September 2nd-5th; Long Weekend Event in South Michigan!

Alliance South Michigan is having a Labor Day Long Event!

September 2nd through the 5th at a new, and amazing, campsite!!

Location: MUCC Cedar Lake Outdoor Center, 2500 Pierce Rd, Chelsea MI 48118

Cedar Lake Camp sleeps 80 people in 5-10 cabins (as needed), most of which are heated and have electricity. All of the cabins have bunks with mattresses and there are large NEW bath houses with toilets and hot showers. There is also a fully functional tavern building! The camp is very big and has trails, fields, woods, and a lake.

Costs are as follows:

PC: $75 for the full 3 day weekend

Directions: To get to the camp you take 94 (east or west) to exit 157 (Pierce Road) head north (straight) on Pierce. Drive past Cavanaugh Lake road. The Camp will be less than a mile past Cavanaugh Lake on left. Cedar Lake Camp. It is about 20 mins west of Ann Arbor.

All level of PCs are welcome! We do not currently have a level cap in South Michigan.

Tavern food will be $20 per person and will include food for the entire weekend! The lovely Beck Fleming will be running the tavern for this event.

If you have any questions, email!

Cant wait to see you all there!

Re: September 2nd-5th; Long Weekend Event in South Michigan

At Rob's request, I have removed the replies from this post.

If you have any questions or comments that pertain to our upcoming long event, please post them here.


Re: September 2nd-5th; Long Weekend Event in South Michigan

As a plot guy, I just want to put in my request for some travelers to visit and help us challenge the PCs. We have a great NPC core but we are pulling out all the stops for this event. More bodies make for more mods, and more fun. So if you want to come swing pipe over labor day, come join monster camp for a weekend. Of course, if your choice is PC or NPC, the correct answer is to PC. The town needs all the help they can get. :twisted:

If you have a few friends that are going, but you can't swing the cost or whatever come NPC. All you need to buy is food, and Becky serves up hot awesome for every meal. You're going to be sore and hate us on Tuesday but the weekend will be worth it.

See you in September,
Somi Plot Guy
Re: September 2nd-5th; Long Weekend Event in South Michigan

Is this replacing the event later in the month?


Re: September 2nd-5th; Long Weekend Event in South Michigan

Yes, this event does replace the September 9th-11th event.

Due to the, hopefully, larger than normal volume of players, it would be super helpful if those planning to attend would pre-register. This will help things run smoother and faster at check in as well as give Becky a heads-up for purchasing food.

To pre-register, please send an e-mail to with the following information:

1. Player name
2. Character name
3. Home chapter (if not SoMi)
4. Are planning to PC or NPC (if you are NPC-ing skip to #10)
5. How you wish to spend any free build (If you are from SoMi I can e-mail you back with an exact number at your request)
6. List of spells for the weekend (this can be changed at Saturday and/or Sunday logistics so don't worry about being stuck)
7. List of magic item effects (ex: cloak gift 2/d, etc)
8. How you want to spend production if you have any
9. If you want to spend goblin stamps on anything and if so, how you want to spend them
10. If you plan on eating tavern food

If you are traveling from another chapter please have your logistics staff e-mail your character card to the above e-mail address.

E-mails need to be submitted by midnight on Monday, August 29th to receive 30 goblin stamps and a smile from me at check in. Later submissions will only receive the smile.

Thank you and I hope to see many new faces in September,
(I hope to see familiar ones too, I hear we might be fighting a dracolich)
Head of Logistics SoMi
Re: September 2nd-5th; Long Weekend Event in South Michigan

Looks like I'll have to give my vacation days the old switchero then. Thanks for the quick response.