NEPA Staff
Wow what a super story filled event. Tension and heroism and depth oh my. Please please please take the time to post your favorites and let us all know what moments made the weekend for you on both sides of the fence.

Lanna Rose

I had so much dun this weekend.

Thank you to the other 5 Cast members and our fence jummper! You guys rocked everything we needed you to do.

Being able to come up with random ideas for nightmare/dream mods. I hope everyone had as much fun doing them as I did creating them.

Red and Lanaus! Love that dynamic.

My Imladari friends! Love you two. I love how we are always on the same page. And Cass and your seed planting! Ahhhhh!

PATCHES! It's so fun to play her!

Tonya and Craig! I know there was some OOG bleed over but DAMN! That was amazing to watch and it felt so real!

I had a blast this weekend. I hope everyone else did too.
Ok here goes

The Squad we head in Monster Camp (though unsure if I should be mad or happy you forgot to wake me up after my dinner nap Saturday!)

Getting to RP as Jonothan again with Shya.

Playing one of the humanoid constructs that started in the module and then unintentionally became a one man wave battle in the town.

Getting to put out 99% of the write up for the weekend despite everything.

Getting thumbs up for more roleplay then combat during the event.

Holy **** the food!


Plot: Rocked it for working with so little. Tons of personal plot and thinking outside the box.

NPCS and Fence hoppers: Great job and thank you for helping to entertain us.

I was slightly worried about how this event would turn out with the numbers and was totally blown away how it turned out.

PCs: Lots of RP. Good stuff. Learning character motivations and getting to see how people react.

All and all a good event.