September Event Favourites (No Rest)

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Best Deadlands event of the season.

- Everything Roman. Justin Ledbetter is a ******* boss. I love this character and I love playing with him.
- Surprise Anyon visit whaaaaaaat.
- Roleplay with Heresy and Keely respectively. Character development ahoy.
- Playing Vox Anaxion. The little one-on-one scene with Keely afterwards. Sorry about some stuff, Keely.
- The Necali fight that I wish had gone on longer because man that would have been wonderful/terrible.
- Squire 2.0. If you told me ten years ago that Sevaria would be a knight with a dark elf squire, I would have laughed at you. Everything about that scene was on point and wonderful. Sean Chase is baller.
- Seeing Lauren, Ali, and Tori. So many reunions.
- Having a full force Hunter team for the event. It's been awhile since I saw ravens rolling in a pack. Love it, love you guys.

On a random and more important note, being in camp Saturday night was everything the Alliance could and should be: plot and plot members from all over the East Coast collaborating creatively to make awesome moments happen. We've been calling ourselves "Alliance" for a long time but very rarely see the meaning of that word shine through in a way that's tangible. I hope it keeps happening.

I will likely not be there next event, so thanks for the awesome season, Deadlands crew. See you next season. <3


Crossroads Staff
You can thank the snotty baby sleeping next to me for giving me the time today to sit and write down my favorites.

Had an absolutely fantastic weekend. A huge thank you to the Deadlands plot team, cross-chapter plot collaborators, NPC team, and all of the players I interacted with this event. It was all so good.

The favorites:
- The unspoken Hunt sister support. All the family, always family first.
- Falling into character almost completely for most of the weekend. It was amazing to let go and just let Aisling take over for a weekend.
- Almost losing my mind in a panic freak out Friday night when Evan and nightmares attacked the tavern. That goddamn face, Evan...
- Fighting and killing my dog with Roman. Horrible.
- Getting to debut Alyssa's daughter in a phased out nightmare. "Hey Meg, you wanna play Illyana for an encounter and make Kate real sad?" "Heck yes, I do!"
- Having Tori back on the field. Damn, I missed fighting with that girl.
- Sneaking up behind Vox Anaxion with Roman, having her turn around, chase us down, and promptly KB my ***. I asked for that.
- RP with Roman and having a celestial scholar as backup support on the field. Who knew?
- Spending time in-character talking things out with people and processing some inner turmoil. I love working the mental gears into place and letting this character evolve.
- Fighting along side Zen and Sevaria with Alyssa running behind. Hunt girl squad is fierce.
- Roman and Aisling started the Vox Anaxion fight by themselves on the wrong side of the field when they all showed up. I was concerned.
- Watching all of the RP that went on this weekend. So many good moments to watch and be a part of.

So much more, Thank you all for a great weekend. Looking forward to next month!
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Oh man, that was a really, really good weekend.

-All the new PC's I met.
-I am seconding all things Roman. MVP of the weekend.
-Dying under a bush. That was actually really funny.
-The level of playfulness despite the overwhelming sad. That was surprising and really, really nice.
-Heresy betting Anja all his shares of the Hunt Treasury that he could go the rest of the gather without making a dirty joke. (Which he did, or at least said he did.)
-Evan's nightmare being so awful and terrifying that I forgot he was Evan for a hot minute.
-Curtis and Anja's Moonsong house turning into a downright sleepover party.
-Watching Surion get his belt.
-Reverie becoming utterly perplexed by Anja's mink furs.

NPC's and plot, you were exceptionally amazing this go-round. I am really excited for October.


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-Curtis and Anja's Moonsong house turning into a downright sleepover party.
That's my fault. Aisling wanted to keep checking in on Dark and with all of the crap that was going on, she was keeping Roman close. Humans gotta stick together. Aisling is very appreciative of yours and Curtis' hospitality!:D

On another note in regards to Ais' evolution as a character: trusting and reaching out to people; it's a new thing and I'm honestly surprised to see it happening, but I dig it. Lovin' the Moonsong crew and her Thelucian nerd.
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(Which he did, or at least said he did.)
Neither Keely nor Tova would have been able to refrain from gleefully reporting my failure...

My favorite moments:

1) "Strike him down then. The real Vry would trust me, not him."
Three blows...
Three parries...
Weapons sheathed, nothing left to say.

2) "We should probably get handfasted then."
"Was that supposed to be a proposal?"
"Or whatever, get married or some sh*t."
"That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me."

3) Improv sleepover and giggling till 6:00 am


I had a wonderful time despite my sickness and even the rain didn't get me down. Still pretty woozy on the cold meds, so hope this all makes sense!

~Seeing so many players I haven't seen in a long time!

~Girl time. Then girl time part 2 (now with more Vry). I love my girls! Hopefully next time it won't be interrupted by suddenly being underwater in a nightmare.

~Zehn embarrassing me almost every time she talked about me to someone. I don't know what I did to earn your trust so much but I'm honored.

~Tova being my cuddle buddy during the event. Perfect for a chilly gather!

~Confrontations with fake Chithiss. Sorry to make you cry fake Chithiss.

~Squeeing inside as Heresy and Sevaria continue to build on their relationship. Too bad our discussion on it was interrupted by STUPID NECALLI and the apocalypse.

~Roman's nightmare is all fun and games, till he goes and kills a kid. Actually that ending was especially traumatic when I remembered our conversation from the day before in which he made an offhand comment about how it's a horrible idea to teach eight year olds to flame bolt.

~Heresys worst nightmare. Vry seeming a little smug upon learning what part of it was.

~Seeing Surion become a Childe and his fight's effect on Sevaria.

~ Pulling the sneak in the dark skiddadle from the tree line by the circle to the tavern more than once this event in desperate situations. Once with Sevaria and once with Tova and Koi when we were alone in the tavern when the Vox Annaxion nightmare started. Worked every time thankfully.

~There's a Vox Annaxion. It's played by Kelsey. Yup, nightmares achieved. Also Kelsey, you looked damn perfect.

~Essentially being so angry at the situation of being in a nightmare with a Vox Annaxion that I turned to Sashi and said let's go rift to the circle alone together. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!

~Evan's wonderful description of where I was during my solo encounter with the Vox setting the mood perfectly, Sashi saving my *** when I was so overwhelmed I couldn't remember the incant out"Sashi, I'm under a lot of stress, ok?!". Having a tense verbal spat with Vox Annaxion and then learning maybe I shouldn't have mouthed off to her because she FOLLOWED ME BACK.

~Thauphideon and Greer(?) the messenger. Cross chapter plot ahoy!

~Tensions with Thauphidian from the last several months building to the breaking point that I finally snapped at him, then spent about ten minutes swearing at him under my breath. Surprisingly, he apologized after that and then dropped a ton of sadness in my lap. Curtis being nearby and offering help if anything was needed was actually what I needed in that moment, even though I couldn't say anything, and kept me from breaking down.

~Consuming realities and creating them. Now hopefully I never have to say those incants again (or at the speed of something like 30 times per minute).

~And honestly, just all the nice talks with everyone over the gather. Helping to figure out clues to bigger puzzles or even just talking about our IG pets. The small moments are just as important as the big, and I felt so immersed this event. Thanks to everyone who interacted with me even with all my sniffles and coughs.



Oh man, lots of good ones this event. First of all, thank you to staff, NPCs, and players for helping me jump right back into things. It feels great to be back, and it feels even better knowing I can and will be back more now that things are less all busy all the time.

- Friday night crying man funtimes. People's reaction to the RP, and the genuine dread different nightmares brought to them.
- Aisling's nightmare. Barghasts are super-fun.
- The reaction to the nightmare mechanic taking place on Saturday. Seeing that develop was friggin' awesome.
- Holy crap, holy crap the vigil mod. I've never NPC'd or PC'd one before, and seeing it happen was intense.
- The Elosdi birth. Everyone's reaction to it was A+.
- Nightmare fiiiights! Gary getting berserked by me while he was down from a sleep effect, and the group getting saved as a result. I was happy to see that go out.
- Getting plans in motion for my new PC! It's gonna be great!


I got up at 4:30 EST this morning to fly home, so forgive me if these are not super eloquent.

- Getting picked up at my sister's to see Will Hawkins in the back seat. Road trip with Smiling Rasheed and Samara is the best :).
-My Hunters. I see you guys once a year (if I'm lucky), and every time it makes me miss you guys that much more. Every single one of you is super fantastic. Thank you for being a chosen family, and awesome people.
- Speaking of which, being on the field with the Hunt. Nothing beats looking around and watching us wreck face. Just like riding a bike.
- Deadlands Staff. You guys are one of a kind. Please believe me when I say from coast to coast, you guys are my favorite chapter, and continue to be everything I want in a chapter.
- Keely and all of her glory. "Icalluponconcordiumtounmakethisreality!Icalluponconcordiumtounmakethisreality!"
- Huntress shenanigans. Especially the chin moment.
- The nightmares. Especially Nega-Zehnyu. That personal plot moment was phenomenal. Thank you Samara for giving me the brightest part of my weekend.
- Evan. You sir are rapidly becoming one of my favorites to square off with. Especially that private moment speaking with not-Chithis.
- TORIE! TorieTorieTorie....1 on 1 fighting with you is my favorite <3
- "Whoever that is, he moves like Kainan. Is that-...IS THAT ANYON?!" And all of the shenanigans there afterword. Thank you Jesse Hennessy :)
- The Undead Women Crew. "I'm judging you from all the way over here. F^({it, I'm a racist **** anyways. Murder them guys!"
- Seeing the Baroness again. Lauren breathes amazing life into that character, and I enjoy every interaction with her that I get to have.
- Saving Aolia - getting to be in the awesome split wave battle, getting to finally have some time with that plotline, and so resolution. I'm very happy to be putting that place right, and doing reconstruction. Thank you plot team :).

Overall I had a fantastic and amazing weekend. I'm sure I missed a couple things, so please know that everybody who showed up made my weekend :)

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Thank you Deadlands Staff for a great game !!

* GOTEC funtimes especially Heresy speaking in ogre to Keely Friday night. (Gotta love sibling rivalry lol)

* All things Tattercloak . Whats terrifying is I can understand his impossible Irish accent better half awake at 3am then well rested.

* " Behold....the All Hole..." - Heresy ;)

* The nightmare scene for Heresy and how quickly Tova and Keely sprang into family defense mode to keep most of it private. One glance is all it took.

* Sunday afternoon talking with Trunken (Mike's Dwarf) in the tavern about the meaning of animal totems and crystals to our cultures. Awesome RP!! Thanks Mike!

* Improv slumber party time!! Laughing till 6am like teenagers and most importantly reconnecting with a dear friend. It felt great :) ....why I play this silly game

* Lord Vryan being officaly inducted into the sister hood of "girl time" aka Tova, Koi, Keely and Tzydil eat junk food and mock all those around them. Love you guys ..

* Super Best Friends Club 2.0

* Vox Annixion.....Kelsey you are a terrifying she villian

* Being home in my Vulgar Gargoyle with my GOTEC and Griffon Gaurd .....It's hard to describe the comfort of being fully character with my favorite people.

* Keely the murder machine. And quiet times in the tavern remembering times past like Tova tossing a gold into Skylars face ....haha goodtimes.

* Malice's messanger Greer and all the trash talk.

* Dourn just Dourn how I have missed that dwarf


New Hampshire Staff
-The creep factor of the chatty nightmare creature.
-Roman's nightmare. It was funny until it really really wasn't and suddenly I wished I'd moved at least 20 feet farther away.
-Alyssa's fortitude.
-Nerium's nightmare being convincing, plausible, and overwhelming enough to start overriding the red flags that it wasn't real. Right in the feelings, so hard.
-Being pointed toward finding the positive in a miserable thing and a surprising domino effect set off by trying to embrace it.
-Surion standing his ground against a Withering Knight.
-Teshvar-related talk with Heresy.
-Nightmare Chithis and feeling sorry for a monster.
-Seconding "holy crap" for the Legion mod. That was intense .Spending a good deal of that mod seriously concerned that death was around the corner, accepting that possibility, and holding off panic by remembering it was worth it. Zenyu, Sevaria, Tova, Avian, Heresy, Alyssa, you guys were incredible forces and NPCs, Energizer bunnies.
-The Reverie. Much like the living Spirit Forge last event, it is really cool encountering beings who don't understand mortals and the mortal world.
-Cross-chapter plot, seeing in-game that there are extra reasons to worry about other lands.

Thanks NPCs for toughing it out in the cold wet weather!
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I'd like to point out a few people in particular, not because they're better, but I just got to see them do really amazing things.
1. Samara - you have come in to step in beside the staff and become not only a really cool NPC (in all your various roles) but also an amazing major part of the staff. Writing and directing and whatever other magic you make happen. Well done.
2. Evan - your amazing ability to write stories that make people feel a myriad of emotion is amazing. Never stop writing and acting.
3. Dan - umm wow. I don't even know where to begin. I am always amazed at the stories you write and the characters you play. I love when one of your NPCs comes out and doesn't want to murder the town because I know it's going to get educational.
4. Stacy - Thank you for all that you do behind the scenes keeping logs and printing stuff and just being a kick butt wife to Dan. Behind every good man there is a woman ...sometimes with a frying pan but sometimes not.
5. Deb and Melissa - although you're not really staff, you feed us yummy things. You take time out of your days and nights and money out of your pockets and make really good eats!!
6. Brian - so good to see you sort of becoming a fixture. I look forward to seeing you expand your NPC-ness!
7. Sean - they say the best villains are played by the nicest guys. You're a great villain! You cannot convince me that you are what you say you are.
8. Sebastian and Emmy - yay we get to see what we look like!!
And to all you other NPCs that don't get nearly enough recognition - you are amazing.

Okay enough mushy stuff -
I loved the "egg" conversations
the "tower portal" conversations
watching Trunken's gears go rolling across the field
Roman's nightmare until it went nightmare laughing so hard and then WHAMMO ...crap...that just got real
supplying alchemy to everyone all weekend
POKER!!!! yay Avian and Roman and Surion and (Kate's elf, sorry forgot her name)...Did I break the Thelucian?
Seeing mommies and daddies back playing!!
not murdering anyone...this is always a good time for me
hiding in the ward with Deborah...good times
celestial hound shinanigans

can't wait for October


Wow, after almost a year away, it was wonderful to be back playing in this world.
Staff and NPC's, Thank you for running yourselves ragged and offering up so much to the players.
It was good to be back, and looking forward to more.

Friday night, getting knocked on my butt by an egg, and the interesting things that it may lead to. The possibilities continue to rattle around in my head long after game ended.

Making long term plans with my family...... Now here's hoping we can make our discussions come to life. If this works the way I hope, we have some interesting times ahead.

My discussion with Ria Sevaria and Sir Vryan. ( I was hoping to get Squire Tabin there as well, but let's face it, Disney with your loved one kinda trumps running around in the woods.... Kinda ;)). I expected that conversation to go a lot differently and was somewhat pleased to hear that my worst fears were not true. Ria Sevaria: " Don't kill him, Duorn". What?!? Who me? blink blink

Meeting several new PC's and getting a chance to interact a bit. Looking forward to more of that.

Anja runs up to a monster I have Prisoned,trying to help. Me- " Anja, you can't killing blow that, only I can." Anja-"Well, Why didn't you tell me that!?!" Had to chuckle, she was behind it like two seconds after I had the incant done.

Checking in with Lauren. I didn't think the was coming, and was gobsmacked when she walked in to the tavern as an NPC. Too long snce I've had a chance to talk with either her or Mike. Looking forward to seeing them both soon.

Trunken. Love the character and the gear frisbees. Listening in to his talks about superstition, and totems with Tova. Looking forward to more discussions.

Taking on not one, but two separate Pantherghasts. I don't think Duorn has had to do that in a long time.

Thanks all, It was great coming back. Looking forward to next month!


Just remembered one:

- "I'm not dead, I'm LIVING CHALLENGED. Don't judge me. Don't JUDGE me."

Flyaway Bird

While every event this year has been a major team effort, this one kind of became my baby, so I need to thank the rest of the Plot team for all their help:

- Evan, for being the director to my writer and inventing the Smiling Man on the spot and turning him into the perfect weekend baddie with ace roleplay and generally helping to turn the nebulous concepts in my head into functional encounters
- Dan, for playing the primary plot-dumping NPC and knowing what to talk about and how to talk about it and filling in all the gaps in the writing
- Brian/Intern, for his young-blood enthusiasm and his aid in developing some crucial plot points/mechanics throughout the weekend
- Sean, for coming up with the event idea with me while discussing Ashbury's plot on a long car-ride to Pennsylvania and helping to develop it into the cross-chapter nightmare it became

I would also like to thank the staffs of Ashbury, Caldaria and especially Barran for letting us borrow all their toys (and the San Francisco chapter for inspiration, as the visuals for our nightmare creatures were heavily influenced by the Maelstrom nightmares). And of course, our amazing nonstop badass NPCs!

Now then:

- Seeing the reactions escalate over the weekend as the Nightmares whispered in people's ears. Anja's outbursts, Tova's growling, Aisling's paranoia. GIVE ME YOUR FEAR.

- Aisling's freakout after the Smiling Man sent Nightmare Dark after her.

- The entire Alyssa/Illyana nightmare, from phase-out to phase-in-and-collapse. It was what really turned the Nightmares from "kind of annoying" into "Serious Business". A+ to both Meg and Kate!

- Addendum to the above: "Meg, you wanna play Illyana for an encounter and mess with Kate tomorrow?" "YEAH I DO!"


- The entire Shadow Dragon Nightmare encounter; the whole Lovecraftian concept of it ended up working out even better than we expected. Also, Sashi bennying for the first time since the Battle of Five Armies!

- Pushing every single one of Zehnyu's buttons as Nightmare Ghost and us getting all up in each other's faces.

- Torie!!!

- Us grabbing Stacey and telling her about our nightmare plan for Heresy, and her going "I have a way better idea..."

- The PCs' palpable panic during the Void Nightmare, especially Keely saying "I call upon the power of Conchordium to consume this reality" at the SPEED OF SOUND.

- Death Knight Chicks. Good call, JP. Thank you, Tori and Kelsey and Lauren.

- Evan being an absolute BOSS as Chithiss, several times but particularly during the Withering Nightmare. He ended up really sad.

- Roman's nightmare going from hilarious to horrifying in an instant. All credit to Intern for remembering that part of Roman's character history!

- ELOSDI. Brraaaaap.

- "Lauren, you wanna play someone's dead wife?" "Another one??"

- Trying to play the Reverie in an entertaining way that clearly demonstrated that she's not dumb, or simple, or young, she communicates the way she does because she doesn't understand the limitations of the mortal world outside the Dreaming. Also that she's powerful as balls.

- "Scared is easy. Sad takes research." <3

- TEARS. Or more specifically, that people were so in-character they allowed themselves to cry. I LOVE that level of immersion and you all handled it beautifully.

See y'all in Orctober!


Crossroads Staff
- Death Knight Chicks. Good call, JP. Thank you, Tori and Kelsey and Lauren.
Death Knight Chicks are old school. I was so happy to see those surface again with the original chickies. I appreciate you guys coming to ask if I wanted to be apart of that reunion. That brought back some good stick jock memories.

Surion Maedhros

I liked the part where I died. Also, the parts around that part.
(Really, like the whole day before and after that.)

I'm so, so looking forward to the October event.