September 2019 FAVORITE MOMENTS!

We had so many lovely players this game, both old and new! For those who aren't aware (and those who are) this is the place to post your most favorite moments from the September game! Anyone is welcome to post these, and most everyone LOVES to read them! Please share with us!
I had a pretty good game overall, I feel like I didn't do a whole lot, but everything I was involved in was great.

Thank you Emily and Sierra and Jenn in particular for putting together everything with the Merfolk. All of the interactions with Cora, Dolphine, and Celeste were amazing. Shout out to Dan, Zach, and Jim for also having some great NPC roles and interactions there as guards, though I didn't get any of your names. That whole thing was very emotional for Wulfgar, and you all made it feel so real.

Demvarien telling Celeste all about Wulfgar's travels and how you've seen it was great. I wanted to dispute everything you said, but couldn't bring myself to do. It really stood out, and reminded of just how much we've been through together. Thank you for the kind words, and the vote of confidence in Wulfgar. I hope that Wulfgar is able to return the favor someday.

Hanging out with the Warchester crew was a delight. I haven't spent that much time with y'all ever, especially all of you together. Thank you all for the roleplay and being so accommodating, I really enjoyed the time we got to spend together.

Chaining Endure Elements so Koric could get a look at the bottom of that pool was pretty entertaining, if not a bit silly, but I enjoyed in nonetheless.

There's probably more things I'm forgetting right now, but thanks to everyone I got to interact with. The roleplay really made this game shine for me.
My first favorite moment of the event was saturday morning when the white stag originally appeared and chasing it all the way across the site and ending up having rivervale chase/follow me

Second one was definitely being the scions "punching bag" of sorts

And of course when i crossed over and could throw (2) arcane fears (1) eviscerate (4) 80 slays with (2) ripostes was very fun


This event was my first back since April and boy was it worth the trip! Let’s start at the top.
  • So many new players! I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and giving our game a try, if you have any questions now that you’ve gotten a taste of what we’re about please reach out. I can’t wait to see you all again soon!
  • My event started off with a quick little “Before you arrived” mod that went off like clockwork, everyone did exactly what they needed to when they needed to and it came off like we’re almost professionals or something. It was great getting back into the swing of things with some of my favorite people and killing it.
  • Lagarde meeting Archie for the first time was pure comedy, the look of confusion on Archie’s face as he learned what it meant to be “outfoxed” was priceless.
  • Tons of great roleplay this weekend, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. Elwin likes TWO High Ogres now, maybe the old wounds and racism are finally fading.
  • Going out to clean up the border of sneaky Howling Woods residents during the Knight Trial and deciding that it might be my only chance to try out the “Doom Storm” technique. Throwing seven in a fight when you only have four in memory and your stores are full of lifes is a super fun feeling.
  • Speaking of my favorite spell ever the argument over which school of memory strike someone should get with Winter was great. Some people might fear imprisonment, but all who have life fear the Reaper.
  • The absolute highlight of my event was casually mentioning to Alis that I wanted to learn to fight but didn’t want to bother the Scions and others who were sparring. She called over Arlen who then spent a decent portion of his event teaching me how not to suck. THANK YOU so much for taking time out of your event to do this for me, it means a lot and I can’t wait to keep practicing.
  • The second round of sparring in the Tavern was also exceptional. Another big thanks to Kendrick for allowing me to try out the spear and helping me find the style that just fits like a glove (Shield/spear) and the style that fits like a suit tailored for Shaq on me (Short sword/down spear). You guys have solidified my eventual transition to spellsword (Spellspear?) following some slow forging.
  • Getting to catch up with Ember during the Hobgoblin attack. She was one of Elwin’s first friends in New Acarthia, and our morning walks have been missed.
  • Spooky Ghost Mod. So I get pulled off of my crystal smashing group to go on a sneaky suicide mission. Sounds good. Then I find out I’m partially chosen for my good character, which at the time was confusing, but more and more is making sense. So we go out to the middle of the woods into a place where we are told in no uncertain OOG terms “Get caught, there is no fight, you go straight to consequences”. Half our team stays outside the stealth area while half heads in to see what’s up. An hour of creepy distorted little girl singing, red eyes flashing in the darkness, slamming against trees and the occasional screams our people returned with the objective complete. An absolute nightmare fuel mod that I loved. Great job to everyone involved!
  • Brad the Corgi is a gentleman and I enjoy his company. Good loaf doggo.
So many good moments this game. I am already looking forward to October!

*Watching people juggle, and getting the giggles over Knox saying, "All I see is balls. The whole world is made of balls!!"
*Parzivel's completely original and completely hilarious joke.
*Getting to give Brad treats with Peat. <3
*Getting to be included in negotiations (public and private) with Nogra, and all the RP with Knox that happened after. I never thought I'd see the day that Knox and Alis could communicate with facial expressions, but here we are.
*Spending the entire weekend ribbing Archibald Thomasina Thumbis Stillfinger with Arlen and the rest of the Scions. To his great credit, he took it like a champ.
*"Don't die. Or do. It's whatever. I mean, I can fix it, but... will I? No one knows."
*Peat's kiss tax. I enjoyed her forcibly introducing Alis to Sparrow and the extremely awkward conversation that followed wherein poor Sparrow had to endure Alis declaring she just doesn't trust art, anymore, but got to have, 'Well, at least you're not a bard'. :p
*Nytillit coming up with Archie's new middle name.
*The Knighting of Squire Connor. Alis really doesn't care all that much about nobility, but OUT OF CHARACTER, I know Bobby has waited a very long time and I am very happy he finally gets to have this.
*Mistaking a lurking NPC by a tree for Kendrick, asking, 'do you need healing?' and having a voice that was NOT Kendrick reply, 'most definitely'. Sneaksy NPCs.
*Having the only conversation in history with Parzivel where he told me, 'You should probably tell a noble about this', and meant it.
*I always enjoy RPing with Gwen. Although most of the conversations are horrifying.


*Not backing down from a rough disagreement.
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I had a pretty fun weekend!
- Merfolk mod! That was hilarious. Drunk sharks, unrelenting guards (as they should be!), Jax coming back over the hill after we realized he’d disappeared with the baddie! TURTLEEEEE! Over all just really fun!
- Literally everybody asking me if I got found by the Death Elemental who was looking for me. That was hilarious, most people had a vague air of nervousness about it, which I found funny.
- Speaking of Death Elementals! Oh boy! This is gonna be intense, I think lol. Im really looking forward to the rest of the task.
- Gnashers! I lost track of my Rumerian friends, so i got to rush around a bit. Thankfully they were fine!
- A dang hobgob stunned my arms! I had to stop Wulfgar from yoinking my swords by dancing!
- The fire elemental searching around for all the flame marked. Very funny!
- Trying to figure out what was wrong with Jax with Puck, Archie, and Sparrow! That was awesome, and I got to use my Healing Arts!
- Lastly, just getting to hang out with all my friends! You guys are amazing! ❤


* My favorite moment was literally every time I interacted with one of our supportive, creative, tremendous community! You People made my event!
* FIREHAWK!1111!!1111!!!!
* I am part of 2 great teams: Rivervale, and O.G. Plot, and getting ready for, and participating in an event with each of them is a great honor! I can’t share publicly some of the fun moments of writing backstage, but I want to thank Mike Messmer, Darrin Myers, Derek Reed, Dan Begnoche, and Ian Moriarty for their support and collaboration. Thank you for the opportunity to return onstage to play Nogra of the Gnarltusk Clan, and to collaborate on other projects. I love both my teams!
* OOG: By chance being present in Monster Camp when a PC wanted to spread certain rumors. SO EXCITED to help with this, and such a clever and light-hearted move. Props to you, Cool PC!
* Paul: Not able to be present, but not forgotten. Loved your additions to the rumor sheets!
* Rivervale’s focus on Squire Connor! Thank you, everybody, who recognized that taking time our of your event and away from adventure to attend a Knight’s Trial is a gift of your attention and respect to the character, and also the player. Public speaking is scary for most people. I’m so grateful IC and OOC to each of you who attended, and spoke! Thank you also to those for whom that wasn’t your thing, but who attended the Knight’s Vigil on Friday night to give Connor some special moments. Mike took a bunch of photos from Connor’s knighting ceremony, and it was such an honor to put together recognition for years of character effort. Very well deserved honors for Connor! And I loved seeing him cry a few times while so moved by emotion of his character journey. All of this inclusively is what LARP is super about for me.
* Inducting Aneira into the Court of Rivervale as an official team member!
* Ryan’s cooking!!!! 4/5! Lots of great talks with either Ryan and/or Vandathron through the weekend in our cabin – Also: special mention to Vandathron’s kimono
* Speaking of Corinthus brothers, Squire Demvarien – “What do you mean ‘you people’??” with special guests from Warchester: Cynder, Finn, Ember (Got some good Cynder moments this weekend that were very refreshing)
* Jeff’s honeyed voice, and an incredible song he wrote about the lore of our game, character histories, and love for Baron Pike whom we never even met while living (and a distant shout-out to Porch in thanks for spending time with us in the early game developing those histories and lore)
* Getting to play Nogra of the Gnarltusk Clan once more on Friday night. So much good roleplay and depth of character out there among the PCs! I love the ongoing interactions with some of you who’ve met with Nogra many times, and also among some first introductions this past weekend (Arlen, new extended interaction with Demvarien and others). I value the privacy of NPC encounters, so let me just offer the public blanket that you were entertaining me with the depth of your characterization and interaction throughout the event (you know who you are!), and thank you all.
* So many moments of silent communication between Mac & me, or Darius & Kate! We were in sync!
* Winter: Prison down!
* Cassie 4 Gnasher Queen 4Life… srs, love the gnashers! Tiny glass cannons with great roleplay and cute atmosphere.
* SPARROW. Interacting with Sparrow. Witnessing the glory that is her art and creativity. Such a delight! Welcome to our game, and I hope you had a pleasurable visit, and please let us know how we can help make it smooth for you to return!
* All the new players! All the awesome new players most of whose names I have forgotten except for Dimas, America, and Raven, because they made it easy! Pretty high orc lady, Nice braids woman, Cool blonde braids guy, Sparrow, Constantine here for his first full weekend, Enthusiastic Glasses Guy, NPC With Awesome Handshake, and NPC Who May Be Named After A Gem! (And any others I am too tired to even attempt at identifying.) I was happy to make your acquaintance, and I hope you had an entertaining visit, and let us know how to involve you more!
* Good Squire Moments with Squire Demvarien and Squire Rory, and some conversations with both and each
* Finally getting to express my joy to Lumi about her upcoming marriage to Sir Kendrick, and the start of talks of taking a Lady’s title in Rivervale, and giving her the cool key I picked up at DragonCon just for this.

Good closure to Dame Kate's season, and I look forward to reuniting with all of Lola's friends next event!

Trace Moriarty
This was a fantastic event all around. Whenever our wonderfully hardworking plot and npcs were busy keeping others entertained, there was tons of wonderful players and social roleplay opportunities to engage in. Some of my favorite things from this event included:
  • Getting to meet all of the new players and help teach them what I could. I spent way more gold this event than I probably should have, but seeing Malachi, Aylish, and Kali smiling with their new magic item afterwards was well worth it.
  • My adventure into the forests late at night to teach some of the new eager players about herbal lore and alchemy. I was told several times before I left that I dont have to "teach" a skill by the rules anymore, but the chance to roleplay Brom as the alchemist and mushroom farmer he is was well worth braving the cold wind.
  • The adventure with the bats in the cave. I always love the sheet cave adventures.
  • Taking the new destined to the wayfarers cabin to gear up for battle. The wayfarers were so kind and I greatly appreciated all the help.
  • The tea party and stories on the wayfarers porch gave me another chance to learn about other characters outside of battle, and to spend time relaxing. (Also the food was phenomenal)
  • Belswin and his usual antics <3
  • Getting up early to pick flowers in the sun with Aylish
  • After the sunday adventure, when Sir Kendrick was doing the loot splits. "Brom, look at that. You arent a new player anymore"
  • Feeling like I'm starting to find my place in the world, between all of the groups, guilds, and other things.
Last but not least, thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday. You are all so kind and welcoming, love you all.


This event was a refreshing splash of cool water to the face <3 it's been awhile since I've gotten to be so social and busy with things at an event. But I also managed to find some time to go and just meditate for a little. Gosh what a delightful event, y'all have given me some serious R&R before my next KS event this upcoming weekend.

A few of my favorites:
  • Chatting with Madrigal and Jax on the patio about elemental shennanigans
  • Our weird linked arms to go check out the bottom of a lake and sharing endure elements to help Korric see what was down there.
  • Hanging out with Jax and investigating some of the weirdness going on in his insides.
  • TACOS!!! OMG the food was so tasty thank you so much Dia!!
  • I also really noticed how many crossed over this game to help out, it was amazing getting to fight against so many friends so often, somehow I feel like I kept running into Jim as various NPCs trying to munch on me. Thanks for the tough fights!!
  • During the Merfolk city, there was some really awesome roleplay with the NPCs whose names I unfortunately did not catch, but getting to chat at the gates and in the city was so enjoyable. Girls you also did an AMAZING job with that whole plot line. you must have spent SO much time on all of those props! Seriously one of the best encounters I've had in my larping career! Thank you so much for the adventures and roleplay, I hope we can see more of that!
  • Fixing the town's water supply with no one really knowing it was ever a problem felt pretty darn good too <3

OH MY GOD< I also forgot to mention the flame cultist coming upstairs and just staring down and looking grumpy at me!! I was giggling so hard inside at the encounter. Those abs though *swoon* ;)


I was glad to be back in New Acarthia. It had been too long! This felt like a very light event, activity-wise, but I still feel like I did a lot, lol. Here's a couple of favored moments:
- When Doomwing asked where Baron Wolsey was, and Baron Darius responded with "He's on a classic adventure".... and then Cynder added "It's Wow, amazing".... the pun was so strong that we all broke down laughing.
- The Lost City mod. It was fun, there was a strong level of "oh ****" when things got tough, and I loved reading the lore. I hope more purpose comes from that plotline...
- The sneaky-sneaky Sark-Crystal cleansing mod. Sitting there with disarms and watching as Kobolds run out of shield and weapon and stand there going "byeeee" before running away was actually fun. Distracting baddies while Roberts backstabbed people was amazing.
- The return of "All hail Snugrasil" while our group was huddled in the cold.
- Getting to have fun debating politics and armistices regarding Nogra with some nobles. I learned a lot more in that one day than I've learned in sometimes months regarding some aspects of Acarthian Culture. Was a lot of fun.
- Deciphering runes! Yeah it sounds simple, but I don't get to do that very often, and I love it.


I did shockingly little this event, but still managed to rack up a few stellar moments that are worth sharing. :)

PCing (definite minority of my time):
  • Town freaks out because the duchess has been possessed. I have no info whatsoever and am fairly confused, but then get asked to tell a group what's happening. All I could think of was an old Buffy episode and blurted out, "The duchess is possessed...must be Saturday." Whoops. Long pause followed by people laughing almost to tears. Always happy to make people laugh. :D
  • Yay Sir Connor! So happy for him, even if I feel obligated to test his oaths. Speaking of testing his oaths...Connor asking for Lagarde's help with loot splits, and what that entails. Sorry/notsorry for showing you what you're up against out there. I'm really not a bad person. Just showing you what the bad people will do. Really!
  • Bickering with Lumi in general, and more specifically about snuggles and/or Blue. You're a good sport Mandi. <3
  • The never-ending harassment of Tiny (aka, Doomwing/Mike). I'm so gonna get incinerated.
  • Not anything I did, but loved to hate the big fight between Darrin/Donavan and Mike/Kendrick. Hopefully no one's blood pressure went up, but that was intense!
  • The flame cultist. So happy to see Chris again!
  • I can't say enough good things about getting to hang out with Kavi and Nick again. Missed you guys.

  • Merfolk mod: Had an absolute blast with the PCs on this one. These kind of mods are hugely meaningful for a few individuals, but can drag on for everyone else in the group. So glad we had some instigators to get everyone involved and prod our sharkfolk into causing trouble. Sorry to anyone whose shield/weapon/head ended up in my mouth. ^_^
  • Hobgoblins: Always love sneaking around causing mischief (who knew?). Kudos to Torg for being a good sport when the mysterious person outside asked for help...only to turn out to be a hobgoblin. Pro use of Resolute there!
  • Also hobgoblins: Getting eaten by gnashers while PCs hang back and watch me scream and flail...thanks guys. ;)
  • Also also hobgoblins: Rogue killing rogue killing rogue...Kendrick done ninja'd me good.
  • To everyone on both sides of the Spooky Woods Mod, thank you so much. I'm a huge fan of doing those type of mods and seeing the joy/fear/panic in people's faces made it all worthwhile. Might have to do more of those in the future if there's interest. Kudos to NPCs: Emily, Sierra, John F, Eric, the Blair Witch, many many dementors, and the haunted loot bag. Kudos to PCs: Mike P, Jon, Mark, Jack, and Ian.
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Got more time with my brother than usual. I kinda forget that's one of the things I love about LARPing the most.
Great Scion time.
Lumi. Also, hooking Lumi up.
Sparring with Cryn.
Sparring with Knox.
Sparring with.... :( Maybe next time.
Team fighting in the Tavern.
Derek Reed!
Mike the "Big Guy" who is going to "Take all your stuff"
"Knock knock". Especially when Arlen threw me under the Darius bus.
Thumbis. From our first interaction to our last, a lot changed.
Waiting for the lights to go out one by one. Cold rain made it better.
Arguing with the missus.
Circle time.
Listening to Zak's play by play of Arlen trying to find a pan.
Learning new knots.
Hollow Dawn Rules-Committee and Breakfast Club
"Disarm Shield" "Intercept!" "But you don't have a ..... ohhhhhh."
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I really love my weekend with friends storming the castles and fighting together <3
  • Finally staying in Warchester with our guests! So awesome! It is in fact as great as you would expect.
  • Watching the race change ritual for Cryn by Darius. I've never seen a Darius ritual like that and it was so cool. I'm envious of people who are able to be that creative with words on the fly. Well done and it was an honor to be invited.
  • Popping out to hear Nogra and at one point having Cynder try and have Lumi be the voice for Warchester. Noped right out.
  • Snarking in the background with various friends during Nogra's convo. Seems sketchy.
  • Mage's Guild meetings. While we may not get as drunk as we used to I still love the guild meets. And we still keep the cuddle piles going, it i only going to get worse with Ember :p
  • First fight was fun, I shouldve blown more of Lumi's load though.
  • Black Sphinx. Lumi is never going to participate but it was great to be the voice of Reason (Looking at you Dem). Deciding to get Parzival (Thanks Zak) Just to have what I deserve and Ember shows up. Fynn agrees to sponsor Constantine knowing damn well the 4 Sylvan women were not going to like it. Chaos aplenty which is exactly what Ian plans. Well done. Sorry Constantine. This family doesn't just express pass you in. Sorry not sorry for Punishing Ember.
  • OH MY GOD. STOP AMNESIA-ING THE POOR BOY. IT CANNOT BE GOOD FOR HIS BRAIN. It is done. No more. But the convo that happened multiple times about how maybe we should stop doing it.
  • Being back with the team and company. I really enjoyed Having Dem and Wulfgar around. As well as the obvious Cryn/Lyari
  • All the food was good, but holy crap tacos. I got out of order here. But jeez. So good.
  • That new shower house. I like feeling not bad about being a responsible adult. It is so shiny and new and awesome.
  • All of the new players! But especially Sparrow she won my heart with that amazing ink drawing. Your talent is breathtaking.(Also still want to commission a drawn version of a Bella Donna book)
  • Mod! Chris was a delight, as were all the other howling woods folks. I don't do mods too much lately since I usually save up for town battles but I was glad to have gone on an adventure.
  • Watching sparring and eventual participation. Thanks Parzival way to hook a gal up ;)
  • Porch time with all my friends. I kind of love the outdoor seating for talking and sparing.
  • Hasslin the husbando.
  • I was sad not to hear Cryn's song but it was fun to follow him around for a bit.
  • I was pretty amused that by midday Constantine had a change of heart. Best of luck becoming our not mortal enemy.
  • OOOH Friday night knowing exactly who someone was looking for! I love when I'm actually aware enough of stuff to be helpful.
  • Chris! What a joyous delight he was and hot ;) as that flame guy.
  • TACOS. Yum
  • Sad to have missed the knighting ceremony because those showers were sooo awesome. Cograts Connor!! I'm so glad I've gotten to see so many of the squires move up in the world. Lumi's opinions have definitely shifted over time.
  • Dame Kate's gift. It is so beautiful. Thank you! Now to finishing school.
  • The gnasher fight was super awesome. Creepy and just enough poking at the defenses we had set up to make it interesting.
  • All the juggling and games to keep us busy while teams started going out. I hated that I brought my cloak to game but i left it in the cabin.
  • Being on a stealth mod. I like to think I'm fairly quiet but they are always so scary to start. I'm sad we didn't stick around for the treasure. But all hail snugrasil. Mike making us move while in formation was hilarious. Also Dia apparently sneaking into our ranks.
  • Getting to tell Lagarde that foxes are OUT. Deer are in.
  • TEAM TIME I'm sad the Baron wasn't there but having a drunk Dem and talking together was great. I really love and had missed it.
  • Also sneaking into Snacky Time :)
  • THE CAT. and BRAD they are super great additions to this site.
  • Sunday being the last team on purpose because people understand you gotta feed the Lumi or face the hanger.
  • Chasing Cryn around. Jeff is such a great sport about it :)
I didn't get involved in too much plot this weekend but I had an amazing time with friends and look forward to October and seeing different versions of my friends :) Thanks to everyone who helps make things go smoothly for the game and bending over backwards to help PC enjoyment.

I know I'm missing stuff but I can't figure out what.


Ritual with Darius (Racial Transformation). Mac used Tarot cards as part of the ritual, and they did a great job of matching our expectations. Major Arcana cards kept popping out. A few of them...
Cryn's "foundation": "The Hanged Man" Whoa... yeah. Calidan died so I could be here.
Cryn's "past": "Death." Ok, now the cards are just ******* with us.
Representing Cryn: "The Magician" - An intellectual, who happened to be juggling in the card's artwork.
Really fun!

Race change: I need to do some work to lock down the ears and horns (I didin't realize how much sweat and combat would be a threat to them). BUT... lots of great interactions with people asking "Hey... umm, is there something different here?" Thanks to Lumi and Lyari for being my "Welcome to Sylvanborn" committee. Oh... I also got 6 bonus Resist Commands and 6 bonus Break Commands for the weekend, which was totally fun. "I'm a Super Sylvanborn! Bring it!"

Singing a custom-written song. As a thank you to Rivervale for selling the ritual and catalyst "at cost" I took a melody I love, rewrote lyrics for it, and somewhat rearranged it musically. The song commemorates the late Baron of Rivervale (Baron Nathaniel Worden, known as Baron Pike to many). For this occasion I also started playing ukulele for the first time. Overall I'm really proud of the lyrics, the song arrangement and the ukulele accompaniment. I sang it for Rivervale late Friday night, and it was a really great moment. There were a few folks I wish could have been there, but it all came together really well.

Sparring with Cynder. Much his surprise, Cryn loves sparring. Like a lot. (I'm always game to spar anytime. Please ask!) Cryn has fighting skills that came with this body (long story, yours for the asking). The joy of physical exertion and testing your skills against others is excellent. To get a special request from the amazing Guildmistress Cynder was extra fun and we had a great time.

Sparring and testing with the Tath School. What better way to test your skills than with the renown Tath Fighting School. There may always be some awkwardness in interacting with those that knew and loved Calidan, but it seems those are surmountable. Thank you, Kendrick, Parzivel, Nytilit, and Arlen. (Bonus thanks to Zak. Can't wait to think about my back foot the next chance I get to spar).

Scaring the bees outta Lyari. So, we're off in the Lost City. There is a passage only accessible to narrow who will crawl through, but the monsters seem to be cleared out. Cryn and Lyari volunteer to investigate. We go in. It is dark and we have a single candle (thanks to Ivaletta). We search, and search, and search. There are all kinds of things, but nothing valuable. We explore a room with piles of stuff that could easily hide creatures. We are quiet, we are wary... and then "AAAAAAAH!!!" Cryn yells and makes bug-eyes at Lyari. Oh man... I scared that boy so hard his ears turned white. Oh. Such absurd parental joy... I'm going to live on that one for a long time. Sure, he keeps saying "I hate you" whenever I mention it, but maybe he can see a healer or a Biata and get that fixed?

Snugrasil. I've only heard stories about the origins of Snugrasil, but I have now officially basked in his protective embrace. Thank you, Warchester, for bringing me along. Sorry I got corrupted. Sorry I didn't notice any treasure. Glad we survived and completed our mission! [OOG: Really excellent mod. Very atmospheric, somewhat open-ended, well statted. Great work Plot and NPCs. The wait was rough, but the rest was great!]

Many, many great interactions with so many folks: Winter, Feyender, Sparrow, LumiLumi, Brom, Blaidrym (passing!)

And, as always, big love for everyone who makes myself and Owen so welcome in this amazing community.

Oh... and I'm sorry I forgot things. I totally did. Not sure what, at the moment.