September Favorites

Air Raksa

Great Event, amazing fights, thank you NPCs. Hats off to the Deadlands staff and plot, you continue to impress, I can't wait until November.

Some Favorites

Everything Evan. Dude seriously everything. Casanorca, Pure Lord Carver, stray comments in NPC Camp, very clean fighting.

Meeting the new folks in NPC Camp, great new peeps who were a blast to play with all weekend.

Josh Berit. You are my hero bro, it is absurd what you are doing. ABSURD! I SAY! Thanks for coming up with us, having dinner and being awesome.

Big thank you to Deb and Brian for considering us, we really appreciate it and are deeply honored.

Seeing the West Coast Hunt, roll in. I miss larping with you three SO MUCH. Thank you for coming.

All the fights. The "Battle-born" Child, Crocodile arms. Void-Tug of War. F*@# Thelucia. Late Night Tavern Shenanigans. Pure Lord Calfis (tempting... very tempting). Gills. No SERIOUSLY F*@# Thelucia. Watching Dorn flip out. Bowing to Wynn. Paladar... what is the last thing you remember?

Watching Dan Aldi quickly become NPC Camp Goon #1. Good fighting with you bro. Hey... do you want to go out and lay down some pipe?

Samara. Thank you for all the great role-play.

George, job well done. I appreciate all your efforts.

Great role-play all weekend. I love PCing Deadlands, but I can't wait to NPC, some of the best memories I have from NPCing come from New Hampshire.

-Brian B


I think this is as good a time as any to pop in: I'm Seb or Tukuul when there's some Orc Teachin' Times going on.

I want to thank you all so very much for an excellent weekend, it was great to meet the newer NPCs as well as head out into the field and photograph the outstanding RP that I had the privilege to be witness to.

I especially want to thank Gebous. You got through to Tukuul for sure, and helped me realize I prefer running through the woods and .. well.. maybe being a bit more stealthy than I was the second time around. That first time - not my fault!

I apologize if I got in the way a bit, and next time, I'll try not to blind anyone with the flash at night.

- Seb
(unsure if this is Cool or not but, low-res photos currently up in this facebook album: )


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Holy balls, what an event! I always have an amazing time at Deadlands. Here are a few faavorites:

- NPCing Friday night was a blast. Samara's roleplay was spectacular, and I totally called that Stacey was going to be the one helping her through giving birth.

- Ray. You're one of my favorite players, man. I'm so glad to have you back.

- THE PLOT! George and Evan, you two are some grand schemers. I loved the tension that the plot created among the people in town. Awesome roleplay.

- Sashi is a creeper, and it's awesome.

- Ciarrah's test of Zehnyu and Vry that almost ended with us rezzing IRL, due to being "covered in bees" in the most literal sense. Hopefully the bees will be gone soon! Barring that, however, the roleplay within that mod was unforgettable.

- Shirtless in North Fortress is a terrible idea.

- The fights! They sure were rough. I'm loving the difficulty of them, and the different mechanics for each make each one interesting. That's one thing New Hampshire always does best; they give the wave-battles plot and reasons for happening, as well as make us be invested in what's going on. Keep up the good work.

- Nobility Musical Chairs! That was craziness, but awesome nonetheless. Getting promoted to Paladinic Squire was interesting. It definitely follows suite to the path Vry is taking, so I'm very cool with it. Norhelm's speech at the end of it all was spectacular, and the town raising swords made me really feel the camaraderie we share. It was chilling.

- The Martyr'd Host. When they just showed up Saturday night, I was literally speechless. Seeing Wynn and Paladar again, jeeze. There are only so many times you can say goodbye until it hurts too much. Ben, you remain as my favorite player in this game.

- Getting initiated into the GOTEC! It's been a goal for Vry for the longest time, and finally seeing it come to light made me so happy!

- History lesson with Galloway and Nadarin until 5:00 in the morning. Some of the best roleplay I've had in a long time.

- Salmontet.

- Fighting Void alongside said Salmontet. Having fights with Void on the field swinging Shatter Spirit is always a highlight of any event where it happens.

- Triple tap waylay was amazing. If only it had worked.

That's about it for now. Amazing event, guys! I am beyond stoked for the closer!
First of all to the amazing NPCs. You guys will forever be my heroes. Even though each event it's new people NPCing, there are sometimes quite a few repeat faces. And also the new faces!! I ... WE appreciate you more than you can know.

Brian Bender - some of our favorite times are when you are NPCing too. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the antics of Santet but I will never forget .... AnglerFisherCat

TO THE STAFF - Gary, Jaimi, Mark, Sam, Sean, Dan, Stacy, Evan, George, Samara, Mike Lawson (I feel like I'm forgetting someone but you know who you are if I missed you - Without you guys, there LITERALLY would be no game. Hats off to you for ceaselessly wearing yourselves out physically, mentally, emotionally. I know that you guys run yourselves ragged into burn out just for us...and rarely get the thanks you deserve and don't get paid for it. I love you all and can't wait to see what horrors you have waiting for us next time.

TO RACHEL - without whom, we would not have new scary creatures killing us. Or at least they wouldn't look as cool. You work very hard on so many of the masks and costumes. I can't thank you enough!

TO DEB AND BRIAN - I am speechless when I think of how you open your home to strangers to come play on your land. I love you both and am thankful that you allowed us to put up a cabin in the Enchanted Forest. You clean up after us in the tavern even though you shouldn't have to. We all appreciate you more than words can express. Can't wait to see you in October!

Okay, now on to favorites:

- - - - - SPRINKLES!

Don't drink the lava!

Tzydl's new sword OH MAN. Even though I didn't get to hit anything, I was so excited to get it. Thanks to Deborah and Ivar for making that happen. I love my Gryphon Guard!!!

Master Carver!!! Was good to see him again even though we didn't get to talk.

All the political stuff going on, although it nauseates Tzydl, Jena enjoys watching it.

Sitting in the tavern by myself and Sashi walks in. I thought I was dead for sure!

!~(_)(!< Thelucia!!!!

Watching Amaranthus as it dawns on him that the trip to Thelucia was just a ruse so they could steal the Forge stuff. Great acting!!

Constance, Drenton, Tzydl and Rothsphere sitting in the tavern when Avian comes in to drum up support to go to Thelucia. Poor Avian...

Umm...all things Tabin... yeah... I laughed so hard at the stories he was telling in the tavern. I am SO glad you're back.

On a side note, not that this happened in game, but I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Jacqui!!!

Tabin explaining to Tzydl that the world is going to end next year.

The Martyrs of Puriel OH MAN!!!! INTENSE!!! Seeing Wynn and Paladar again I was blown away. Wynn singing in the tavern again GAHHHHHHHH so awesome!!!!

Vry shirtless...not sure how many comments he got on that but I found it funny.

Watching Go (not sure how that's spelled) but it is definitely a game I would lose every time.

Finally finishing my lab. I got the last of the bottles in on Sunday!!! YAY

Sunday morning with the Orcs may be one of my favorite things now. EVAN THAT SHIRT!!! JEEPERS!

So many things I can't remember them all. Can't wait to see you all in November!!!


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Tzydl Zhitelava said:
Vry shirtless...not sure how many comments he got on that but I found it funny.
My reputation of being a heart-throb must be maintained.


My favorite things always include killing people. In specific, however, there were a couple of moments that made me feel like I was really growing as a player:

There was a point in the final wave battle when I was literally facing down five of you, and not being smeared. I'm sure part of that was the card, but it was still a cool feeling to take on an entire shield wall and live.

Similarly, there was a point when I was fighting Brian, and he went for the point of shame - blocked it with a sweep, and the look of delight that crossed his face made me feel pretty all right.

Roleplay time as Cyril and Kale: it's an exciting feeling to really be able to mesh and merge with the people I'm roleplaying with, and to fully immerse and experience a world that we're all building together RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT. See also: Pure Lord Carver, Martyred Host, Horatio Sullivan, and pretty much any time I'm not actively swinging a boffer or throwing a packet.

Entertaining people is what I love best. I'll put on that dumb Africa shirt any time.

Friendships growing is never more obvious than the moments immediately following a break from IC: the end of a mod, when a hold is called, or any moment when a person suddenly wakes up from the in-character dream and looks around and catches my eye and grins for just a second.

I hate to get maudlin, but at this point it's been scarcely more than a year of playing and I feel like so many good things have happened that it's almost overwhelming. Y'all are the best.

Also: Albert, put a shirt on. I was terrified that I was going to catch you in the nip with a cold boffer and make you cry.


New Hampshire Staff
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stonegolem said:
Also: Albert, put a shirt on. I was terrified that I was going to catch you in the nip with a cold boffer and make you cry.
Gary wasn't as relenting. I took at least three from him in that last fight.
If all pcs had to fight shirtless there would be fewer pillow parties.


THere are just some things that y'all don't need....or want.... to see. Speaking from experience here! lol