Share Your Story of Great Magical Rituals


Fellow Masters of Fortannian Magic (either presently or formerly),

I would love to hear your experiences with ritual magic, whether they be stories of wonder or rituals gone terribly, terribly, amusingly awry.

You need not share only one, but as many as you'd like to describe. I am interested in your tales! I will also share a story or two, should there be shared enjoyment in this!

-Shaman Zeth


Chicago Staff
In the land of Gaden, it is common anytime someone "flaws" a ritual to thereby refer to it as they "Ashered" a ritual. Reading all the formal tomes in the world still can't save you from the very small chance of flawing...

I think I've flawed over a dozen rituals...though that may be on the low end...

- Asher
Druid of Serenity Among Discord


But, did they succeed?

My very first ritual I ever cast I flawed it's success. It was an Investiture that made the target only usable by Elves. Since the target was the Spirit of a Human it resulted in humorous effect. To this day that Human still maintains the flaw.


Druid Asher -

I have many rituals. There was one time that I would swear by the Earth that I was under a blood curse. I flawed a few earlier castings in the gather, and then flawed two Weapons of Eradication rituals into failure in a row.

I had to stop casting for a few months after that gather, in the hopes that the blood curse would weaken and dissipate.

-Shaman Zeth