September Favorites

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
I had a lot of fun this weekend, and am super excited to see all of you at our season closer (and Castle event)!

Watching Beryl excitedly lead around the control construct, with child-like glee in his voice, "Look guys, it does what I tell it to!"

The sounds of fear when the multi-NPC dragon came out to fight.

Paranoid Arbeld trapped on a platform, afraid to approach the PCs, but unable to get away from the spiders. Then the whimper, as he just collapsed onto the platform.

A very angry (Berserked) but disarmed Agate growling at spiders and (safely) swiping at them with her hands. Like an angry but declawed cat.

Mint innocently explaining the Dwarf mission to Liam, and Liam realizing something smelled fishy. Mint: "We're going to get poison to kill a wurm, so that the dwarves can bring troops to help fight." Liam: "Wait, what?"

Beryl chasing the BBG down and disarming the orb, snatching it off the ground and then realizing he's all alone against the BBG and his Lieutenant without any Aura in hand. "Guys help!" But they were all too far away.

Taunting/bargaining with Roff while he was hiding in his circle. Forcing him to choose who would live, and who would die. Then regrets for taunting when the reinforcements showed up.

Lilian and Ghauld innocently going to check on trouble for Zihr. "You can document this for Zihr so that he'll have it later." Yup, that checks out.

Elros Resisting a possession, and the look of confusion that came over Jordan's face. "Arcanestrike Posession. Kill them!" "Resist!" "Huh?" Then later hearing Elros whip out a Chaos Blade to fight the other PCs while possessed (his resists ran out).

A wide shout-out to everyone who engaged in the political RP with the ambassadors this weekend. I know I heard good things from the NPCs about the interactions, so I hope that you all enjoyed it as well.

Also, special shout-out to Kyle (player of Liam) and Luke (player of Migs) for bringing out the instruments. You guys were amazing, and it really added a fun element to the tavern.


- Getting to meet Crono and all the rp that came with that

- seeing how giddy mint was between crono and the slayers guild stuff. Trophies!!!

-arbeld saving as many as he could during Saturday night and the talk after. You made me cry!

-Beryl's ritual casting on the field

- princess farmer

- edwina! Walking the field with you to deliver life spells was awesome!

-miggs and Liam's music

- helping the count, I love when a plan comes together well

- Finding the source of the solar affliction, and the rp that followed

- town tea, its nice getting to take a step back and share info

- the vault, and clockwork dragon battle

-Lilian as my battle buddy. Good fighting!

- getting possessed and half the front line saying 'nah, Locke's fine's' only to get pegged in the chest by a paralysis by zen 'nope, she's acting weird'

- late night Friday snack, I will drop everything to vet my hands on those garlic, and caramel rolls

See you guys at the castle!
Kayla (Locke)
well first of all it was good meeting all the old players and getting to see the new ones as they were learning how the game worked. It was also very good and tiring with that first night and all the modes that happened, it looked like it took almost all the pcs to do them and not all of the modes were completed first time out. thank you to all of the npcs for making the event fun and quite interesting and to the minstrels with their music to help lighten the mood.

also two questions: 1. i noticed on the sign-up sheet a spot marked "high magic" is that where "magic items" go if you have any? 2.could someone explain to me what the "cma" is in some detail so i can use it for the next event?

David Raatz


The CMA is the character management app. You might find this post useful:


-Crono coming to town and all the fun rp
-Trying to do damage control on my last name
-Showing off my pretty hammer
-selling out of scones
-The rp after finding out that crono and cammie didn't get ported back Saturday night, even though it was devastating
-Trying so hard to go fight the purple worm but being shot down for political reasons
-Trophy hunting the undead
-Talking to the slayers guild and doing their quests
-Seeing Little One (Lilian) go from page to fighter!
-Lemon chicken, that dinner was amazing
-Finally remembering all my protections during the Saturday night fight
-Meeting Migs the newest caravan member
-Trying to tell the stone elf ambassador a story with Liam and getting shot down when it was a story from beyond the mists
-getting enough components for my arcane armor spell. Now I just need to get it cast!
-The whole fight to find cause of the solar affliction. Thanks NPCs!

Brenda (Mint)


This weekend was fun! The good kind of scary weekend where it felt like we were genuinely in danger at any point through the weekend. From wandering into the woods to find werewolves, to giant paralysis spitting battle toads, to a lich in an hour long battle.

Some of my favorites were:
-Resisiting two of the Poltergeist's (Jordan's) Arcanestrike Posessions.

-(after 2 previous instances of dead end werewolf investigations)
*Werewolf howls*
Someone from the tavern yelling and pointing outside: "NO!!"

- I really liked the idea of capturing all these creatures and then releasing them at the royalists area. That was cool.

Very fun weekend everybody! Hope to see you all at the castle!
-Gambling Friday night was a lot of fun, with Captain Bel and his signature confidence. "I bet there are 10 6's"

-The events that followed accidentally leaving half the town behind in the big undead fight. It was cool to play NPC soldiers for a half hour and come help out the adventurers.


This has been my very favorite gathering of the year so far. It's difficult putting together a list because I know I'm going to forget a lot of things.

-The little castle fight, especially the part when the Royalists captured the box of Fae. Watching everyone as we rushed in to recapture it, only for it to get shattered and make everyone flee in terror was absolutely hilarious. I wish I'd had the opportunity to explore the castle a bit more!

-The plight of Jason, that was absolutely heart-wrenching. Fantastic acting on Matt's part.

-"Mint, the Cruel", "Count Blondie McChestHair", and all the other fantastic names that people came up with. All wonders of the English language, truly.

-Really getting into the headspace of Bel, especially after accidentally causing people to get left behind during a rift. I completely forgot that the Keyrune was based on weapon radius. The RP afterwards was intense, thank you to Locke, Mint, and everyone else who was a part of all that. Having a really powerful opportunity to finally make myself cry in-character was bittersweet. Cronos, I am terribly sorry for the part I played in your first death. I also want to apologize to everyone else I left behind.

-Seeing how excited everyone was for Lilian (including Lilian herself) when she graduated from being a page was really heartwarming. You guys are all very supportive people and it made me smile

-I will never forget looking for the werewolves in the forest, I felt true fear in that moment.

-More dice! While we only got one game in, we still ended up staying up until past 4 AM playing it! It was worth every second.

-William's hobling NPC trying to help Bel get some extra money out of everyone after making a list for a loot split and my sudden realization that this would probably be something that Bel would not be comfortable with. Messing with said hobling after realizing this and trying to undermine his efforts to make a quick buck was very fun.

-Count Salves and Viscount (or was it Courtier?) Genevieve taunting me with their two-handed weapons caught me off guard. I laughed internally when I remembered how I lost my duel against the Count because I didn't have the reach he had with his two-hander. I thought it was a jab about my mishap with the Keyrune at first!

Beyond excited for Castle, hope to see you all there!
Payton (Bel)

Emma B

A very angry (Berserked) but disarmed Agate growling at spiders and (safely) swiping at them with her hands. Like an angry but declawed cat.
Point of order.... I was shackled at the time so there was no swiping, it was headbutting.

Emma (Agate)
The CMA is the character management app. You might find this post useful:
thank you for the address, i haven't tried it yet but i'll try before the event coming up in october.
David Raatz