SOLAR Services, annual refresher - year 321


Chicago Staff
There are a number of celestial services available from members of the Solar Guild. The Guildhouse Librarian of Fairfax & Arbor may be contacted in lieu of an Adventuring Apprentice/Journey/Master. The Guildhouse Librarian however rarely will barter. Only coin is accepted for typical services and while each Librarian is a formidable Celestialist, so to can be their rates. Requesting a Libraian to cast rituals is another matter and usually involve something more than simple coin (Chicago Goblin Goblin Stamps).

The Adventuring Solar Members each have some of their own rates (frequently lower than the Librarians). Those rates are frequently tailored by that celestialist's abilities... If a large request were to consume a large portion of the magic they can manipulate in a 24hr period - then they equally ask for appropriate compensation... Also, there are some things which are simply beyond a specific Celestialist's abilities, or a different Celestialist is better suited due to their studies. It is not meant in any offense, just ensure you get the most out of whatever you ask for...

This missive will attempt to refresh some of the basics of things most popularly desired.

...Celestial Wards...
Have 3 primary options.
1) cast from their memory.
2) charge *your* 9th circle Celestial Spell Store. (Can be done by the casters memory, or by their ability to manipulate High Celstial Magic). You must have your own Spellstore, and ensure that you use it correctly.
3) The celestialist will charge their own SpellStore, travel with you to where you need the ward built. Allow you to cast it from their spellstore and guide you in its correct usage.

Option 1, the caster will be invested in The created ward. Options 2 & 3, they will not be.

In the event you have a Ward created, you must either have a celestialist who is invested in said Ward and has memorized "investment", or anyone whom is invested who can read Battle Magic Scrolls ((Read Magic)), can use them to invest the person. One investment Spell or Scroll is needed per additional investment.

...Filling a Spell Store...
A Celestialist whom you barter with who can muster 3 Tomes of Celeatial High Magic on your behalf, can fill a Celestial Spell Store to the most it can hold, with any Celestial Spell. This can be 1 Prison (for a 9th circle Spell Store) or 9 Disarms (for 9th circle Spell store holding 9 first level spells). The Celestialist is not responsible for what you do with those spell(s) or their consequences.

...Battle Magic Scrolls...
In addition to normal merchants and merchant groups around the lands - as mentioned there are 3 (that I know of) who inscribe Battle Magic Scrolls. They are: Lady Eldandril, Aremis, and myself - all of which are Masters of the craft. Aremis and Myself have a modest personal collection that may or may not be for sale as well as accept commissioned requests. Lady Eldandril, when she visits the Fairfax Dutcy, tends to work by commissioned requests only.

...Celestial Formal Ritual Casting...
A Solar Formists, can cast rituals which are General or Celestial aspect, and once finished the final product will be of a Celestial Nature. Some rituals are fairly simple and potentially fast, some are not. Whenever you wish to pay for such a service it is not only their skill and mastery of said magics, but also time. Your average complicated, ritual or small Batch can take an average of 30 minutes from set up to break down ((and getting a marshal to adjudicate)). It is widely understood that sometimes last minute needs arise when we meet for market and rituals that weren't planned may be needed. Despite this specific situation, rituals are always best organized in advance. Not only can the rituals be performed at specific general time and place, the Formalist can balance your needs with the rest of the adventuring market.

There are a few different common methods of pricing.
1. Priced by individual ritual(s) being cast
2. Priced by difficulty of individual or batch of rituals
3. Priced by time required.

...Ritual materials...
The Formalist will have the things they need to call upon Celestial Magic. However it is the general practice that you will have the Ritual Scroll, the needed reagents which are not expired, and the item or target of the ritual. Some Formalists have their own personal stockpile of various Ritual Scrolls and reagents, but the expectation is that such is provided by you. If you have a specific need that you can't fulfil, communicate with the Solar Formalist you are working with (or other adventurers) there is always someone you can barter/sell/buy/trade with.

...A Note for the Celestial Ritual of Vengence...
All of the adventuring Solar Formalists who "should" be the ones casting your Vengence all require advanced negotiation for said casting. In order to do "well" they largely need to plan their entire day around that 1 ritual. Thus, they may attempt to coordinate so only 1 person is casting them and delay casting them until most requests can be fulfilled the same day.

Of the Adventuring Solar Formalists, seek out:
Fredrick, Aremis, or DeSylvia
Short of a Mecurian Master, or a Librarian - they can create the strongest Vengence if you are patient and work with them. At last count, if they are able to build their day around casting that specific ritual, they could Manifest at least a Vengence capabile of instantly killing most things not a creature of power, and even some weaker creatures of power.

...A Note on Ritual Manipulation & Augmentation...
Ritual manipulation & augmentation is exactly as it seems. The ritual is successfully cast and does what it is suppost to do, and then also something extra. Some augmentation are specifically for the end result on your behalf. Some are specifically for the formalist who is casting the ritual. Most often, if a Solar Formalist decides to invoke augments that are for their benifit (not yours), there is no additional cost for said augmentation because that is their choice. At least usually, some exceptions do exist because some rituals have very bad negative effects if something were to unexpectedly wrong. Augmentations that lend to the fabrication of Celestial Ritual Magic, are done by request at a price negotiated. As with everything else, not all of the Solar Formalists can Manifest every commonly known manipulation. It is something that you should ask about and the Formalist will be able to explain what they can and can't offer you and at what cost. However things like Caster's insight & True Empowerment, the list of available casters shrinks considerably and for those hefty manipulations advanced arrangements are almost always required.

Some formal Rituals can be slellcrafted. Doing so lends a minimal of the rituals effects, for a duration of 5 days. Those rituals which have triggered effects, they can usually be triggered once per day, on each of those days.

In some ways, Spellcrafting is significantly easier. For starters you need not be a Formalist, just well versed in the study if High Magic of the aspect. In some ways it is harder, because the reagents & effort of the caster is manifested "per" spellcrafted ritual. As opposed to preparation of anything less difficult than 'x'. Spellcrafted effect on items are typically the best choice, as you are most likely to obtain the full benifit and duration. Spellcrafting which targets your body or Spirit, is taxing on both. If your body is destroyed, so too is the magic that enchanted it. Your spirit however is only strong enough to hold one spellcrafted effect. Should you gain a second, or be the victim of some forceful magic that attaches to your spirit akin to a spellcrafted effect... the old effect is replaced by the new effect. Spellcrafting maintains the aspect of the Ritual Scroll used, and doesn't change due to it being spellcrafted as opposed to casted normally.

...Questions about Earth, and not Celestial...
Most of this annual update and reminder is vague enough to simply replace celestial with earth. As the two aspects follow similar guidance with relation to how ritual magic, manipulations, spellcrafting, and the study of High Magic work. They are wildly different, however I really only brought up topics in which they are the same. The parts about Battle Magic Scrolls, Vengence, and those included by name, are specifically Celestialists. If you have questions about specific earth rituals, effects, or Earth Guild Formalists - ask any adventurer you know is a healer. Most of them study High Magic and can answer questions as well as point you to Earth Formalists of their Guild.

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I am also willing to teach those that may be interested in learning how use Celestial Magic.
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