Social Media Specialist Wanted


New Hampshire Staff
Alliance LARP NH is looking for a Social Media Specialist. I will own that this area is one that I am personally weak in but a staff member who is better versed in this realm has helped me prepare the following description of this new staff position as well as its duties and what skills would be helpful. If you or any one you know is interested please have them contact me at

Social Media Specialist duties and responsibilities​

A social media specialist follows conversations on the internet while interacting with the public at the same time. The specialist is responsible for monitoring trending hashtags and topics while finding unique ways to integrate them into the brand.

A social media specialist may also work with other staff members as a way to further promote a brand, such as bringing in players/staff to help publicize an event. The specialist is responsible for tracking whether or not social marketing efforts have been successful through goal setting with markers for identifying success through various online analytical tools. Other duties include:

  • Ability to develop and implement a chapter social media strategy
  • Encourage greater social media participation
  • Identify opportunities to influence public perception through audience engagement and publicly speaking about the Chapter and Campaigns.
  • Regular and frequent posting and engagement on the Chapter's social media platforms.

Helpful Skill Set:

  • Understanding of social media algorithms and tagging systems
  • Background in Marketing
  • Graphic arts/Photography
  • Passion and attention to detail

We are looking for someone who's ready to dive right in, training and guidance will be available as needed.