September 9-11 Pre-Registration List


Crossroads Staff
Please remember to get your name on that list by the Monday before the event. After that, door prices apply and you may not have your character information ready to go Friday night. So don't wait, get your info in now!

Also remember to pre-reg if you're NPC'ing! It helps us plan out the events knowing who and how many people we have in our monster camp so we can make the event that much more awesome.

If your name is bold it means we need your cashhhhh.
If your name has a asterisk* after it, it means we have your cashhh, but need you to pre-logist.
If your name is Red you are on the wait list.

You can pre-logist and pay here: Alliance Deadlands Pre-Registration
Go do it! Do it now!

We are keeping our 3:1 PC:NPC ratio for this season's events!
In the event that we are short on NPCs and have to put PCs onto a waitlist, PC's who have not paid will be bumped onto the waitlist. PLEASE make sure to send in your payments and fill out the form so logistics can take care of setting up for the weekend. If there is a section of the form that you aren't sure about, do your best to fill in the appropriate information. Our logistics staff is more than happy to assist you in tweaking things after the fact rather than not getting any information ahead of time.

Thank you!

Any questions? Shoot them my way at and I will help you out!

Pre-Registration List

  1. Dan B
  2. Brian D
  3. Evan T
  4. Sean C
  5. Loren W
  6. James R
  7. Mike G
  8. Nick C
  9. Ryan B
  10. Andrew R
  11. Chris G
  1. Sean M*
  2. Samara M*
  3. Deb W*
  4. Stacey B
  5. Meghan K
  6. Brian B*
  7. Jess Br*
  8. Dustin S*
  9. Kris K
  10. Eddie D
  11. Bill H
  12. Jen R
  13. Gary M
  14. Melissa G
  15. Mark S
  16. Ray R
  17. Nathan K
  18. Albert L
  19. Rachel D
  20. Illana N
  21. Susie G
  22. David D
  23. Ashley T
  24. Adam C
  25. Thomas R
  26. James H*
  27. Tim C
  28. Justin L
  29. Jess Be
  30. Ashley T
  31. Will K
Wait List:

Available Spaces: 2

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Just paid, but for some reason PayPal was not feeling my attempts to add a note saying I was paying for this event. So: I PAID FOR THIS EVENT!


Pre logistics done....will pay a little closer to the event.

- Matt K.
I have a medical conference in Boston I can't get out of. Sorry.



Im paid and sent my prelogist message. Hoping to be on the list.



Paid and pre-logged! I'll see if I can trick*coughcough* I mean persuade anyone to come NPC for the weekend so I can play!


New Hampshire Staff
Paid!! (Pay-pal via Michael Guarino is for Nikhujo, sorry I didn't see a place to add that note.) and pre-logisted!!

Grumpy cheetah gonna try to show up! Let the scheming for NPC recruitment begin! Hahah :)


New Hampshire Staff
MIKE IS GONNA COME NPC, WOOOO YEAH! He told me he registered earlier today!! :D :D


Moar NPCs makes more better... it is known.


Yeah, so I'm not going to make the event. So you can take my name off and fill it with someone else.
Have a great event!

Matt K.


Crossroads Staff
Yeah, so I'm not going to make the event. So you can take my name off and fill it with someone else.
Have a great event!

Matt K.
Sorry you won't be able to join us. Thank you for letting us know!


Ummm My name seems to have disappeared off the list. Was on the list. Paid, Pre logisted. So Ummm. typo? I hope?
I think Mark got accidentally deleted when I pulled out Matt K and Mike L. It's a lot of four letter names beginning with M. I fixed it earlier but neglected to explain. All my fault.


Whew! Thank you! Had me nervous.


Crossroads Staff
Paid and pre-logsted and I'm bringing a new NPC he will send his in this afternoon
Did you fill out the pre-logist form? I did not see it come through. Would you mind filling it out again for us? Thanks!