So let's talk about Steepfall (what'd we call it again?)

Joseph Smith

So let's talk Steepfall.

Tactically, this is a choke point on those who would use the Waymaker Network to travel from Allacar to Dragonreach. Agents from Allacar have made multiple efforts to poison Steepfall and make it uninhabitable. The worst of it was mitigated by the adventuring community, but as this is the most extended permanent community of Dragonreach (at least most extended towards Allacar) I think politically, it is important to fortify the area. Morally speaking, the populace has little to no resources from the Crown. As Ser Simon said this was to become an adventuring outpost, I think it's up to us to organize a lasting line of defense there. I'm hoping to begin this discussion and see who wants to be part of it. Then we can talk methods. In order of perceived importance:

Two things we need and I can't speak to: A Celestial Guild and an Earth Guild. The circles are up, so to my understanding that's a big hurdle out of the way. Could those of you that are involved in those guilds in Valborough talk to your superiors and figure out leaders for the Steepfall guilds?

Two other things I personally think we need: Town Guards that can handle non-adventurer problems, and a Merchant's Guild to handle economic matters. I'd like those two things to be separate. I've seen Merchants' Guilds that were also in charge of security of an area before and that way can invite corruption of authority. The goal of both of these organizations would be twofold: to service the populace and watch against sabotage from the Kingdom of Allacar.

Something that we might like to do is establish a Library for the area. When you can research your own solutions, you become self-sufficient. This would be a method of helping the settlement prosper.

To that end, establishing Trade Guilds that oversee instruction in fields of crafting might be something to consider. First thoughts go to Masonry, Carpentry and Blacksmithing.

-Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith

As an update:

Celestial Guild:
I have spoken to Guildmaster Gend of the Celestial Guilds. As of yet, he does not believe anyone should officially be in charge of the Celestial Guild of Steepfall because there isn't much of a guild there to manage, or surroundings to serve. I still intend to establish an interim leader so that the Guild can get started. Hopefully Gend will take my actions as initiative and not defiance. Time will tell.

Earth Guild:
Magistrate Ironrose is involved in looking for people suited to the role of leading the Earth Guild of Steepfall. Talk to her if you are interested.

Economy: The Dragon Hoard will be taking a vested interest in Steepfall and countering the economic warfare of political entities therein. There are substantial metals to be mined to promote economic growth in Springdale. Please coordinate any building you wish to do through me.

Troubles: There is a severe lumber shortage. This is being addressed by myself and Lord Lukas as we build a sawmill on his lands to transport finished lumber to Steepfall. There is significant sabotage in Steepfall and the surrounding areas that has been identified as Allacar initiatives. Myconids ("The Green Undead") have been used as a weaponized "poison" for the river. Alchemic initiatives are in great demand. To this end, The Dragon Hoard has already secured 74 Enfeeble Globes and are looking into deployable gas traps.

Protection: Lord Lukas will deploy his men to Steepfall to deter any sabotage as we begin to build there.

Any assistance will be useful in getting this settlement off the ground. Coin will go to building and securing public buildings, walls and Guilds. Ritual Scrolls will go to Guild Libraries. If you feel you have nothing to offer, you are mistaken. Contact me and I will find you a role. All those who assist will be commemorated in a monument in Steepfall when the basic needs are met. Any production that might be useful in this endeavor will be accepted, and your contribution noted.

Let's build a better Steepfall.


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No Blue. Joseph is correct. Steepfall is the adventuring post. Springdale is the name of the duchy.

Thank you for your efforts in vitalizing this area. Should you need it, I can transport people there en masse. In addition, I heard at the gathering that the post was renamed to Sarr's Hollow. I do not have confirmation on the accuracy of this, but thought you may find it useful. At the end of the day, a location only gets its name based off of what most people call it. Given your influence, you could probably name it whatever you want.

Safe Travels,
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Darn it! Thanks Mr. Banradi for the correction. How does anyone keep this stuff straight? Also I like Sarr’s Hallow. Please name it that!

I did have a question cause I’m confused. Is this a military outpost or just a place like Valborough that’s where adventurers kinda live? Are we all moving there permanently or just setting it up to be like our summer home?
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Joseph Smith

Thank you for that. As soon as I build some reinforced housing, I may need your ability to transfer families en masse. Lord Lukas might want to transfer military units in groups for safety purposes.

Don't sweat it. We're all learning as we go. I also like "Sarr's Hollow" as a name. I think I'm going to keep calling it Steepfall until we improve the area. Then I'll hold some kinda ceremony where it officially goes from "Steepfall" to what we collectively built. Unless Mathis says different. I really like the name, though.

This is a town like Valborough. Adventurers will live there, find work there, and generally serve the populace there. There is a lot built up in Valborough, and it needs your protection. This is a newer place we are carving out. Some, like me, will live there permanently. I'll still adventure in Valborough when the opportunity presents itself, but I think Steepfall needs me more. There will be a lot of military-like considerations at the start, but that's because we don't have a lot of the luxuries of Valborough. There aren't armies, factions, or guilds there. So we need to bring anything we want to rely on. Ser Simon called it "The Frontier" and I think that's a good way of looking at it. It's a clean slate. My focus is going to be on fixing a lot of the people looking to capitalize on the lack of oversight (war profiteers, Alacar operatives and bandits.) I'm confident that when we put our resources to protecting people and building a better life, people will want to become a part of that. As long as we don't bring our mistakes with us.