September 17 favorite moments!

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  1. HalveElven

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    Hey all! As we just finished up the latest event please share some favorite moments you had from game!

    Would love to hear what you enjoyed! I will get mine out when I have some brain cells to rub together again :)
  2. Traceroo

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    I ran 40 PCs through 6 mods this weekend, so I didn't see the same game that you did. Here are a few of my own highlights from the Plot side of things:
    • A new player whom I won't name went for a walk in the woods and found a stack of loot, and wisely came to check with Plot to make sure the find was legit (which it was). That player's face lighting up like it was Christmas morning when I said that they got to keep the stuff was a delight to me! I love having that job. :)
    • Panax, a dryad, explores the ghoul caves and encounters a large icky metal cauldron filled with a stew of dubious items represented by wilted bok choy. Panax painstakingly collected every individual piece of the plant, then cradled that bundle in his arm like a teddy bear -- crawling one-armed through the rest of the ghoul mod -- to preserve his haul
    • More Panax: I happened to be the Plot Marshal who answered his notice of having meditated in the Life Grove, talking to the bees and playing with them while he was out there. Hearing later Panax's explanation IC to Darius of the "bees" in the Life Grove placed upon the dryad was typical beloved Panax cuteness <3
    • Belswin chilling in his boxers in the living room of the Rivervale cabin ducking away rapidly in IC embarrassment when Lady Thyria entered the cabin
    • Locke spotting for Bluwolf while getting through a physical challenge glowing spiderweb in Ghoul Cave #4. Excellent teamwork!
    • Also Locke: Hiding the light from his flahslight in his mouth when the ghoul would walk past him while Locke was trying to disarm a trap in Ghoul Cave #4
    • Brooke Blaine of the Dockside Blaines, and Kaia each respectively making a B-line for the sirens and having the presence of mind to write down the lyrics they were singing -- great work!
    • Leora being such a consistently in-character and emotive roleplayer, for whom it is a delight to Marshal prophetic visions for Alis when the timing is right in-game
    • Just as I was drawing breath as the Marshal to inform the PCs in the siren caves that the siren song had started to affect their memory, Vincent walks in with a white headband to ask if I mind if he rifts Belswin out of my module -- why, be my guest! Great timing! :)
    • So Belswin rifts away with the party's only crystal that is verified to be at least 80% pure, the thing that they needed to achieve one goal in their adventure. What does Noah do? Out of nowhere, produces one of the nightmare motes from the Reve March, which apparently he's been carrying around with him for a year! Well done, Noah! Right item, right moment.
    • Liz's roleplay as her new barbarian character (I missed the name), so clearly distinctive from Gillian, great to observe! (Sorry Gillian missed Un Chupacabra, however!)
    • Hearing about Casey taking on the blubbering role of "Ruff Nuckles" -- wish I could've been there to witness the performance directly!
    • Cassie coming into the Plot Cabin in the middle of the night and dumping a pillowcase full of rubber snakes over Mike Messmer's head (for my treachery, as it happens). Just the phrase, "pillowcase full of snakes" made my own event! (Although learning that Arikaya later found the 1 lone snake in her runes bag added to my joy!)
    • Acarthian Messenger shouting out to the town the results of the 417 Corsith Cup: 23-4 in favor of Bayenna... and Derek Reed, apparently the only person in our game who has any idea how lacrosse is actually played, revealing to me that turns out to be pretty much an impossible score in lacrosse ;) (Even better!)
    • Hsaving late night snacky time on both nights in the Plot Cabin, hearing great stories from Jeff, Vincent, Ian, and Mike about how awesome our PCs are!
    • Players involved in a sticky controversy OOG, each side acting like good sportsman, being polite, courteous, and cooperative across the board! Thank you! :)

    Thank you for the pleasure of the entertainment that you provide FOR ME!
    Trace Moriarty
    Team Prometheus
    2017 Acarthia Plot
  3. HalveElven

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    A few favorite moments.

    Comming in as Brandon Tiberion on Friday evening to hobnob and make sure people know I am in town and plan on rewarding entertainment. Then having to gass down a pack of wereratas who happened to hit the same cabin as I was visiting. Felt sorry for those NPC's but glad I was there to help.

    Being the were rat king and raiding the cabins. Sorry Abtus!

    While small, still enjoying the Loremasters Guild meeting. Thank you for those that attended and for the rambling yet still informative nature of the conversation we had was great.

    Glad I could make it in as Thadeous and put some PC's to work :)

    Being able to be in as Brandon on Saturday night so that I could reward those who sang and performed at dinner :)

    Puck Encounters a death Elemental :)

    Being the encounter head for the under 10 big fight to capture Mirabelle. Gauging things so that the players got to experience a rough fight without being overwhelmed.

    And then turning right around and doing the loremasters mod with little to no chance for setup. I am glad that people were able to enjoy that even with the little set up. Thanks for running with me and the imagination run :)

    Sunday morning what can I say except Baaaaaah!!!!
  4. Starting off with my absolute favorite part of the weekend, the Siren caves.
    Oh my, thank you Trace for giving the part of Sirens to Sierra and I! It was amazing! And a HUGE thank you to EVERYONE who participated on this mod! I loved interacting with all of you guys. Especially the two guys (Sorry I don't know names!) Who started to fall for the sirens song in the 2nd group. That was hilarious to watch and a great roleplay!

    Another favorite moment was being chased by the entire town for being a void elemental crunchie. Sorry you wasted a prison on me!

    Screaming. Those loud, scratchy, horrifying screams as I was being sacrificed were awesome. I was hoarse on sunday, but who cares? I loved it! Definitely would scream like that again! (Watch out in october.... )

    Rosemary at 2 o' clock in the morning. I hope you loved the giggles! But, I absolutely loved walking in on three characters who were trying to read love letters to a kin. That was fun to crash. And with our laughter completely causing Lagard's "ears to bleed". Also enticing him to lick Bird's feathers......

    Finally, having the "Fae are Gods" discussion with Josh at 3 in the morning was amazing!

    Thanks for the great weekend!!!
  5. marceasue

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    My fav moments:
    Had fun cuddling with all my cuddle partners on all the couches
    Had fun working as a team, with team elemental
    Getting my hearth lit
    Keeping a fire shard entertained while waiting for the rain to stop so he can find belswin
    Creating some fun awkward moments with getting people to ask other people to nerd prom
    Talking to cynder and fynn about what we want with our rezzes, Fynn made me soo happy
    Hey did you hear a rumor about Lumi.....? Lol love you lumi
    Petting all the cute foxes/wolves
    Getting to go on a mod with Jesse as a PC
    Ohh my god, did we just survive the fight against Mephisto........
    Having fun messing with Baron Darious, since my Baron was not there :)
    Do not steal my stuff, I will get you :p I have never ran so fast in my life.
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  6. Sleet

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    So many favorite moments, where to begin!

    -Thank you to Jim/LaGarde and Cassie/Dame Arikaya for taking us ragtags in! It was fun to stay with Bayenna and having the late night conversations. I really love hearing the stories.
    -Demon goats... yup. Also Lagarde eating demon goats
    -Copper's letter (bless you sweet plot member that wrote that beauty, I offer a sacrifice of a sweet roll to the monster camp for your brilliance)
    -The ghoul mod was a fun/terrifying new environment! I wish I would have explored a bit more.
    -Drunken Lumi's reading of Copper's letter
    -LaGarde eating demon goat and going berserk. Also getting to see berserk.
    -Baron Darius' sultry reading of Copper's letter complete with fan
    -Being confused by normal moosen and then eating said moose with Aikoll (and stealing Copper's moose)
    -Kendrick's intimate reading of Copper's letter whilst stroking his tail
    -The puzzles in the siren mod! Once again new things to explore and watching Alis was truly astounding.
    -Borking with Jax over the tasty chicken jerky *nom*
    -Song version of Copper's letter
    -Little big fight to capture Mirabelle! I loved working with Ahri and using the skills I just learned not 20 minutes before about working together. Speaking of...
    -Sparring with LaGarde, Rhy (Sorry if spelling is wrong), <-Rhy's handfasted mate (I'M SO SORRY), Ahri, and Abtus. I learned so much and I learned I like the bigger shield. I hope to continuing sparring with you all and learning more. I will keep practicing!
    -Storytime with Emaric and crew. Learned about murderhobo. Learned that if you see murderhobo, you're already dead.
    -While watching team bad decision, Ian's "by my voice, charm" followed by a chorus of "spell shield" and everyone getting up and leaving.
    -Dame Arikaya teaching me how to snap a fan.
    -Witnessing my very first formal ritual by Bluwolf. Thank you for the amazing experience! Also demon goats headbutting the door while witnessing said ritual *cough cough* Ian and Miguel.
    -Drunken pumpkin seller (I don't even remotely know your name) what a way to cap the game
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  7. HalveElven

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    Oh! Forgot 2 things!
    For those who know, "I Lenny! I hit things! I smart one!"

    And during the loremasters mod being the mimic :)
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  8. OkamiAeros

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    This is Merrick btw...

    -As a brand new person in alliance and Larping in general, this was definitely an incredible and fun experience for me. I had a lot of great moments. Being NPC was very fun and I liked how people were so engaged in actually acting for things.
    -Playing fishbowl was awesome, being an insane person is fun.
    -People thought it was hilarious that I waylayed to steal from someone.
    -Being told about some of the lore and in game learning about it.
    -The tower fall was great. Being a guard was quite an alternative to just the regular monster play.
    -Watching the Mephisto fight and being a minotaur was epic!
    -Everyone was super awesome and I hope and plan on coming to the next event!
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  9. Mark of Chaos

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    This game definitely had a different feel to it. I have had a couple of "off games" recently so a bit of more focused, personal plot really helped get me back into things. Thanks plot and thank you NPCs! I always forget about things, but here's off the top of my head:

    -Jesse the PC!
    -Thank you Casey (Puck) for dragging me kicking and screaming from the shadows and into some really neat plot.
    -Fynn has passed his entrance exam for future glorious rogue death, and can also officially claim the title of Rogue! Woo!
    -Hey Cynder, look! It's a dead tree!
    -Honeybadger don't care.
    -Said with nothing but love: "Ian's a ****. I bet he'd do it."
    -Miguel's scary lookin death elemental appearing right next to me while I was unarmed and unarmored. Don'tFlinchDon'tFlinchDon'tFlinch.
    -Loch is my ghoul cave MVP.
    -The undead howlbear, and the number of half-to-mostly naked people it had to fight. Also, It's neat to see little "natural" evolutions of the local wildlife like that.
    -Thank you to Team Elemental for being so welcoming (even if for some of you it's only because you need me ;P )
    -Late night adventure club... saves the world!? I almost went to sleep, but rolled up to the tavern instead ready to make some bad decisions. Tavern did not disappoint.
  10. PirateFox

    PirateFox Scholar

    Random spattering of moments:
    • Getting to set up some people for the ball, whether they liked it or not. Lagarde's technique needs work, but it gets the job done.
    • The letters. OMG, those were awesome.
    • Sneks? Why are there sneks in our ward... Nyt beating the snakes to death. Arikaya carrying them all in a pillowcase in the direction of plot with a "someone's gonna suffer" look on her face.
    • Hanging out with Sleet and Copper. Always a wonderful thing to find new people you enjoying spending time with and/or causing trouble with. :D Hopefully I wasn't too boring for you!
    • Getting to actually spend IG time with Jesse. Good times, good times.
    • Monster hunter! That was a clever idea and I like the setup a lot.
    • Banshee...omg didn't even surprise me and I still wanted to yelp and hide when that scream went off.
    • The goats are out to get me. It is known.
    • Bakery. Wow those were good cookies. You're gonna make me fat(ter), Elwin/Gwen.
    • The tower mod was pretty darn fun. Thought I was going to have to start knocking people out and dragging them away when they wouldn't move out of the collapse-zone.
    • Honeybadger..."No, we don't mess with those, guys. I know things about badgers. Just don't."
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  11. Sarah Kearns

    Sarah Kearns Newbie

    Hi guys! I only played on Saturday this month, but I still had a great time! Even in such a short time I still had lots of great moments with people :)
    • Kaia got her first casual death threat from nobility, and before even technically entering play even!
    • That same noble then placing Kaia and Wulfgar in charge of triage. Fortunately you people seemed to have that mostly handled on your own.
    • The conversation in the Tiatar cabin beginning with “I have something in my kilt for you”, providing the perfect segway into yet another discussion about Kaia’s various facial expressions and the subtle differences between them.
    • Have someone ask if Kaia is Dem’s mother. Have a short conversation about the fact that being old enough to be someone’s mother does not mean that you ARE their mother.
    • Finally getting to feel that racism against biata that I’ve heard so much about.
    • Absolutely everything to do with the siren cave. It was complex without being overwhelming with just enough baddies showing up here and there to make sure we didn’t get too comfortable, and the NPCs portraying the sirens were phenomenal. Easily the most fun mod I’ve been on so far!
    • Unexpectedly receiving a gift from Belswin and actually having a nice conversation in the process. Later apparently still give him “that look” and have to explain (again) that’s just my face.
    • Spending some time being legitimately puzzled by being asked to the ball by a seemingly random person. Everything made much more sense when an explanation was provided.
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  12. Pandi

    Pandi Newbie

    So much stuff! Thank you plot and NPC's first off. All your hard work is mega appreciated. For a "lighter" game I was still pretty involved.

    • Talking IC just before game on and finding out its a bad idea for Lumi to actually enter the caves because the ghuls might do to her what they did to Alis. Boo hiss...I want to hunt ghuls.
    • Friday night coming to the tavern with the Wall of force scroll for Darendar and the mostly lower levels so they can be safe if needed after their ghul cave...just to learn none of them have the ability to cast it, so momma duck Lumi tags along, briefs her baby ducks on what to do and not to do (DO NOT FIGHT THE GHULS, DON"T MAKE ME USE MY LIFE ITEM), promises plot she has no intention of entering this cave. Waiting with baited breath for her lowbie team to get through and the sigh of relief as they all calmly leave the mod without any ghul tag alongs.
    • Kendrick, Noah and Pannax leaving to do their cave, Kendrick says to come get him or their stuff if they aren't back in 30-1 hour. They are gone a while so Darendar and Lumi track their cave, she sets up her WoF rep over kendricks and gets a scroll ready. I've never been so pleased to hear the chanting. His look of surprise that 1) they'd been that long and that 2) I went to make sure they got out.
    • Ember and Lumi waiting quietly outside while warchester and locke did their cave. Locke got her dagger back, by apparently doing some funky stuff. So glad to have my precious back, I licked it plot, its mine no more takey takey. (Also somehow I never knew it was John F. NPC that got me, not Ian. Apparently high on sadness and adrenaline they look the same)
    • Being accused of sending the fox letters, Lumi loves some foxes but Lagarde's and Noah's would've needed an X rated warning if she wrote them. Drunkenly reading Coppers was so fun though.
    • Friday night couch cuddles and conversation with my peoples.
    • Having to calm a very annoyed and grumpy kendrick because Ferrous was in the cabin, again.
    • Interacting with Nils and Aeryn to get info on the siren cave. Nils was very concerned Lumi was going to be too pushy and mean. I think it was handled well.
    • Kendrick asking me to walk back down to the cabins with him, not realizing it was actually a surprise herding me to scion cabin. Lumi finally got to be the meat in an Eisenhall brother sandwich and is now a step sister to the scions <3 Thank you all for adopting me, I promise to do you proud but to also not get myself beheaded (I hope). I enjoyed our goat killing (Don't tell gillian) and sparring. Man did I use all those recently acquired resist commands.
    • Moose! Moose got Noah HARD.
    • Tower fight was great! A little nerve wracking that no one would move out of the fall zone and I spent about 3 minutes or so scared on the sidelines from a fear before puck finally came and fixed me.
    • Messmer/Plot for running a side mission for us! Super greatly appreciated. And scary.
    • Siren Mod! Seriously, Kudos to Trace (Both sets of mods she ran this weekend were phenomenal, I have entered/stood outside a lot of ghul caves and the sirens were amazing as well). The ladies portraying the sirens did amazing. It was just confusing and eerie enough for me. I am not musically inclined even a little, but I was glad to be there.
    • Nap time before the mod, ate lunch and had a circle down around the couch in case of emergencies. I woke up every time the door opened and at one point puck came in and loaned me his blissful rest item, it actually seemed to work! I was way refreshed for how little real sleep I got.
    • Watching Arikya do her first ritual and getting handed evil spear. Do not like. Glad i don't get sneks in my bed as a result. Also never pee on a fae tree.
    • Getting a letter, being sure it was a lie and then after some things that have come up not knowing what to believe and not finding out whats going on before the event was over.
    • Early snacky time before late night adventure club. Ice cream sandwiches were a hit. Yay for a freezer. Good talks like always and great company.
    • LNAC. Freaking Fae. Of Course. And because of Kendrick's tree stress Lumi tolerated the hypocrisy while offering to help out because of how much stress that tree caused him. Doing fine for round one and getting almost wrecked entirely for round two and Lumi NOPED the f out after that. It was really great hearing the BMV charm and seeing the tavern empty while we fought for our lives. I'm glad we resolved the problems but it took quite a while.
    • Lumi iS NOT pregnant. As heard by her shrill no when poor Brooke asked.
    • GOATS Poor goat murders. That fight was fun and kind of hard since repel and berserk. I got beat up on more than a little.
    • Buying a pumpkin from that weird and crazy pumpkin seller. Paying alot and then Wolsey shaking his head because its a pumpkin not a jack o lantern.
    Lots of great little and big moments. Thank you all for such an amazing game. See you all for nerd prom!
  13. Copper

    Copper Newbie

    As before, I can't possibly list them all, but some that stuck out:
    • The site itself! The cabin placement, the tavern placement, the number of side paths and opportunities for adventure; it was great. I can see why its such a favorite.
    • The all-Kyn (plus Darendar and Bladerym) sparring session Saturday night. I learned so much about combat from some awesome teachers (elbows!), and I have so much more to learn.
    • Sleet shaking off water after getting back inside from the rain. Because c'mon.
    • Evil animals everywhere!
    • The Incident at the Captain's Log, and being in the goon squad that wasn't really necessary. Great RP by all participants.
    • The late Saturday tavern fight and the moment it went from, "Hey, this'll be fun to watch," to "Aw hell everybody out!"
    • Being reminded that foxes are definitely not the top of the foodchain while running from Sleet and Aikoll with my leftover moose meat. Didn't get far.
    • Snakes. So many snakes.
    • Making new questing buddies! Darendar, Ahri, and a bunch of others. You guys were great to adventure with!
    • Being taken under Lagarde and Dame Arikaya's wings with stories, advice, and straight up wisdom, both IG and OOG. Thank you two so much for everything. And no Lagarde, you weren't boring in the least.
    • The Letter! Holy moley the letter. It felt like the entire adventuring populace must've heard it by the end of the event. Baron Darius, Emaric, Lumi, Emaric again, Kendrick, countless others who read it aloud; thank you for gracing us with renditions of this beautiful, beautiful piece of correspondence.
    • The ghoul mod was creepy and fantastically run. And Captain Roberts. He's a good guy. Heart of gold that Roberts. I think he has an undeserved reputation. Or something.
    • The proscribe / witch hunt mod. I could write an entire best moments just for this (Elwin and Dem's IG argument over what to do with the wererats, Sleet jumping a table, etc.). The mod itself was great and well run (thank you NPCs!), and gave us newer folks a great sense of purpose and power. But the send-off was almost better. Far from being mad about being excluded from a mod due to level, the veteran players gathered around us offering healing supplies, items, and advice before sending us off like our first day of scho-I mean adventuring. That sort of support and cooperation makes this game so positive and enjoyable.
    • "Hey! You look like ya gots 3 golds! Yous-guys wan shome PUMkins?!"
  14. It was nice to have an event where the world wasn't ending. And hopefully that wererat thing is mostly solved! Here were some of my memorable moments.
    • Capturing the witch was fun, tough, and more fun. Go Vincent with the cardio! Sorry I had to keep knocking our biata unconscious to keep him from turning into a wererat.
    • Had a really fun time playing guitar for y'alls, and glad you seem to have enjoyed it.
    • Miguel's Loremaster's mission was fun as always. A box turned into a monster and bit me! Never had that happen before!
    • Had a ton of fun playing a drunken, belligerent customer at the Captain's Log! I wanted to drunkenly fight Lagarde, but apparently half the town comes when they hear 'trouble at the brothel!'
    • Always great to have so many people willing to teach less experienced people new fighting techniques! Thanks a ton, even if I was mostly just lurking.
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  15. Leora Wambach

    Leora Wambach Newbie

    I had a pretty laid back event, overall, but I had a few favorites. :) Here they are!

    * Tricking some wiley thieves who stole two "potions" only to discover they were empty vials. This is exactly why I carry a few empty vials.
    * Realizing that I've lost just enough weight that the belt I made for Alis now slips down off my hips. (Not plot related, but still a pretty exciting discovery - even if I now have to fix it.)
    * The tension between Alis and Kendrick and all that that entails.
    * Accidentally getting two gold for singing a song no one was really meant to hear. XD Gives me high hopes for next month's bardic competition.
    * The sadness that comes with very serious roleplay and very serious IC thoughts (I know it seems weird, but it's one of my favorite things).
    * The moment Alis nearly lost her goddamn mind because she'd been infected AGAIN and how close she came to leaping over the table to beat on poor Soldevi. Luckily, the word 'cure' passed his lips at exactly that second.
    * There were a few very subtle moments between Alis and her close connections that were SO important to her and her growth. I don't want to spoil them, but to those involved; thank you. I love that stuff.
    * A surprise appearance by Alis' sister and the subsequent weekend of shenanigans that ensued. Thank you, Liz. <3
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  16. Parzivel

    Parzivel Newbie

    Adoption. That moment of realization... yeah... we're here for you. Big love to my little sister.
    Explaining the real New Acarthia to Derek. Suddenly it all makes more sense, doesn't it? The pamphlet and the hotel do not match.
    Messmer's unnecessarily-apologized-for Annex Mod. Best, most interesting fight of the weekend.
    Snakes. Snakes in bed.
    Scion Ditch. Why can't we have more Scion Ditch?
    Chaos Goats arriving at Scion Ditch. "Wow did you pick a bad time."
    Emily. She was just delightful. From running mascara makeup to screams to wake the whole zipcode. Also, her realization that PCs are UNIVERSALLY HORRIBLE.
    Watching the Arikaya Righteous Rage take over at the end of the Serpentmen Assault Saturday night.
    Fae Tourney Bidding Thing Saturday night. I loved that..... wait, I missed it. But I bet I would have loved it.
    All hail the nap time.
    "You are coming. I need a fighter." "Ok." The answer will always be yes.
  17. abientot

    abientot Newbie

    Writing letters to mess with PCs. Ps: Izzy send me your pineapple recopie and Puck respond to the cute letter.
    Honey Badger don't give a ****. And doesn't want to be touched so why did you kill it?
    The goat fight.
    Playing a fae to solely watch Ian's badass fight. Which was amazing.
    The witch wererat lower level mods. At one point I thought I was going to die. Thanks for not killing the witches.
    Chilling in NPC camp is always fun, everyone is so fun to hang around with.
    Trying to steal a big bag of goodies. FYI I am really bad at not acting suspicious.
  18. Alright! Took a little while to get around to it but here we go:

    • Skragg is one of those characters I didn't really think I would enjoy playing that much for big shouty reasons but has become a regular NPC of mine. Skragg is my favorite NPC played to date. A huge thank you to Izual and everyone else who has played along with my shouting for the last few gathers, you've made playing Skragg a true joy.
    • Thunderlizards! This has been a long and incredibly difficult plot line for me, which has very recently hit a brick wall but is still a huge fascination. Nonetheless, a huge shout out to Jeff for playing the Beastmaster, I hope to see him more in the future. Pls take care of Mistral.
    • Siren cave! Probably one of the most atmospheric mods I've attended. Sirens you were absolutely wonderful, I hear to see more of your singing in the future! I've had the damn piano song at the rear left crystal stuck in my head since the weekend.
    • Elemental Caves: MOTHA FUCKIN' TEAMWORK. We're pretty much adventuring professionals at this point. <3
    • My event was cut exceptionally short due to being the blindest tree in the realm and having an unfortunate meeting with the ground, but I have officially slept for 14 hours in one night at a LARP game. You can crown me guildsmaster of the napping guild whenever you feel like it. I'll wait.
    • Chaos elementals are assholes. Shocker.
    • A part of me is inside of Kendrick. Gross.
    • As always I'm probably missing a whole bunch of player interactions, but you know who you are and you know I love you all to bits. Thank you!
    MOOSEN IN THE FORESTEN. Starting First Aid "Can someone please start healing the other moose so we can just let them go?" "Uhhh, I don't think that's going to work?" "Why n-" Kyn are pulling the baby moose apart and eating it. "Okay.."
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  19. Sunny (Ark)

    Sunny (Ark) Newbie

    Hahaha, BORK BORK with our Bork attacks!

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