Heresy, Phedre, Keeley, Scarn, Tenarion, Gebous, Santet, Ciarra, Riddick, Sun-Li Yin, Tovah.

I have not been in the Hollow much as of late and as such I am not certain who has been traveling there frequently, so that list is by no means exclusive, just the names that came to mind immediately.

I may be in need of some.. assistance in the immediate future.

Those that would be willing and able to lend said assistance please contact me privately to let me know.

I will not go into details, but I am sure you can all imagine what might be involved.

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I do not know this might be, but if it is help you need, there are those willing to help.

-Avalon Willowcrest
Shadowbough tribe,
House sunderdragon,
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