September Pre-Reg

Pre-reg is closed.

1. Heidi Hooper (Zatarina)
2. Joseph Siegel + $100 food donation
3. Dan McKiernan (Cypress)
4. Ashley Thomas (Lili)
5. Michelle Stagnitta (Ezri)
6. Erika Noach (Kailani)
7. Samantha Bertrand
8. Mike Guarino (Ketemycos) + $5 food donation
9. Frank Willig (Huleen)
10. Henry Hart (Deegan)
11. Danielle Wilson (Kipcha)
12. Sam Owens (Dorian)
13. Tom Haswell
14. Francis Coyne
15. Alexandra Goncharova + year membership + $10 food donation
16. David DeMartino + year membership + $10 food donation
17. Kyle Spriggle (Grim)
18. Thomas Wilson + $20 food donation
19. Suzie Lee (Kialda Loa)
20. Kris Kitts (Jovunn)
21. Danielle Darwell
22. Robert Kinlen
23. Craig Fiske + $5 food donation
24. Willow Achtermann (Victoria Galloway)
25. Nicole Angelo (Ruis)
26. Patrick Malone
27. Michael Brenizer (Izer)
28. Michael Engler (Telokh) + event membership
29. Sheila Haswell (Natalia)
30. Noelle Lequatre + year membership
31. Gregory de los Santos (Bupkis) + year membership
32. REDRACTED (switched to NPC)
33. Jon Paul Gullo (Aggrizel)
34. Tracey Smith
35. Joseph Richie
36. Frisco Cruise (Tvard Sendall)
37. William Gibbs (Amaranthus)
38. REDRACTED (Unable to attend)
39. Amy Resele (Larien) - Event Credit
40. Joshua Berit
41. Scott Babcock
42. Jaimie Tooker
43. Emily O'Neil (Valeria Vestri)
44. Chad Winters
45. Justin Coggin
46. Todd Russell

1. Dave Ehrhart
2. Robb Graves
3. Loren Williams
4. Drew Resele
5. Donna Hellmuth
6. Collin Babcock
7. Ken Swartz + $5 food donation
8. Avika Blickstein
9. Mike Ventrella
10. Jackie Blumenthal
11. Mandy Sevtsky
12. Tyler Wessner
13. JR Messina
14. Angel Belford
15. Jeremy Klein

Phoenix: Nordenn
Gryphon: Vanguard
Dragon: Guilded Claw
Pegasus: Blythedale

Fire: Joseph Siegel
Water: David DeMartino
Earth (no beds -- yet): Sam Owens
Air (no door -- yet): Craig Fiske

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four people pre-registered to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.


Re: September Pre-Registration

PCing Ezri


HQ Staff
Re: September Pre-Registration

I'll be there as Kailani! Superduper excited, as always. :)
Re: September Pre-Registration

I will be PCing as Dell again. Crazy stoked to see what happens!!!
Re: September Pre-Registration

PCing as Huleen.
Re: September Pre-Registration

Pc Amaranthus.
Re: September Pre-Registration

Dave D PCing Kantil


New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
Re: September Pre-Registration

Loren Williams, NPCing.


Re: September Pre-Registration

Donna Hellmuth, NPCing for y'all.


Re: September Pre-Registration

Just paid. PCing Dorian.

Tom H

Re: September Pre-Registration

Just paid for Tracey to P Thurisaz.

CABIN PLEEZ! Ulthoc, Huleen, Dorian, Thurisaz.

Aww yeah, I feels a streetfight comin'.
Re: September Pre-Registration

Will someone kindly remind me what the year membership costs? lol. Yep, i'v been away for THAT long.
Re: September Pre-Registration

NikoleDeloncreMerik said:
Will someone kindly remind me what the year membership costs? lol. Yep, i'v been away for THAT long.

$30. Chapter also allows you to purchase a single game membership for $10 (I think that is new since you were last playing regularly).