Seraphina’s Research: A NOTICE ABOUT GOBLINS

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After researching goblins after dying to them, and going over what happened to herself, Seraphina had come to some research. Pulling up a few pieces of parchment, she wrote down a rough draft then copied out into a few copies to hand out, whether putting them up in various places or handing them out, people would have access about this information of Goblins.

The parchment and it’s copies would read:


In my spare time, I have done research on these stupid wretched goblins, and their evil and unintelligent ways. They are instinctual creatures who are basically less intelligent people. From my studies, they have no particular weakness to certain types of damage, stabbing them enough times is sufficient, however, they are stupid. Really really stupid, and I don’t just mean that I dislike them.

They are easily tricked, so making a false alliance is easy to do. So is other cunning things, these goblins will believe anything. However, they will turn to violence much faster than races that are smarter. Meaning, if they feel threatened, they will act on their instincts, and possibly stab you in the back when you’re on your last breath.

To summarize, in bullet points:
-They rely on instincts/instinctual creatures
-Low intellegence, less than a person, but still sentient
-Not weak to any specific kind of damage
-Stabbing them enough times kills them
-Weakness is low intelligence
-They are easily tricked
-Turns to violence when threatened much faster than smarter races
-If you make a team with them, watch yourself; they can and will stab you on your last breath

This is my research and experience with goblins. Having been killed by one and sent through the earth circle, you should learn from my death rather than your own. Read this over, copy down the bullet points, protect yourself.

-Seraphina, the Mind Mage”

These posters and flyers would be around everywhere, and people would have access to the handwritten notes Seraphina had written. She also kept at least one copy to herself just in case she needed to produce more.
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