Short Gathering January 16th


Public Relations Committee
Good Evening All,

Could someone please advise what happened during the short gathering yesterday?

Thank You,
Matron FallingStar


I'll shoot you my notes via private message.


Chicago Staff
Perhaps since these dreamings are between us adventurers would you mimd sharing with us all here?



Chicago Staff
As a general Plot Note for the Chicago/Prademar Campaign: The Dreaming is safe from most "enemies" as creatures of power, undead, monsters ect do not sleep/dream. They can perhaps pulse a message into the dreaming but are unable to hear responses and interact as normal folks can. The dreaming is a big place and most "enemies" who do dream/sleep most likely will never encounter adventurer dreams unless specifically called out for-usually simply saying there name is not sufficient but when a response is actually requested and a message directed to them.

IE this is a reminder the dreaming is largely a safe place which the Plot team encourages interaction between all.

Ofcourse exceptions to the rule have and may in the future exist. But typically it will be pretty clear when this is the case.

Although this has been stated in person from time to time. It seems like a practical time to toss the information out on the board. A blurb about this will be included in the future local Players Handbook.


I would also be curious as to what happened.

-Squire Corbell Sheppard.


With this last small gathering we were gifted with many guests, some of which sought to harm and others of non importance. The extensive list included but perhaps is not limited to a representative of the Elder Council as per the dreaming I'm sure you received, granting us a well done pat on the back and the omni catalyst. There was also a strange waxy goo person who explained their race was reawakened with the destruction of the anti magic zones. It was looking for information or the whereabouts of it's kind as it seems they engage in a free for all war with themselves to determine who will be "the first" of the next generation? We were also visited by Solar Vasil and Solar Prisonstorm. The former reported having been locked away by the other Solars and had "escaped". He was quite clearly and by his own admittance not all together in his head and that Solar Asura would arrive soon to take him back, which was in fact the case. He offered and tried to race change Binar, at Binar's request, into a Vornae however Binar dodged, as he wished to choose the race, and nothing came of it. Solar Prisonstorm spoke with Binar, Shen, and myself in an effort to once again try to put together a form of system for the Celestial Guilds ranking efforts. The consensus being the advancement from apprentice to journeyman involving two of the three following options. 1) Assist in an academical endeavor that benefits the guild, 2) Prove yourself in a martial manner, or 3) Successfully cast a ritual determined by someone, likely the master or Solar you are working under. Sam Gemclipper and Cupbearer Auryn engaged further with the Fae regicide conspiracy, it seems a human male is the fall man for a greater player, forgive me as his name escapes me, however he peddles the pies responsible for the berserk effect. The being behind the attempts is likely Luna, whom recently stole and donned the mantle of Jealousy. Szsoto returned looking to speak with Lady Fallingstar. He was as glum and sour as ever and demanded to know why the invading forces had not yet left their lands. He left a dagger asking Miggz to hit her on a limb, the resulting wounds to the body would never heal. Said dagger's "honed" edge will pass within a week and should not cause distress at this point. Duchess Vivian followed up with Auryn and Beryl's lady tasks, Sir Ganivan followed up on the squire tasks with Rusty, and Special Magistrate Constance followed up with Shen's Magistrate tasks. We were also graced with Friend paying us a visit, his children, 36, have come to the age where they will choose their paths. This however is problematic in timing as they will be hunting the Treants whom are not strong enough to regenerate from death.

As always should you desire further details you have but to ask.

-DeSylvia, U.A.