September IBGAs


Chicago Staff
Greetings everyone we are doing something a little different then normal for this round of IBGAs partially just to try something new and different and partially because of the shorter then normal turn around.

Due to the threat of the wish bubbles making travel difficult causing high need locally AND do to the fact that the Waystones have ceased functioning atm. Everyone will be doing the same handful of high need things.

Pick one of these tasks and let us know- the more people doing a task the more successful it will be.

1. Entering wishbubbles to defeat resolve them and save as many as possible.
2. Aiding the Kingdoms guards in keeping people from walking into wishbubbles.
3. Aiding the Celestial guild in investigating what is happening with the waystone network.
4. Aiding in the defense of the Ternian Wall as it is under heavy organized assault daily.
5. Investigate the two portals to other planes that have appeared.
6. Aid the Kingdom in dealing with the barbarians who are still actively raiding despite the war being over.
7. Attend the Royal Ball/Fundraiser.

You are welcome to still send letters but keep in mind the mail is less reliable then normal AND are welcome to send plot notes of hey I am trying to buy this building or I totally dont do any of the above but instead plot world domination or some such....but keep in mind those are plot notes and not actually ibgas and will not generate a response other then noted or perhaps a price.

IBGAs are due Friday the 14th at 11:59PM.........send to


Public Relations Committee
But, I wanna heal fighters at the wall and go to the ball.
Stupid decisions.