September 2018 Favorite Moments!!!


Denver Staff
Kansas Staff
Post all about y'alls favorite things from the game!! <3 <3


In no particular order

  • John's Orc getting charmed by Saren, doing some work, dying, then him repopping coming straight at Elisandra, who then proceeds to charm him...
  • Saren getting Pantherghasted. The subsequent brief internal debate, then saving him. He didn't even thank Elisandra. D:
  • The Love #9 mini arc. I didn't know Elisandra could get that angry.
  • Charming the little girl of the cinder cult, Rowan did an absolutely AMAZING job at every single NPC she played. But this one, and the RP there was just S+ fantastic.
  • Conversations with Dark Elves....
  • Thank you for letting me do the big battle loot split, I'm glad people liked it.
  • Meirune Merchant house stuff getting off the ground
  • All the performers of the Season of Songs, Val, Lia, Araphae, Lillianna, ya'll have absolutely amazing voices and I loved listening to you perform.


My turn!
The flying monkeys were so fun! Seeing all the chimera were really exciting. I need to nab snacks to bring next time, so I don't steal from the Tavern (Sorry!). Too bad they couldn't carry me off, too many people didn't want me to go!
Talking to one of the new characters who DID get carried away! Sorry I don't remember your name :c.
Ice Wraith, being told that I must take up the mantle and defeat the Cinder Lord, to succeed where my father has failed x3.
The Season of Songs performances! So beautiful :O.
The Meeting of the Mayors!
The First Appearance of Warlord Madrigal! Being all angry and finally really falling into my Earl role, rushing into the fray and demanding healing from people was amazing, and I feel so satisfied having disarmed the Lord Gov, getting downed, and hearing Val call out my name in fear and concern once he'd been ran down by the rest of the town! AMAZING.
I'm really excited for whats to come!


ok. here we go.

- Talking to the mayors and getting them to listen a bit, seeing it in their eyes, and then watching them bicker and fight and lose everything.
- Getting blown up after said bickering. I need to start carrying my full kit all the time if im going to get blown up more often.
- Love 9
- Seeing the ice wraith and ordering Maddy to run and having her *completely* ignore me. -_-
- Giving The Collector something that he has never seen before. ;)
- Getting paranoid during the performances was less fun. I'm sorry I missed most of them...
- I killed the Leviathan!
- Gassing down the flying monkeys and then Maddy commenting back to someone who thought she was crazy "It's ok, my dads here, so I'm safe"
- Conversations with Holt
- Conversations with Val
- Did I mention Love 9? ;)
- Losing my mind for a few minutes and giving away a handful of ice bolts
- Conversations with Tommand
- Hallend growing as a person.
Let's see here

- First and foremost being able to run around like I did without too much pain in my knee was amazing
- The resurrection mod was fantastic and I would like to see more of them for a bit personally to set down pat how to perform a resurrection for all of our healers
- The festival was great
- All the puzzles were amazing
- The cinderlord stuff was fantastic
- The trading sarr was wonderfully dumb/smart about his trades
- I WANT MAH PRETTY TREE GOSH DANG IT! freaking Zakar selling stuff that isn't his...
- Seeing how done with the Leviathan, Zakar was, and just being like... welp I know where I will be most useful...
- Teaching the baby healers
- Somehow knowing more than the current healer's guild guild master cause he was the 5th in line or something.
- Planning rituals
- Just keeping Jon Bon out of the Spdire wolf cave fight with bindomancy... I'm sorry please have mercy on me...
- Finally getting invested into the healer's guild. Oli's first personal goal complete.
- Rushing out to help Saren, then realizing it was a pantherghast, and booking it for Elisandra not even worrying about my knee
- Roleplaying with Zakar, and developing and improving upon the whole "youngling/teacher" thing
- Funny moment, maybe not favorite, dropping the fact that Oli has been doing something to his claws, and no one giving a damn