon reaching these pits we noticed that there were fire and ice elementals wondering around and fighting each other at times. Being a group made up of mostly newer adventures with some more seasoned adventures to teach us and make sure we did not die. (or they were just bored) This event was a fun learning event especially with having a flame aura and ice elementals attacking us made it more so. In the end the more seasoned adventurers gave us some great advise on how to get better and fight better as a team and hey we were given a solid B. (i think that is good but i am not sure it sounds good)

    4.We had a mission to destroy a land bridge to the enterium empire there were shadow elementals and ogren. I spent most of the time near the back defending the person carrying the bombs and the people planting the bombs.While it was a long battle in the end we completed our mission and created one of the biggest explosions ever.

    5. We had a portal that has been open near the tavern for awhile now and every so often we have had chaos orcs coming from this portal. We had this happen at least once this weekend and during this time we had a large 2 headed etin. This was a very powerful enemy and took us a long time to take it down. At one point we even had lady IronRose fall on the field and i was able to be there with the power of the sword to grant a gift of life to her. In the end we took down the etin and saved the tavern.

    6. Our third night ended up being a very busy one first we found out that lady IronRose's city was under attack by gnolls. During this time i used dragon's reach to help defend the citizens. I stayed towards the back and made sure no one was attacked as they retreated to the keep. We were very successful in this mission.

    7. Our other big mission of the third night was our battle against the dwarves. We spent much time discussing how we were going to try to help. In the end we decided to try to use the power of a djinn to learn how to travel the portals. We used this knowledge to show up behind the front lines of the dwarves and push back to the front lines to meet up with the army and deal a large blow to the dwarvin army. It was a huge success than ended up being a lot easier than we thought it was going to be.

    While wielding this blade made me feel more powerful and tougher than the largest of bears, afterwards i felt completely drained, although that might be from the longer market day also. Being able to defend my friend and family with that kinda of power has given me the desire to strengthen myself more so that i might one day have a sword like that of my own so a might protect all the innocent creatures of these land. I never want to go through the heartbreak of not being strong enough to defend those that i care about ever again.

    -Garwon Tel'Morko
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  4. Mathis

    Mathis Scholar South Michigan Staff


    Thank you for sharing your tales with me. This summary of your adventures will make for an excellent first chapter for my record. Your aid of kith and kingdom do you honor and represent all the best that can come from an alliance between the Kingdom of Wayside and the Kingdom of Dragonreach.

    You desire to continue to grow in strength is admirable as are your reasons for wanting greater strength. As you see more of the world, remember that a person is more than the sum of their possessions and titles, they are a sum of their deeds and those they can call friend.

    Hopefully we will meet someday whether in Dragonreach or Wayside, until then may you find peace at the end of the day.

    Travel Safely,

    Sir Mathis of the Order of the Emerald Flame
    Knight to his Majesty Lycergis, King of Dragonreach
  5. Gandian Ravenscroft

    Gandian Ravenscroft Knight Southern Minnesota Staff Marshal

    Ooh, you fought one of the Lichbits! What was he like? Was he really tough? What kind of stuff did/could he do? But most importantly, did the adventurers make bread out of him like we've been talkin' about? It's okay if you didn't - we've still got eight more chances for our bonemeal-bread lichbit lichwich!

    ~ Silp
  6. I did not personally fight they lich just his minions however I saw another adventurer with his head after the battle


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  7. KyleSchmelz

    KyleSchmelz Fighter Marshal

    GRONK didn't spend much time fightin' da Lich-bit direckly but he wasn't like crazy end-da-world tough. Still pretty tough. We didn't really plan ta fight him and we still took him down.

    Maybe don't make lich-bread? Sounds like a pretty awful idea.

  8. I, Journeyman Kathrina Taliss, am the second to wield dragon's reach this last gather. Though we only gathered for a short while the blade was indespencible to myself and our work.

    1. We took on some void touch mixed plane elementals. The elemental things were rather weak but took minimal damage from all strikes. Then the shadow enveloped us and pulled us into the ether, the plane below the void.

    2. Once there in the ether we had to fight our way through void and salt elementals to get to the elemental bothers cabin and into safety.

    3. Then we went on to fight elementals of sarrow. These were quite frustrating but once we pushed pass and most of the adventurers that had come dipped in a pool of purification(?...I don't remember the actual name of the pool) When then delivered containers of the water to Knowledge and Cataclysm to remove the void touched.

    4. Our final fight was against The Nothing. A nasty creature that literally makes things become nothing. and property and items just simple seize to exist by its power. After a long hard fight we where finally able to beat down The Nothing though almost at the price of some of other adventurers if it hadn't been for the other planes saving them from falling into the void.

    It was my great pleasure to wield this weapon in the honor of both kingdoms. One day I hope to visit Dragonreach and aid you all in your battles.

    May the best of days be upon you in all matters that you must attend to.
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