September magic items auction

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These are the magic items found during the last fight on Sunday! We will be holding an auction for them at Octobers game during dinner. If you will not be at game and are deeply interested in them, please let Jinn know your maximum bid, and/or have someone bid for you. Having someone bid for you at the auction is much for exciting!

2020 Quicken mediation
2x per day
Antique gold bracelet

Times ever 2x
Elemental Shield
Dragon Pendant

August 2020
Eternal Resolution - 15 points of healing 1/per
Resist destroy magic 1/day Shield - provide rep

August 2020 Armored Shell -
If wearing and have wear extra armor, points of wear extra armor also add to body
Chest armor - chest and back provide rep

Strengthened Longbow with six stakes of silvered arrows

Strengthened silver dagger


oh my those are some darn good ones :) I bet a few people will want that eternal resolution
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