September Favourite Moments


September 2019 Favourite Moments
(I can spell -- I'm just Canadian.)​

Nobody else has done this yet so I'm starting one!

This was an awesome weekend guys! I was pretty emotionally stretched coming into this game because of some real life things, and I wasn't sure if I was really in a good headspace for LARPing, but I'm so glad I came. You guys never fail to make me feel better <3 . I'm probably going to have to make six favourite moment posts to get everything out, but I'm going to start with general favourite moments and then do a second post for Days of Our Ravens.
  • Coming into game on Friday morning and having, like, three people telling me to sit down so they could fill me in on the events of the night before. Omg.

  • Isodel @ @Aelfric : Your butt, that chair :mad: .
    Random Voice from the Side: Oh **** I thought my mom was here.

  • Going in and out of the werewolf heads! Thank you plot for including fun mental roleplay stuff <3 .
    • Having to sit down and do a mental recharge / meditation scene with Kavar to try and recover mid-fight
    • Also out little duel to get back our skills
    • Also all the other drama
    • Basically just hanging out as much as we did through the weekend -- it was fun!
  • Getting to hang out with Talia (@Denise) again! It was really nice. I missed you ;u; . Thank you for watching over me while I was playing tourist in traumatizing mentalscapes and not letting me get stabbed and/or kidnapped.

  • Biata Pantherguast dropping celestial battle magic scrolls as loot and Kavar getting burned X'D
    (And Paul, the NPC, laughing all the way back to spawn)

  • Getting dragged off during the night fight and being p'sure I was gunna be dead now, then hearing, like, six people yelling my name and making sure I got rescued. People that I didn't even know knew Isodel's name. It was real sweet guys <3 .

  • @Stana 's awesome Sneaky Fae Trial mod. That was a really cool monster that you had us fight. Playing Monster in the Middle with Zane was hilarious.
    Also: Oh! Traps! I can set traps! -begins trap setting and gets burned by the attached celestial scroll- I take it back. Someone else can set traps.

  • People just handing me Blast Globes after Bjorn got shatter spirited and Isodel went into Rage Murder Mode. I blew through a solid plat+ worth, and (I'm pretty sure) every packet hit. I felt like @Kasuni ! ("10 Elemental Flame! 10 Elemental Flame! 10 Elemental Flame!")

  • Yell-rezzing Bjorn (more on that later)

  • SPIDERS AND WINE! Going down to Monster Camp with @Layn at quarter to 2am just as it's closing and having an awesome RP mod with Bond.
    Isodel has a new pet, and I am 100% bringing a rep for him next game.

  • Bonus Not-Technically-Favourite-Moment-from-Game-But-Still-A-Favourite
    @Renner (I hope I'm tagging the right person) 's comment on Facebook:
    "I am sorry, when you watch Bjorn back up like she is suddenly going to beat him to death with her shoe, stick skills or not, watch out"


Days of Our Ravens / That Moment When You Accidentally Break Your Pseudo-Brother's Brain
We were basically an angst filled soap opera this weekend and it was great.
(Although lets shoot for a bit less in November, okay?)

At the Big West event, when those creatures were getting into people's heads, someone thought it was a good idea to get Isodel to try and fix people before she actually had any idea how to do it. Specifically: Bjorn. Luke took that roleplay moment and kinda ran with it and it spiraled into some dramatic **** okay, man. So if anyone was wondering why Isodel was crying all weekend -- that was why! (A combination of miscommunication and the general improv nature of roleplay meant it probably evolved into something that would not realistically have been done by Biata mind powers, but we'll just call it generalized psychic trauma and blame it on the brain eating monsters.)
  • Slowly realizing that Bjorn's avoiding Isodel wasn't just the normal "oh no Raven Mum is going to yell at me ha ha better hide" and confirming that something was wrong after seeing him do something very out of character.

  • Breaking down while trying to explain what had happened to Kavar and taking full advantage of those sweet sweet biata mental powers to just show him everything that happened.

  • Actually hearing Bjorn, after Kavar asked him to put his weapons down, say that he'd only do it if Isodel left. The person who she considers to be her brother, basically flat out stating he didn't trust her. It was heartbreaking!

  • @Aelfric confronting Isodel after finding out what was going on and definitely not blaming her for it, but using phrasing that Isodel's guilt ridden mind 100% took as conformation that the Ravens all hated her now. Isodel telling him she'd leave as soon as everything was fixed and triggering Aelfric's abandonment issues </3 . When Aelfric pulled her aside to ask her not to leave after Bjorn rezzed I just about cried again.

  • Being pretty sure, while I was resetting my Arcane Armour during the afternoon fight, that Bjorn was about to turn and attack me.

  • Trying to play my usual role as "person who follows Bjorn (and/or Wes, although he was doing my poor heart a solid by playing it fairly safe through that fight) around to drag his unconscious body back to the healers" even though Isodel was pretty sure Bjorn actually hated her at that time -- which, might I had, I had to do 3 or 4 times.

  • Chasing off after a Corrupted Bjorn into the darkness with Lighthouse, burning through all my remaining non-item defenses and taking 1500+ points of damage from him. Ow. (Later found out that his specific instructions were "to the best of your ability go kill your best friend" <3 ;u; .)

  • Watching Wes take a poison shatter spirit and nearly losing my **** in the moment before he called his defense

  • Watching Bjorn take two shatter spirits practically simultaneously, RIGHT in front of Isodel, hearing him say "Taken" and screaming at poor Bond x'D
    • FUN FACT: I had been just about to Recharge Prowess back by Intercept when Bjorn had charged out the door. If we'd gone out there 60 seconds later I could have taken and (item) dodged the Shatter Spirit that he couldn't defend against.
  • Getting the silver killing blow on Asculund (the NPC who killed Bjorn). 500 Vengeance never felt so good. (Isodel, very specifically, doesn't killing blow things. Her first ever killing blow on a non-construct was on a werewolf gnoll about a minute before this happened.)

  • Not wanting to start Bjorn's rez because she was pretty sure he wouldn't accept if she did -- having Wes do it and passed it off, so Isodel could wrap up the resurrection story with threats and yelling. She did warn the Ravens what would happen if they went through the circle <3 .

  • Isodel and Bjorn having a tear filled conversation where they actually talked out their issues, promised to try and communicate better in the future, and basically practiced HEALTHY FAMILY COMMUNICATION. It was amazing! Followed by mental roleplay to fix what Isodel had broken.

  • Between that conversation and her talks with Aelfric I look forward to getting to play Isodel more confident about her place in her weird little family. (I have enough self-confidence issues of my own OOG to be dealing with IG ones too.)

I started playing Alliance as someone who just wanted to engage with the game aspects and didn't have much interest in RP. I just left a game where what I'm most excited about was the story and character development. A lot of things can change in three years, but it's so weird to think about.
Watching Mountain Cleaver getting DMed and shattering into his 2 new swords

After we stripped Bjorns bags and swords from him, i searched him for anymore weapons and the pause that happened as he had to think if he still had any weapons on him.

watching Zavick's daughter go up to one of the high ogre's that brought information to the tavarket and asking "are you a talking Squash?" was easily one of the cutest things I've ever seen at game.

going on the stealth Fae Trial, and getting to set a lot of traps, and even having the complication of having to fix one of the traps so it would actually snap mid fight.

after all day of preparing, finally going to kill a small group of Vampires. then we finally get to them and are completely hyped for a big fight. we rushed in and hit them extremely hard, and finished the fight in about 5-10 minutes of swift fighting. then we spent the entire night out at the front lines killing undead.

coming back into town the next morning and sharing our epic quest with a group of selunari that were visiting the Market.

coming back to my cabin while a couple of rituals were being cast and getting jumped by a group of knolls and being slept just before i could get into my cabin. then having Sephyna and Kitsune come and rescue me.

after the ritual are done being cast, seeing Zeth accidentally be the first person to get hit by my Warder Glyph.

getting to coerce some knolls to join me in my cabin as they were wandering around and getting about 3-4 of them to trigger the Glyph before the decided to stop trying.

getting triple tapped with Spellstrike Doom, taking a Create Undead, and then getting Corrupted by Asculund, then being told to kill my friends to the best of my abilities and to do it quick and stealthy. then having the fun of fighting everyone for the next 10 minutes. casually walking up to people and having them not suspect me, then quickly getting in a few hits before moving onto my next target. Sephyna coming and hitting me with 2 eviscerates and baneing both of them back at her and moving on shortly before my corrupt ended. then having my body dragged off by a knoll.

spirit hang out at the Circle with Velis and Bjorn

getting to be resurrected by Wes... again...

tracking down all of my gear was interesting with Echo and Bazriel, also feeling fancy with a robe for a little bit :)


This started off in order, but quickly devolved :p

- The destruction of Mountaincleaver immediately followed by being turned greater undead and told to kill Kevar to the best of my ability without getting myself killed in the process.
- Ambushing the tavern, squaring off against Kevar, and then running off into the night with his corpse. (Sorry, Brent!)
- Playing a completely different Bjorn due to mental shenanigans and watching as people slowly start to notice something's wrong.
- "How many game rooms is this?"
- Walking into the gnoll burrow holding an explosive trap.
- The third fey trial. Puzzle monsters are great!
- Double tap Shatter Spirit and hanging out in the circle, talking OOG, waiting for more friends to arrive (none did, I was the last death from that fight.)
- Getting Bjorn's head fixed and the character growth it lead to.
- Taking Askalund's head to turn it into a town trophy and a warning.
- Hiding in the woods for various reasons off and on all weekend.
- Getting Obliterated while time traveling... Twice.
- "Engineering guild" mod... all we engineer is how to blow things up in the most advantageous way, it's great!
- Learning of the full-scale chemical warfare that was about to commence in order to fix Bjorn's head.
- Finding the best gift that's ever been left for Bjorn on the porch!
- Seeing all the new players! Welcome!
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Ok there is so much that is needed to be said on this… Going to be a long one.
· Bringing my kiddo(Timber) to an event and her being in character so strongly I had to stop and think who’s child this was…
· Timber telling people the price to silver things and then flashing that cute smile when people are like… that’s 4 times the cost to silver it normally. And they still ended up paying because she was the only blacksmith at the time.
· Creating the Wolfsbane poison and having my kiddo silvering it all. Then her saying “I am going to sell all of these!!!” and promptly trying to talk her out of it.
· Timber looking at me when I turned Wolf and saying “You’re a good wolfy right? As she backs away behind someone else.”
· Seeing the pages do their own loot split and somehow making it work without getting into a debate.
· Hitching a ride with Isodel into a mind journey gathering information and finding out some cool stuff. And then Isodel doing something that caused her to breakdown later. And Xavic being all like… This is no big deal I do it all the time. And the death stare she gave him after that.
· Hearing someone scream for help and me going “Nope I am just a merchant no since in me running off into the darkness.” And Stoke being like “Dude you’re a warewolf….” And then realizing… well crap….
· Coming to the Market to find out Byorn just destroyed everyone there and took off with Kavar. Then searching for Kavar in the woods just to find nothing but clothes and understanding he was soo soo dead.
· Finding out Byorn was able to take everyone out because I supplied him with Paralysis potions not long before. And then thinking… He is going to need more.
· Another moment where they ask Xavic to go and tell him “This must succeed at all cost!!!”. Then when we start the fight is over in moments as I land over 30 enfeeble gas globes into every fighter. There and all that was left was the big mage. And hitting that same mage with the last 5 gases and he calls “No Effect” and I was like “Pff like I care I tossed them all anyways.”
· Alconder on that same fight “Healing arts: Are you Dead” “No” ok “Killing blow 1” then moves to the next one “Healing arts:……”
· Jumping onto the Time box of doom with my body to make sure nothing tries to take the wand out. And having Bond be like “Jorbie your character has a tummy ache.” And I respond to him “Yep I know because I really do.”
· Having Talia talk with me and get the lowdown on my skills and defenses and telling Xavic “Yep I will drop you if I have to and will ensure you go down.” Later that night getting reamed with 100 Silver x2 and calling my defenses and looking at her all scared. Her response ok good turn back around I got more….
· Being commanded by Asculund and the last command he gave was to find Braden and bring him to Asculund to the best of my abilities…. Then simply walking around asking where Braden was as I stabbed werewolves along the way. And them looking at me like “WTF Dude stop that” and not even attacking me.
· That moment of being put in a box and coming to realizing “Good no one amnesia me so I wont have to kill anyone.”
· Being in that same box with Tantaras and the other PCs outside trying to coax him out. He looks at me and asks “Got any paralysis potions?” my response was “Sure how many do you want me to make I got my shop with me.” And the PCs outside was like… **** Xavic is about to make potions on the spot!
· When it was my turn to get attacked outside the box and saying “Nope I am not dumb you come to me.” And everyone looking to each other of “Not It!” and Polair being like “Step back I got this!” Web storm commenced! And when defenses were done and ripping free from them he gets that Prison in.
· When Polair was going to killing blow me he stopped half way through and was like…. Does he have a Vengeance??? Then was like… oh well there’s enough of you here to pick me back up. Then starting again only to stop half way through being like… Is Normal even going to effect him?? Then Someone brings him a silvered weapon to finally KB me. It felt so awesome how deep I made people think before they killed me.

· Having Zeth be like… You stood toe to toe with the wrath king by yourself. Of course I know your skilled enough to find a loophole in almost anything. So no I don’t trust you!

· Timber screaming “It’s the big bad wolf!!” when she seen Asculund.



- Page Red Light/Green Light - My heart was so full of joy and pride at how both the pages, the supervising adults and the NPCs handled that mod.
- Snoozing goblins and sneaky dryad
- Seconding the "Are you a talking squash?"
- Really good deliberate game design talks with Gabe when he was double hooking.
- Gem eating golems.
- On Thursday night, before the Bonds and Steven got on site looking at the crew we had and every one of them had a "Well, this might be rough, but we're gonna do it" attitude. With that kind of attitude it might have been a weird game, but I know it could have happened.
- "Askalund Presents a gift of song to you all."




Was it? Thinking hard.

It was an unscaled encounter. For Tartarus, that meant a walk in the park. For others, not so much.


So many favorites - I know I am going to miss a lot. Not in any order except the first!

  1. New players! I loved seeing all the new faces and working with everyone to get them setup for their first event. Evan and I even sat in a room together and were productive. No pictures, so it likely didn't actually happen.
  2. Bjorn murdering the crap out of me and pushing off half a dozen folks with alchemy. It was pretty evident throughout the weekend that pure Fighter can be defensive...but once that is used up it is quick to chump me. Was a good fight and I gave it everything, but those paralysis were just too much. Talking with Luke in the woods while I died was also a delight.
  3. Mental Roleplay - I am purposefully not rereading ANYTHING about Biata culture or mental abilities. It has been a lot of fun to discover these things as I go, and work with someone I probably wouldn't have RP'd a ton with if it were not for our newness to the race. <3 Isodel time!
  4. Planning to 'fix' Bjorn - that was a pretty funny conversation to get going.
  5. Attempting to start leading a battle again but it quickly devolving as it became a choatic cluster fight. Getting some really solid engagements going and realizing that I got got solidly. Thinking I was ok as I went down based on where everyone was only to find out that my falling drew the attention of Mr. Bad Wolf himself. I didn't get to actually hear it as I was dead, but Askalund saying "I have waited long enough" right before shattering my spirit. It was an amazing tie in to a fairly early DT many of us had, and was just a delight. The follow up to that of getting resurrected, strapping on the book and running naked into the night to ensure that it was present for the battle, and just everything. That fight was heinously deadly and I loved every moment of it.
  6. Seeing the Pages do some WORK in the market with a pile of potions in front of them and folks lining up for protectives. It isn't often you see it used like that and it brought joy to my larper heart.
  7. Sir Tantarus - 6 inches from a successful intercept!
  8. The time mod - it was brilliant and delightful and I loved everything about it.
  9. The Challenge of Valorous Intent was AMAZING. Just an incredible way to design a gladiatorial style fight. It allowed so many people to participate and enjoy it. It was just super awesome all around. Thank you all my fellow combatants for making a great show of it!
  10. Dunking some vampires with extreme efficiency. That was fast and brutal. Realizing we still hand hours before dawn and war horses. To the Front!
  11. RP time with Alcandar was really great, and I am excited to hopefully get more of it in the near future.
  12. Pantherghast fight was super fun, and I enjoyed every moment of it!
  13. Not having another 3 day for a long while - enough is enough! :)
  14. Getting to play with my buddy Adam. It has been a very long time since we got to play on the same side as each other and I had a great time getting to hang out with him all weekend.
  15. Scam Gnolls and Lord Silverleaf looking at the Squires in disgust as we sauntered over and talked to them. I payed them in the Silver they wanted, m'Lord! :)
  16. Aspirant Echo! Welcome to the party!
  17. Finally sitting down for a LATE night game of Ur with Thok. Was a lot of fun, and we need to keep doing that each game.
  18. So many other things - like a ton. It was a great event and I deeply enjoyed it.

Just. An. Amazing. Game.

Oh, and making a build decision to get a Bow for when I command on the field. I think a lot of folks would appreciate not having to drag my polearm wielding self back to Vellis so often. :p