Sending out a call through the mists...

Lia Lonalys

The sound echoes through the cleared path, lingering thickly in the warm air of twilight. Lia takes a step back, wiping the gloved hand, hammer fisted tightly, under her small, pale-pinkish horns. She surveys the row of trees leading back into town, each now bearing a long sheet of parchment with glistening deep blue ink.

"Right then... I think that'll do fer now.."

Dusting off her hands she turns back and heads towards the tavern for her night shift. The dark image of a flying raven shimmers in the strange tones of black and blue ink upon the parchment in her wake, drawing the eyes of passersby to the summons.

To all venturing into the recently announced shard of ancient treasures and mysteries (Denver the national event) House Lonalys is placing a call for hire.

To all parties concerned,

I, Lia Lonalys,
youngest daughter of House Lonalys, seek the aid of a low-level practicer of ranged weapon arts.

Acceptable styles include archery, celestial casting, and thrown weapon skills.
(Max level 5)

Current offer:
Even split of all loot gained
First choice during allotted divvy
Continued support of our party on one choice endeavor
Admittance within our wards

I require such a guard to assist whilst undertaking the treacherous tasks involved in conducting my field research.

For more information, clarification, or negotiation, please contact me directly.

Lia Lonalys