September 2013 Favorites


It was a wild ride... Please let your fellow players (and your plot team) know what you liked the most this weekend!

Lanna Rose

SOOOOOOOOO much fun!

Thank you fellow NPCs for a rocking job this weekend.

So this weekend started by me laying on a bar screaming cause some people were tearing out my eye. Love it!

Then playing a Vra (sp?) was amazing fun! I really liked that character card. It was nice not getting pillow partied all the time.

The Vra mods were amazing to watch! Just saying! Some of you missed out!

Being a Vra panthergast asking for honor combat! Frank and JP you guys were amazing! I'm going to have some wonderful bruises from you guys and I don't mind one bit.

The last fight was pretty intense! Oh man did I love the whole thing though. Even if I was a "spectator" it was still neat to watch.

THE DRAGONS! They were so cool!

I had a lot of fun! Thanks everyone for a great time!
I usually have a decent list for these things, but this time, I keep it short.

Thank you PCs, NPCs, Plot and Staff. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to do much since I was still recovering and wanted to take it a little easier. I didn't have to, nor could I. You all made Kantil come so alive for me that even though Dave felt nothing but pain and fatigue, Kantil kept going, kept swinging, kept fighting to the bitter end.

It wasn't just the plot twists and turns, it wasn't just the NPCs who fought tirelessly, it wasn't everyone RPing their butts off... it all came together to make it real. So thank you. All.

Some favorites are still needed

- "Apologize." "I'm sorry I caused you pain." "Good enough for me."
- "This is my daddy's hammer. And now it's your end..."
- "Kantil, what did you do? I may have to slap you for being a d-bag"
- Private talks with Ezri, Jovunn, Ulthoc and Thurisaz.
- Jovunn. All of the feels. All of them. "I have to be honest with you..." Another time, another place, things would have been different.
- "I don't know who you are."
- Walking boldly up to a dragon and shaking his hand.
- People's reactions when they heard who my fiancee is.
- Putting on some Vansir warpaint for the end. Guess what is now permanently part of my costuming.
- Seeing so many "old friends." A year is a damn long time.
- Making my family bigger in odd ways.
- Dat hammer.

- Obliterate Eviscerate and the price I paid for revenge. Costlier than I thought. Worth it.

Thanks again all for the great journey, as crazy as I was during it.


Gettysburg Staff
Thank you Collin and plot staff and Blythedale and NPCs.
Thank you to Brian and Dave for this event and the two years' events preceding it and thank you Donna for accepting the challenge of GM in Brian's stead.
Thank you Bill and food staff. Thank you med staff.
And thank you, fellow PCs. You all brought your RP A-game and helped make this the best event Jovunn and I have ever played. Near-total ethnic cleansing has never felt so good.

1. Being knighted.
2. Being knighted by Jovunn's first leige and the man who inspires her most: Baron Harrison Ryatt. Thank you, Henry, for reprising that role long enough to bring Jovunn her much-needed closure and a gift she never expected she'd get. Next stop: Paladin No-pants!
3. Wraith tribe and Dave E. as Warchief Boneblade. My one-on-one combat and trying to rip the sword of Goban out of his hand by the blade followed by being lit on fire and all the roleplay in the Healer's Guild of being tended to - props to Ash Forest and Willow for ACTUALLY RUBBING ME WITH JEWELWEED.
4. Nordenn. Such amazing roleplay with all of you. My character is better with all of you to bounce off of.
5. Toddo as the Storyteller and getting to finally say the thing Jovunn has wanted to say for a year now: that she loves absolutely everyone.
6. Sitting with Huleen by the lake at 3AM and his telling me of his pre-adventuring life. The promises we made and the subsequent, messy sobbing.
7. Ezri, Ezri, Ezri. Finally telling someone where my character came from in game. Makin' oaths.
8. Sam as Dorian. Our conversation right before closing ceremonies. Remember, Sir, you made me an oath. You'd better keep it. We had a lot of great RP and thresher sharking this weekend and I can't wait to play with you again.
9. FIGHTING THE BEAR! Dying! Everyone crying!
10. "She went... to JARED!"
11. Telling Arturos he was valiant, only for him to shake his head sadly. Standing with Huleen and Chulainn on the porch and mourning the Vansir.
12. "I wish Luka were here. She was my first friend. I wish hers could be the last face I saw."
13. Chulainn telling Jovunn of his decision and why he was making it.

Thank you all.


HQ Staff
I'll get the big one out of the way first:

-Collin Babcock. This event was ambitious, intricate and above all a huge risk. Collin delivered on every front. There were a thousand ways to mess up closing out a race packet, but the attention to detail and utter respect for both the Vansir race itself and those who wrote their history turned every pitfall into an advantage. I personally would have been too scared to even attempt this and Mr. Babcock made it look effortless.

-Dave Sorbo, it's been a long time since I've seen a BBG who was intimidating and scary right out of the gate without anyone even knowing what your stat card was. Everything from the voice, costume to the confidence you carried yourself with was perfect.

-Donna Hellmuth, from running camp to making sure that our dragons looked like fricken' monsters you continue to raise the bar for the HQ game.

-All the crazy RP from the Vansir that came from just sitting down in the tavern with a book. Kris, you made it damn hard to keep myself expressionless during your speech.

-The final battle and watching the PCs figure out an awesome way to break the sun around Arturos.


Beautiful weather, awesome plot, and fantastic people. Sounds like a good larp weekend to me :) So let's narrow some of the good stuff down.

1. Vaccara. Oh my god. Stahp. You gave me feels and also apparently some super-valuable broken black pearls? Dragons is rich folks. And pretty. Pretty rich. OH-HO.

2. Explaining the difference between a dead language and an undead language. Val is just as cunning a linguist as myself, it seems.

3. Making some...questionable choices? I'm still pretty sure I made the right one. I suppose it remains to be seen whether Val ends up a) dead b) enslaved or c) in a whole lot of pain, but as far as she's concerned, it was more than worth it for the information she received.

4. AGRAZIL. You are my furry catbro and I love you. Thank you for getting drunk and helping me "assault" someone immediately before being squired. That's what I call going out (in?) with style. Seriously though. I really enjoy fighting at your side/back and I really hope that we can keep being sassy friends together.

5. Alchemizing with my partner in poison. I will use that merchant skill well ;)

6. "Ro? Ro! WHOA!" "Did...did you just waylay me?" "" "You just waylaid me!" ::slumps to floor:: "Just letting you know I've /always/ got your back."

7. Deciphering the Jade Skeleton's prophecy with Kailani and Thurisasz and somehow becoming the resident expert on Vakkar family history. And on that note...out-Vakkaring the Vakkar. No, really, please - stroke Val's ego a little bit more. She enjoys it.

8. All things Thurisasz. I think Val cried the most over your body. By which I mean - Val cried the most over your body :( You're not allowed to die, especially now that Ag's a squire and can't hear about any of her "questionably-legal (but not ILLEGAL!) behavior." Fffff. Stay questionable with me!!

9. Did anybody else notice that, upon dissipating, there was a strange, Jovunn-shaped wind that was wearing nothing BUT pants? Death is full of irony.

I am probably forgetting a lot of things. I had a really good time and actually felt important/useful for once. And apparently being loud is actually beneficial sometimes :)


I’d like to thank Collin for writing a good ending to the story of a race packet two of my characters have been involved in for well over a decade, and thank you to all of you who were a part of making it happen. I’m glad both applicable characters got to participate in the story. Now for some highlights:

One of the best uses of Gypsy Curse ever: Natalia curing a fellow purist of the corrupting influence of the necromantic Jade Skeleton- and then finding out it had been polluting her for four months. Victoria and I both noticed Kialda saying some (subtle) things that shouldn’t have been coming out of her mouth, and I’m glad I was there to notice and fix my friend.
Several people marveled at my wearing my Vansir Kremhild’s fur bikini Friday night- in 40 degree weather. My response? “Resist”. Hey, I knew I was about to kill her off. No way I wasn’t gonna sport the Furkini one more time. Glad I got one more fight in, too, and got to say hi to Ulthoc one more time.

Henry, Harrison’s spirit farewell was so worth the IG- and OOG- resources. I hope you liked the Dress of Chivalry. I got to tell some other characters the story of how it came about, and they loved it. And thanks to everyone who gave me such wonderful compliments on it.

Having people stew with Agurzil.
Krem: "There's some stew left, if you don't care what's in it."
Ag: "Did they die honorably?"
Krem: "Yup."
Ag: "Good enough for me. Let's eat."

I enjoyed the fights immensely. It was very rewarding having a tally in the dozens. Natalia: Jotun Slayer has a nice ring to it. Good statting plus Gifts of the Land equals feeling like mighty Combat Scholar. Also, being one of three people standing when the second big lightning burst went off was pretty cool- for a scholar! And watching Amaranthus spring into action and finish off the remaining Jotuns because everyone else was down was very cool.

Natalia just cast her first solo ritual ever! A Whispering Wind. Target: Zalinarik, the elven dragon mage. The message? “We need help with a dragon’s curse. I have cake.” Sure enough, a couple hours later… “I rift in one, I rift in two, I rift in three… I was promised cake.” Later, after he left, Kailani came up to me and said “Did you really just summon a dragon mage on the promise of cake? You are so awesome. Give me a hug.”

The Arturan Bear story was fantastic. Sure, Krem permed offstage, and all she knew was that she died in honorable combat with the greatest foe ever. Can’t complain, right? OOG, I know I got to perm giving freedom to the guy that gave it to our people- it doesn’t get more “worth it” than that. Part of it was good timing turning in the character and part of it was good writing, but thank you again for giving me/us a good story.

Those are the favs that make good short stories, but there were plenty of individual moments. Thanks all- it really was a landmark event for me in so many ways, so I’m glad it had so many cinematic moments.

Sheila, as Kremhild, Vansir of Snake Tribe and Natalia, hero of the Vansir Reclaim


All of the feels. ALL of them. I cried more during this event than I think I ever have. This wasn't even MY event, but oh... my.

For starters, Nordenn. You all are an AMAZING team. I adore each of you in and out of game, and I truly do treasure the relationship our teams have. After this weekend I kind of feel like anything that tries to screw with either of us is going to have a bad day. (No Collin, that is NOT a challenge...)

Ulthoc. Just... everything Ulthoc. Finally getting to have some of the personal roleplay that has literally eluded us for a year, awesome cinematic moments that for once REALLY did happen the way I pictured them in my head. Causing feels in others. Roleplaying with you is always amazing.

Jovunn. Oh, my tallest brobarian. All of the love, honey. All of it. Thank you for every single moment we got to spend together. I was soooo proud of you this event.

Dorian. The superman of Nordenn. Watching this character grow has been amazing. You, sir have continued to impress me at every turn.

My team, but most especially my girls. I feel like I watched you all sprout wings and fly this event. You turned wraith tribe into a bunch of pincushions, and made sure to keep the Nordenn fighters fighting. And as always, when Ezri was wracked with pain, you all were there, taking care of me each in your own way. Lauren, welcome to the fold. This is how we roll. Henry... well... you already knew that. ;)

My awesome ritual of awesome. Thank you Craig for the firepower, Erika for the song, and Mike V for the ambiance. It was kinda neat to have a mini-spectacle going on. And thank you plot for the nifty choice of empowerment. Ezri being able to stand with Ulthoc and say RESIST to a couple of those big booms was soooo epic.

Special moments with Victoria. You, dear are one of the many reasons I play this character the way I do. Thank you.

Kantil's request. Not too many things will make Ezri willingly do something that will drain her of magic. You hit that button. Congratulations. Subsequently plopping down the stone and scaring the **** out of everyone in the room when I rifted out LOL.

Harrison's spirit farewell. "Baroness? Well, I knew you had potential..."

Getting hit with 40 elemental lightning and going... wait. Got it, and having Oodo look at me approvingly. (unrelated to the previous resists... I just FINALLY have enough body and armor to do that lol. Scholar body is ROUGH).

I am STILL reeling from this one. Well done Collin, Donna and the rest of the plot team. Thank you ALL of the NPCs. You were champs.

See you in October!


Caveat that this was a very off weekend for me. I could tell there was some really deep stuff going on though so good show plot team.

That said:

Hanging with the Kitchen Crew in the mornings. Gotta love early coffee. Must protect against the pox that is Folgers.

Having a Baroness again. Mich, your courtlings love you, and it is so much fun to watch.

Watching my team, to include the new Archer. Glad to have you. You want to be stealthy...well I think you are on the right team to learn.

Seeing the new Squire get dubbed and taking to perfect position to see the look on her face.

Running up the hill and behind the bad guys to the captured Eros before anyone ever saw me.

Fighting up the Hill Saturday night with Squire Joven and Amaranthus and realizing that #1 they were going down and #2 I was glad I had my prisons back" Hearing later from Amaranthus "I could have just gone slay happy but I didn't need to since I know Simon was there" aww...shucks. Good thing I had some cure lights...

Having Simon open up a little bit and the looks of horror and awe from Ket and Alda.

Talking to Captain Flint after the final fight "The suck part is we are the ones who cannot let this thing hurt. And that sucks. Now get up because there are allot of people who need you".

Realizing I had one of the last bar-bars in a prison and seeing the dragon come up and figuring it would be funnier to drop the prison and let the dragon obliterate her instead of bothering with the killing blow.

New court members. Ash Forest Grows. I hope we can get a real good showing next month. Looking forward to it. See you all then.

Joe Siegel
resident jerk


This event was outstanding. Way to go Plot and NPCs for making it happen! The roleplay was heavy at every moment. The combat was terrifylingly difficult. The statting was brutal.

F*ck fear forever. By the way. Now on to the good stuff.

-Listening to Henry be epic as Harrison. Even beyond the grave the character has such weighty influence over so many of our characters. I feel like without him I would be doing things very differently as Flint. I think a lot of folks would be different. The impact this character had and will have is a testament to what a great player Henry is.

-Vanguard: We are a force to be reckoned with. We are an extremely diverse group with individuals who ultimately want different things, but rally behind a goal of making Corrheim the strong Barony it should be. We have an exceptionally tough job, but we are a family, and it's so much fun playing with you guys.

-Promoting Tinder to Sergeant. That felt really good. Bonito and I started playing Alliance at the same time over a decade ago, now. He was at my first game. Playing Alliance with him is literally one of my favorite things ever. I'm so sorry you got injured man. You're freaking hardcore, a great roleplayer, and sneaky as hell on the battlefield. The mod we went on to save Eros - you were a sleep gas sniper and saved my feared ***. Well done man. Heal quickly!

-Dinner before the event. Getting to know Todd/Udo - great guy. Holy crap Tenderloins. Weird favorite. Delicious meat. Guiness.

-Discussing politics and the current conflict with the Paladins with Dorian and Noot - we will, nay, must succeed. I cannot think of better co-conspirators of good and righteousness.

-Holding the attention of all gathered nobles and adventurers while passionately proclaiming what my intetions and feelings are pertaining to the current situation with the Ordo. The speech being punctuated by Jotuns rifting in. Could not have planned that better. I had been thinking about how to say what I wanted to say for so long, and when I did I think blacked out and Flint just took over. I was pleased.

-All things Thorn. Tracey is EPIC. Pulling runes all weekend to adorn my mug with proper meaningful warpaint. Pulling runes with Alda - hers revealing 'Strenghth' and mine 'Self'. SO COOL!

-The quiet moment shared with Ulthoc and Ezri in the Ash Forest quarters. Going in for a group hug. Completely bashing my head on the top bunk. Comedy ensues.

-Late night post-uber jarl decimation with Dorian and Larien and assembled friends. Accepting an intoxicate and sort of just keeping things low-key. Sometimes it's okay to get a little drunk, but not be really loud about it. Sometimes I am not loud. Sometimes.

-Bro time with Ket to talk about some heavy stuff. These types of scenarios could not be made possible without a skilled roleplayer. Mike G. you're so awesome on so many levels. I am very thankful man.

-Sharing feels with Kialda, and continuing to watch her raise the bar for roleplayers game wide. Susie is without a doubt one of the greats, and should be acknowledged as such. My gosh. So much respect.

-Deed name to Larien - Amy is awesome and hugely important part of our IG familia. Getting Vinny to speak up, and listening to how well he can address a crowd when he wants to. Vinny is quiet most of the time, but when he talks important things happen. Way to go Stonewise. So awesome.

-Getting to be a kooky Dragon Mage alongside Donna's amazingly well repped Dragon. Holy crap sweetpea you looked SO SEXY. Glad Udo, Thorn, and Valeria got to go on that. Glad you guys had fun.

-Arranging for a strike on the Uber Jarl and the fight that took place. I got force punched into many many a poop tardis. That monster was badass. I hear Mike Duetzman created that card - figures - he's brilliant. The card was great, scary, fair, and powerful. Can't believe I called for the wizards to unleash hell, but forgot to put a stoneblade on myself with my new whacker. So freaking good.

-Mr. Kyle Spriggle's exceptional storytelling ability before game on. Basically tabletopping what would have been an amazing RP mod. Dude has such great descriptive ability, and such a passion for setting the scene. Love playing the game with you man.

-Kailani's amazing singing voice for QJW's amazing ritual setup. That was a thing that happened and it was a super cool thing.

-New player Tyler from nurse RP to being a really helpful person at cleanup, and just a really sweet person to meet. Thanks for coming!

-Getting a cookie from Eridan to help ease the pain from magic being lazy and not healing me right. That was almost as good as a bandage.

-All things Alex G. She is as skilled as she is beatiful, and that's a lot. Your rom was really cool to meet. Very very good rp with the first aid, and on the spot with a chocolate raspberry.

-The man - Frisco Cruise! watching him get TAUGHT parry. damn. Castleburr had that sh*t.

-Speaking of Castleburr - my whiterock bro. He's a better Whiterock than Braveroar ever was. Just saying. He's incredible to rp with and such a riot every time. He's every bit the Dwarf Flint wishes he could be sometimes if he was not enlisted. Love playing the game with you Scotty.

-Ruis bouncing around and being so kind and cool with Tinder. I just love Ruis to death as Justin and Flint. She's going to make a good sister-in-law, huh? ;)

-Really feeling as if my military rank is being acknowledged and respected by the nobles present. That felt really really cool, and made me believe I made the right choice. A pursuit for a belt isn't out of the question any more, but at least right now I feel secure in that I've made good choices thus far. Thanks Ulthoc for putting me in charge of the town in the final battle, that was huge for my character.

-Jovunn. The brief teary moments. I said I'd be there for you. I felt like I was, but your Nordenn family enveloped you in untiring support. I didn't want to get in the way because I could just sit back and watch you just...getting it did. If that makes any sense. I don't know. I just love you Kris and your character has come a long, awesome way. Congratulations and well played. I am looking forward to the next time.

-That warm smile of Traver. Josh is such a good man all around. He is awesome at logisitcs and we can never give enough props to our lotistics staff. Thanks for all your great efforts, and all the fun we had in game together.

-Grim pulling me aside to describe the weight of the mission that we would undertake next. I could tell Kyle was fried. But really, it was Grim who was strained to the breaking point. He's been through a lot, but he's held his head high through it all. I watched this Dwarf in front of me describe this thing we had to do, and a love he once had. A love he still has. Tears rolled down his face and hit the floor in front of me. I clenched my fists and knew exactly what we had to do. What we always do. Make fast decisions under duress because that's what needs to happen.

-All the love and support Donna received for her new role as GM. Thanks Dave and Brian for your service. Good luck Donna, I love you, and I am always there to support you in every way I can.

My favorites are vague. My head is heavy with a lot of memories. Things are blurry. I'm actually still at work and should actually be working. This event was epic. I do not post frequently enough. Thanks for all the great fun, food, and bandages Ashbury. You ate all the vansir and made it look easy. Collin you are literally a beast.


Justin Coggin


HQ Staff
Thank you very much to the hard working npcs, Food staff, plot, Gms and all the folks who busted butt behind the scenes. Huge congrats to Donna Hellmuth whom has been busting her *** like mad and had been preciously mostly unsung. This lady is a key to what makes this game great and why i love playing this chapter. Donna, thank you.

Rather then a huge list of favorites. In this case it would be huge i'll be brief. I loved interactions between characters and getting back to whom grim is.. rather then what he;s become as my rl was decidedly effed and it blew into the game. talks with ket and Chulain, admissions to close friends.. intense discussions, crazy ideas backed by ezri cause she and grim have an amazing dynamic. My team being truly diverse and dynamic. Seeing heroes be heroes. epic story and roleplay and just being Grim. It was fun and intense and thank you all for letting me be a part of your stories or maybe helping you gain a new direction in it.



I can’t possibly list all of the awesome from this event. I had an absolute blast and if I only get one event to PC this year, I’m super stoked that it was this one.

That said, there were a lot of great moments. This is in no particular order… ‘cause my mind doesn’t work in a line.

-The first “I am Noot” of the weekend. I love that guy.

*Nordenn kills the last of the Jotun on the field and a minute or two passes with no new Jotun*
Noot, kinda dejected: Alright… I guess there’s no more Jotun. I’ll go back upstairs
Marshall: Dark clouds roll in overhead
NPCs: We Rift in 1, We…
Ulthos: Noot… What did you do?
Noot: I dunno, but I’mma do it again.

-every instance there after of “Man, it’d be really unfortunate if some Jotun showed up right now… *Ulthoc hits Noot*

-Alda, I love that dryad. Also, not needing to apologize when I hug her (or Rayna or Kailani or Ruis).

-There was a point on the battlefield where it was just Simon and I on the left flank. We had about a half dozen Wraith Tribe. I quickly just resorted to yelling “Ooga booga booga!” and waving my spear at them. Simon tore them all down from behind.

-Donna’s Dragon. Damn, what a well put together NPC.

-Noot asks pretty much everyone at some point if they know the stories in the sky. He almost always gets a crazy look and someone wandering away from him. Mike G. and Kyle jumped on it and we had a good twenty or thirty minutes talking about the constellations of our people. Well, their people. Noot’s people live in a cave. I’ll enjoy pointing out the Moose and the Great Axe to people in the future.

-Someone, I think Flint: “Noot, hold that flank.”
Sorry to Ken and Damien and JR. I love you guys.

-Noot and Dorian had a talk Saturday night that resulted in Noot yelling at the nobles at breakfast. “Ulthoc!” “yes?” *kneel* “Please rise.” Noot likes kneeling way more now that he understands how you do it.

-During a hold, “Those are the softest 21 magics I’ve ever felt. You can kill me anytime.”

-Dame No-Pants. Noot didn’t get nearly enough Jovunn time this weekend. We’ll have to fix that next season.

-On a not Noot note (Say that ten times fast), I love my kids. The Skelebros. Your scene was awesome.

-“I’m sorry I caused you pain.”

Not my scene, but I’m glad I was there for it.

-Noot was there to support his family as they made what was probably the hardest decision of their lives. They sacrificed their entire people on a chance it might help save the world. He’ll always be there as a shoulder for his family to lean on and he’ll always doubt that they really need it. He’s found some strong folk.

-I had to save this for last: Harrison’s spirit farewell. Baron Harrison Ryatt shaped Noot and Dorian into the adventurers they are today. He taught them what it was to be part of a people you can be proud of and how to lead them and serve them at the same time. Noot had so much to say and all he could do was blubber. Then he saw Dorian get knighted. That little scene was kind of a big deal for Noot. He’s resolved to do a bunch more things since then.


HQ Staff
Holy crap this event. I haven't had this much fun playing Ruis in a long long time. It was wonderful.


-Tinder. Holy crap Tinder. Bonito, you basically made my event just by being awesome and hanging out with me and all the awesome derpy roleplay that ensued (some that Ruis kept her cool about until Tinder walked away). From "You're absolutely insane. This is why I love you" to "that's the first time he's said that out loud" to dancing on my toes I was so happy and you getting hurt with awesome moment of "so Ruis gets what she wants and you don't get to get hurt anymore". It was wonderful and I hope you better in time for next event.

-Speaking of Tinder, Flint. AHHH. Justin you have no idea how much Ruis looks up to Flint or how much it meant to her to hear you say she thought she was doing a wonderful job of following the path she wants.

-Getting to do something that I haven't done in months and just having bro-time with my favorite lizard. And Huleen making sure Ruis didn't give up on herself.

-The overarching question of "what is wrong with this dryad?", from eating an uber-jarl's heart to ripping people's throats out as a killing blow and being told that I genuinely just scare people and am the "badass" sister

-Alda and Kailani, elder time and explaining feelings. There were so much explanation and derpy cutes that happened. Plus staring at people until they walked away from sister time was pretty funny.

-On a final note, so many tears. So many. We lost count in the cabin. Also falling completely into stone elf mode during resurrections and people getting worried/confused at what was happening to Ruis.

Tom H

Okay, so, if I don’t get to this, Michelle’s going to ritually assault me OOG, so I guess I should post something.

(Warning: this will probably get long-winded)

Okay, so, I have a ton to be thankful for. First of all, not many people are lucky enough to ever even have one amazing woman in their life. I’m ridiculously fortunate to have two. This week was very taxing for me, and literally by Friday morning I was so frustrated with the world that I was prepping everyone else’s gear, but hadn’t packed- because I wasn’t going to go. Tracey, bless her, absolutely wouldn’t have any of it. She begged, pleaded, offered to help, and finally threatened to unpack her own stuff to get me moving forward. She is the best thing that’s ever happened in my fairly messed-up existence, and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not thankful for her.

So, there’s this team… these crazy guys and girls I talk into wear black in the middle of the friggin’ summer. They’re all amazing roleplayers, and them just being on site makes my events more special. From making me feel like a badass to making me feel like a proud father to making me feel like I’m never going to keep up with them and their antics, they are some of the most amazing roleplayers with some of the deepest characters it’s ever been my pleasure to interact with. It’s that interaction I’m going to miss the most when ol’ fuzzy finally losses it. If I tried to recount the favorites with them this event, I’d never get anything done- it’d simply be a play-by-play of the entire weekend. And that’s every weekend. Private talks, public tears, and weighty decisions… you guys play this game full speed for four quarters, and I couldn’t ask for a finer bunch of people to try to keep up with.

Vanguard, my new “home away from home.” You guys were always there whenever anyone needed anything, and you never quit or backed down. Ever. Your team has a great future ahead of it, and I’m so fortunate that I’ll be a part of it next season.

The Gilded Claw- my old family. Lots of new members since the original Pack days- lots of quality there. I expect good things.

Ash Forest- You know, when Ulthoc and Dorian stop in the middle of a Nordenn-themed event, and the first topic of conversation after a wave battle is “So… Ash Forest…. How ‘bout them girls?” you are seriously doing something right. Ladies, you have all my respect. Keep it up.

One hundred events played as a character is a milestone I never expected to reach- especially with a big dumb barbarian. Most (well, nearly all really) of the people Ulthoc looked up to in his early years have gone on to other things, their players no longer involved in the game. The sense of foreboding and impending death that was evident this event…let’s just say that’s with the character at all times, so he was pretty unfazed by it. It’s the little things that make the differences.

Collin. Ooohh, Collin…. As I’ve said privately, not very many people would have had the brass rounds to try to run this event. I know I sure wouldn’t have. Kudos to you and your amazing staff for pulling of an event that will be felt for years to come. All the feels, man, all the feels….

Willow- Lady, I hope you know all the mad respect I have for you. You’re literally the future of this game, and I see in you (and others like you) a very bright future indeed. Us old timey veterans might appear to have all the power, but trust me, you have far more skill than we ever had, our experience to learn from, and all the time in the world. This game is yours… we’re just keeping it warm for you.

All things Coggin- man, every time I think you’ve amazed me as much as you can, you pull another crazy concept out of your hat. You’re an inspiration to me every event, sir, to keep trying to improve my game.

Craig. Dude… I’ve missed you. Your roleplay and insight into the game- both ingame and out of game- are always a pleasure to behold. From our early days of mischief as Llywellyn and Pantzike to the high-end poker we play with races and kingdoms today, you have always been a stellar example of great roleplay.

Bobby- A lifetime removed form when we ran together, but all it took was a look and a nod, and it was just like old times. Blood is Blood, ingame and out.

Danielle- So many feels, so many old unspoken words. Sometimes, words aren’t needed. Thank you.

Jim Sailor- You still move pretty quick for an old man…. and I missed the crap out of you. I’m glad to be able to hang with you a couple weekends a year, even if it means me catching a beatdown. You are one of the few there that have been at this longer than me, and I miss the old days sometimes. Oddly enough, when the list of names and faces long lost to time started going by in Ulthoc’s head, I had to fight back a chuckle that I think you were the only other person on site who knew who “Artos of Lombard” was.

Michelle. I’ve got mad love for you, woman. You play that character so completely that sometimes I don’t even see you when we’re in-game, all I see is her. As I opened with, I’m incredibly fortunate to have two amazing women in my life (alright, maybe three if you want to count Ezri seperately). A lot of people don’t know this, but Michelle and I have been crafting the story of these two characters in various stages together for longer than either of us wants to admit. (Meta-tidbit: Ulthoc’s favorite drink is Astikir. Not because it makes him see funny things, but because it’s the reason he found out Ezri liked him.) You know, it’s kinda funny- I think if I tried hard enough I could put on a face to hide my thoughts or emotions from Michelle, but Sunday morning Ulthoc couldn’t hide a damned thing from Ezri- He was pretty certain he was gonna die, and even though nobody else in town picked up the false bravado, she did. Thank you for many years of amazing roleplay and intense conversations that you reserve just for me that nobody else will ever see. That’s a special gift, and I treasure it.

Little known fact I kept from Collin so he didn’t get an ulcer: Ulthoc’s entire purpose for joining the Peerage originally was he knew his race was dying, he knew that had only one war left before they were extinct, and he hoped that by showing them Icenia wasn’t Evendar that they could live longer. So… what do you do when your Character’s race and raison d'etre are both extinguished in a single blow? You roleplay, and hope you find another reason. See you all in a couple weeks.
Here's my favorite, above all else.

My plot team.

Y'all know what the downside is to running an event like this? Not being there. In that world. With your wonderful characters.

I'm gonna cut everyone in on a secret, but it's likely you already know this by the longing looks I cast into the tavern when people are partying and I'm in a white headband.

I still long for that experience. The deep emotional thrill ride that you effing amazing roleplayers conjure out there and as any long-time tabletop DM knows.

It's impossible to play your own game.

Here's my clever caveat.

My plot team.

These guys are chambered to a heavy caliber of kick-*** and I trust each one of them with the continuation of this continuity. Each one of them.

I know that when it's my turn to sit in the Old Guy seat, they'll take care of me. Right down to Laguna's black stone, my next character's black stone, and even the character after that.

Thank you for putting up with me.

Now get back to work, October's coming for me.

Collin Babcock


So for a while now I was getting really bummed out on Castlebur. I wasn't having fun playing him. I took a year off and holy crap thank you everyone. Friends are why I play this game. Hell Alliance isn't just friends. Most of you I consider family.

Thank you NPCs without you this game would not work. Plot team too keep the *** whoopins coming.

Tom H. And the rest of Nordenn I know Castlebur is a dirty bastard but rolling with you guys was awesome. The interactions we had and the Contract was mind blowing.

Speaking of which I spent about 9 hours last week drafting up a Contract as Castlebur to merc for Nordenn. It was some of the best work I've done.

Guilded Claw I will cook for you anytime providing you bring the food. We always have a blast.

Justin Coggins you make me strive to be the best dwarf. When I started playing and I saw Flint I told myself that guy plays an awesome Dwarf and I want to be like him. Getting told that I am a better Whiterock then the guy who wrote the Whiterock packet almost made me cry. I'm glad to call you a friend

Ash Forrest y'all stay classy. Everyone of you are awesome.

Thanks everyone for making the game what it is and keeping me going.


I have been dreading making this list because I knew I'd forget something. So much happened. This event had literally nothing to do with me and so much still happened. Everywhere. Holy crap.

Plot, NPCs, staff... good grief. I'm still zonked from the event. I love you guys. Just... kicking up the register, much?!

Best thing that happened might just be having Tracey/Thurisaz dissipate under my hand. Vicky came into the event with only one barbar being personally important to her in a positive AND personal way. Having her literally feel that person ripped away, even if temporarily, was such an amazing thing to have happen, in terms of giving her something to play off of...

Patching up burnt people. All the phys reps ever. You guys were the best sports for just putting up with us and letting us cover you in goo. It was amazing RP I never thought I'd get. Just, being able to actually do something for anyone, at all, at this event meant so much to Vicky.

On a similar note, not being killed by Huleen and actually getting to patch him up instead of dying. Same goes for Chullain.

Erika. All of that angst. We've discussed this enough oog, but I want everyone to know that you gave me an out of game headache from sheer roleplaying skills. Vicky is so, so sure Kai is never going to like her ever again. That being said, getting to tell Kai that Vicky was darn proud of her for squiring. Weirdest thing she's ever said, but it felt right.

Michelle/Ezri and Tom H/Ulthoc and Joe/Simon, for their direct efforts to make Vicky understand and appreciate nobility. Henry/Harrison for the giant, indirect, and ridiculously effective effort. I don't think I've ever cried that much over something like that. Vicky might actually learn to kneel in this lifetime. Maybe. We'll see. Also, Heidi/Zat for all the shenanigans that happen because she's Zat and the look she gave Vicky in private. "If you need anything..."

That knighting. Watching Kris/Jovunn and all of those feelings just... roll. Vicky's opinion of Jovunn has come full circle from the beginning of the event - from a deep-seated loathing and admiration to sisterly affection and amusement. Yes, that happened in one event. All of the moments Vicky got to try to comfort Jovunn and the "thanks" she'd get every so often... ♥

Sam gets his own for putting up with Vicky using him as a human stress cushion. Poor Dorian. Make-up stains, deathgrip hugs, random headbutts to the shoulder, awkward attempts at comforting that ended up being more for Vicky than for him... I appreciate you putting up with that, so much.

Lauren/Ro. So much love. Just... so much. Ro doesn't even know what that piece of shell means, but Vicky does. Watching that dynamic blossom.

Meghan/Dell was the biggest surprise this weekend. I didn't expect Vicky to get protective of her that quickly. I was wrong. "Do NOT mess with MY biata!" Yes, that happened. Healers' Guild cuddles, that hug at the end... "You're probably the only non-biata I'll do this to." Glowing~

Dave/Kantil, I feel like when this is all over and you get the punch in the gut Vicky's been hankering for, it'll be worth it. But way to blow my mind, make me cry another 45 minutes and just be an inconsolable jerk for hours! Jeez!

Speaking of, I am so, so happy Ruis was there. Cole, you know. But if there hadn't been a Ruis, Vicky would be soooo much closer to snapping than she was...

There wasn't much of him this gather, thank goodness or my head would have exploded, but a little love for Tom W isn't a bad thing. That delayed reaction breakage, man. I thought I was in the clear! I was SO sure! Oh well.

And the shortest one... The Bear looking Vicky in the eye, all pleadingly, and telling her to run. Shivers, man. Freaking Collin.


Thanks to all involved for making this weekend great. Plot, NPCs, Tavern Staff, and fellow PCs.

- Whispering Wind to a Dragon. Agreeing to cast it, in theory... because I can cast the least expensive long message. However, it's still a Dragon. During the preparation I started asking people, is this the "vengeful leave me alone type of dragon?". Oodo not understanding so I gave the following description: "Have you ever had a mosquito buzzing around your ear? What do you do about it?.... In this analogy I will be playing the part of the mosquito." I'm sad I didn't get to meet her. Maybe next time.

-Tied to the above. One of the potential flaws of the whispering wind: “ Ritual Caster Believes they are a Dark Elf” (for an hour or so). After reading that line outloud, QJW dejectedly throws in the word “again”. Also, backlash ever… after reading it over a few times to make sure I wasn’t reading it wrong… “Ezri, if this goes poorly I could inadvertently rift the entire town somewhere random. I’ll try not to do that.”

- Vanguard, my home away from home. I love how accepting you've been of me all year, and I love getting to return the favor. Saturday evening passing out drinks to most of you on the DL during the big discussion was great.

- Susie as Alda going through all the horrible things that you need to go through to become "seasoned". It just hurts watching it happen. Our characters really have horrible things done to them.

- Casting Ezri's rits. It came together rather quickly, but then as it got closer and time to set up, once it became clear we wanted to "double down" and make it a spectacle rit, it all just worked. Thanks to Mike V for lending the fog machine. Also with this... QJW has been tutoring Kilani for a few months in Formal magic, I was very happy she was able to help out. Especially for the wonderful singing she added. All in all it was a beautiful time.

-Being asked to attempt to twist a ritual on the fly with no preparation. Agreeing to do it, because this is how Ritualists get to try to be heroes, however explaining to Izer what could happen. “You know every horrible backlash you’ve ever heard of happening when somebody’s casting ritual magic?... put each and every one of those scenarios on the table, when you ask a ritualist to go “off book” with little to no prep time you are literally tempting fate. I’ll do it, but I have no allusions about my chances of success.”

- Baron Harrison's farewell. Our words were few, and toward the end, but they were heartfelt. What Harrison said about the code changed my thoughts on a few things.

- Oodo. I look forward to interacting with this character as he grows up and comes into his own in the coming years. Watching him make classic new advertuerer foibles was great. Including my favorite one: While I'm rewriting the whispering wind he and Grim drafted (directly across the table from them), Oodo turns to Grim and says they need to find somebody good at writing, you know somebody good at words who can help make sure this says things better. QJW gets a bit offended and looks him dead in the eye and says something along the lines of "Are you questioning my qualifications as a scholar? You do still want me to cast this ritual for you don't you?" The "Oh no, what did I just do?" look on his face as he realized what he did was great. For the rest of the weekend I watched Oodo watch me and see what I could really do. It was good times.

- The string of Squiring's and Knightings continuing. Including a botched Knighting. Going to Ulthoc afterword, and asking him about it. The look he gave me of, "Yes I'm aware, Yes I'm fixing it, and don't you spoil this by spreading it around" was great. Also the rest of the conversation we had at that time was great.

- Whistling during the Vra combats... then the storyteller showed up... having the wind leave my whistle and the drop in pitch that came with it. Not scripted, totally legit, 100% hilarious. JCogg and I had to leave the room due to our sudden fit of giggles.

- Dorian at one point had the best quiet conversation to the side of a “big discussion” that went something like this. D: “You agree this whole plan is silly right”… QJW: “Yup”… D: “And there’s nothing we can really do about it is there”… QJW: “Nope, they’re pretty much insisting on this.”… D: “This stinks” QJW: “Yup”. The words were different but that’s essentially the gist of it. The 100% agreement with so few words required to explain why was refreshing, for both of us I think.

- Sunday Morning, doing what I’ve learned to do so many times before over the last decade. Making resurrection plans in advance. For once I wasn’t being pessimistic while doing it, I was being optimistic.

- Battle statting in general. It was a good weekend to be a caster. Sat night holding off a side flank with Simon as the backup caster. It was a nice shift on the normal way of designing lines. Also, being able to take out entire waves with 1 spell per person was just cinematically awesome in my head.

- The final battle, as a continuation of the above. More stellar casting. This time working with Kogura. We made a great team, and the professionalism between the two during it was great. Especially when we were able to find a way to keep Dave’s chiefton out of the fight with a Prison Gorbe as cover, and an Elf with repells. That stayed up until Raven made us take it down. Later, half the backline blew up, including most of the healers. As I was picking them up squarely was hit by a fear by a Wraith as they then closed in to finish me off. In one motion I glared at them, resisted the feeble attempt to make me flee, and cast a death spell. Then I continued healing the piles of bodies. I didn’t think much of it, but Meghan as Dell just said “awesome” so it must have looked cool.
-Mike and Susie… gobs of cute. Especially their banter about when Mike decided to climb into the tree stand. I could see the blushing through all the makeup.

- Guilded Claw. Always a pleasure. Breakfast burgers on Sunday and the great conversations we had during them.

- Talking to Amaranthus and others about our plans for Laerthan/Deadlands evacuation, the percentages of the continent being written off because we have to at this point are staggering.

- Finally, the end of it all. After Ulthoc and co went down, having to fight all must instincts to go and simply life them was hard. Watching everybody else break down was harder. Everybody grieves in their own way. Ket and QJW were taking rear guard, Ket comes over we choose our exit stradegy but before we leave QJW turns to Ket and says “Remember this place”, the slight look of confusion on Kets face and question of “Why?” was followed by a very deep “Because this is where the Vansir may have fallen, and if that’s true, this is a place worth remembering” The look of moment acceptance, and almost reverence we shared as we again looked around and then left was truly touching, even though no further words were said. As I walked back to town, through the silent forest, I hummed a contemplative requiem to all the Vansir who were dying at that very moment.

- The end part 2, talking to Tom OOG just before going up the stairs into the tavern, I told him what I had just said to Ket, and told him “It will be a way cooler moment if you perm.” He looked at me and said “How will you feel if I do perm now?” I told him “Fine, we both know you’ve had a great run.” The laugh / hug we shared OOG before we climbed the stairs was nice.

There are more but I figured this is enough for one sitting. Thank you to everyone I interact with, it makes saying goodbye to my RL family easier when I’m going to have such a fun time with so many supportive friends.