Selunari Curse

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The Selunari change-over was advertised to include a change in racial ability, but the most current rulebook still has a listing for "Selunari Curse" instead of the expected "Resist Curse"

Is this valid? Could a player on the field with the appropriate character card issue a Selunari Curse as per the rulebook next weekend?

If so, do we have an expectation for that change to be finalized?


Per the announcement when Selunari were released, Selunari Curse is the current racial ability for Selunari. It will change over to Resist Curse when the 2.0 ruleset is released. Here's a relevant quote from the announcement:

Until ruleset 2.0 is available Gypsy curse will become Selunari Curse. This doesn't necessarily fit with the Selunari race however; our suggestion is to role play that the magic inside you is changing and takes time access your true selunari racials.
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