September Event Favorites


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Chicago Staff
Let's get em started because I had a blast this event.

While I normally don't crown an absolute favorite moment, I have to for this event. When we were interrogating the one of the Barbarian raiders (Emma A) the moment of understanding between the two of us that reduced me to tears. Some of the best RP I've had in a really long time. Shout out to Nate and Carrie for the plot that made that happen!

With that out of the way here are my continued favorites in no particular order.

  • The Amon fight! Intense, suitably challenging, and above all else, very clean! Nice job Tristan for making it great despite the fact that it was a 1 v 7 for most of the mod.
  • Reviving the Bear Totem by withstanding its full power alongside my fellow Barbarians.
  • While it technically was on the way home and not at the event, hearing about what a good time the new player I had brought to the game had as well as hearing about what he had done.
  • The Were-Turtle-Bat convention.
  • Receiving my belt and becoming a Squire. Its been a goal of mine for quite some time.
  • The conversation with Wild Rose. "Do not kneel because they are strong. Kneel because you are strong." (Good to see you again Connor!)
  • The Company and their food! Make me your poster boy, I love your cooking.
  • The 'Voice-of-Legion' effect when the seven who slayed Amon spoke our wishes.
  • Dang guys we got a bunch of stuff done. Good job everyone!
  • Pint, "I fix kettles and pots. Maybe brew a bit too."
  • Agate and Ractor finally noticing that I was marked and jumping me to fix me.
  • Wrestling Iggy. Ya had me on the ropes there!
I'm sure there are many more that I'm forgetting too. Thanks for a great game everyone!


I normally do not post favorites for an event I run as I have many amazing moments with different folks and do not want to call out just one or two of the many many amazing moments. This event is no different. I love running game for all of you and find players new and old to consistently push the game to excellence.

But have to call out four specific moments. In no particular order.

-Having my entire plot team for an event!!! One of us is always missing cause of real life, and it was amazing to have everyone.
-The squire Q&A plus belting so much good rp involving a good number of people all off the cuff! Kudos to all involved!
-The vornae deep talks and stahn revahn saying hello....very enjoyable and nice to see new plays get tossed in the deep end and float-even swim!
-Breakfast ramen...I honestly had my doubts about it on a raw conceptual level...but it was fantastic and easily one of my favorite larp breakfasts ever!


Wisconsin Staff
You guys made me so happy to be back!!! Health issues are getting so much better, I feel like myself again and y'all brought me back to life again. So thank you for having a great game.

My favorites for the event...

The barbarian attack and the interrogation that followed. Some amazing RP went down. And I'm glad to see this game finally come to a head with it. Emma, you rocked it!

Also, Emma's golden elf diva. Simply amazing!

The food was great. The ramen looked deceiving but it was SOOOO good. I was hording it in the npc camp fridge.

The intro mod for the newer players, it's great seeing new comers. And I loved all of your rps!

There's some great costumes going around too! Nice job guys!

Great seeing all of you again! Can't wait for the next one!!

Carrie Baine


Was a fun weekend! Thanks NPC's for all you guys did

in no particular order:

  • Vanya's allergies to the chaos tree
  • Sorrow Elementals and Wild Rose
  • The look on Shen's face when he walked in the door as we were waiting for elementals,
  • Valentio as he walked in the trapped door and everyone yelled for him to stop
  • Using a bow was a nice change of pace for me.


That trap on the door was hilarious. :)

It was great to get back out to Chicago and see a bunch of folks I haven't played with in a long time, even if I slept a bit more than planned and missed out on a few good mods.

My all-around favorite for the weekend was getting to see Magic Storms used to proper effect again. That was a great job!


Just being back at it was great.

  • While Rose didn't like the conversation with the soon-to-be squires, Conor thought the RP was great.
  • "Don't mess with fluid pockets"
  • Fire and Dispair and the fact that CO Torturer was able to break Sorrow
  • Summoning people through dance
  • Paste of Stickiness + Were-Turtle = dead Were-Turtle
    • The were-bat and were-turtle meeting is over there


Better late than never I suppose.
It was good to play in Chicago again, seeing plenty of old friends and meeting lots of new ones. Some of my favorite moments;

-Did the Fae princess hang up on a whispering winds, like "Fine Dad, Click!", was there a click? Do teenagers these days even know the sound it makes when you physically hang up a phone with a handset?
-The look on Wild Rose's face when he learned that, yes, aging cider in whisky barrels is a "thing". My daughter got the same look when an actual firetruck was at her friends 3rd birthday party.
-Binks "Pint, you'"
Pint "Yeah, for a fat guy"
Binks "No like really fast, I didn't expect you to be, like, fast"
-Magic Storms versus the elementals. I really got a decent core workout just from bending to pick up packets. Probably should've lifted with the legs.
-That face when the Fae King can't figure out how to respond to me telling him that I fix pots, pans, and kettles for a living.

Overall it was a pretty great event, I'm looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks!

-Josh C