Selunari Stories


Friends an allies of Fortanis, I am collecting stories as a gift for a young Selunari child. She has a voracious appetite for stories, and I wish to help her connect with the families of Fortanis. These do not have to be strictly Selunari stories, but that would be preferable.

If you have time in your travels, I would be honored to pass along any stories you would wish to share with her. If you're comfortable placing them here for all to read, please do so, otherwise you are welcome to send them directly to me.

Thank you, and safe travels to you all,

Amory Thistleburr
Eshtir Family to the Band of the Fabulous Pants


Salutations and greetings !

My name is Locke, matron of ze rycha voda, and would like to offer some of the stories I tell my own babies. They, too, are voracious and selunari. Please reach out any time and I would be more than happy to provide any and all that I have.

Warmest regards,
Locke Gallentine ze Rycha Voda