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  1. Zihr

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    If one were to silver an arrow with blacksmithing, it costs 1 production point (and 1 copper for that production point) and 1 silver to do the silvering. So a total of 11 copper and 1 production point for 1 arrow.

    If one were to use an alchemy workshop and a quicksilver coating one gets 2 arrows for 10 copper (cost of production for the coating).

    Is that correct? Doesn't seem to make ANY sense to put more points into blacksmithing ...
  2. Ragnarok

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    Disclaimer: I am not a rules marshal.

    I'm pretty sure that you only need 1 silver and 1 production point to silver an arrow, so the cost comparison between the two is identical.

    Though even if that weren't the case one could still argue that you cant make armor with blacksmithing :p
  3. Lurin

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    The key you are forgetting is that you can only have one coating per arrow, so if you wanted to make Murder werewolves arrows, it's best to make silver arrows, then add serious vorpals (giving you +10 silver) As to blacksmithing, when I played my productionist rabbit I used it for 2 things, quick refits for physical armor (which will likely be a bit more common with the limit lco transfer rules now a days) and giant baskets of arrows.
  4. Dragonblade

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    true but to make a arrow costs 1/2 pt. of production which is why a quiver(2o arrows or bolts) is around 10 production, though silvering an arrow or bolt does raise the price.

    david raatz

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