Some New PC questions


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Hi all!

I'm Brian Johnson, I was an NPC at the March event. I liked it so much I decided to come back as a PC, and I've convinced one or maybe two of my friends to come with me. So, I have a short list of newbie questions, mostly on OOG logistics.

1) I'm starting a Stone Elf (I kinda expect to use my first game reroll, but I have an interesting concept), one of my friends is starting a High Orc. Where are the best places to get the makeup and prostheses we will need? We live in Corvallis, and there's no theater supply store I've been able to find.

2) Where should we plan to sleep? Do any of the player cabins have 2 beds we could use, or do we more properly belong in Gypsy camp?

3) How do we integrate our characters into the game? My character at least will be coming from somewhere far far away, and I'm not sure what the best way to introduce him is. I'm coming in with some gobbies from NPCing, but my friend wants to start a PC and he's only going to have the 15 starting build. Will that be hard? Will we not be able to quest together?

4) Is there anyone who would be willing to lend us some gear? I'm afraid of building weapons and then having them not pass safety and being SOL. I would need to borrow a basic long sword (no waylay tip needed), and a shield, and my friend would need to borrow a one hand polearm and a shield.

I'm sure I'll have some more, so thanks in advance!


Hi Brian,

I recommend buying your makeup online. There's also an alright costume shop in Albany, about a block from the bridge coming from Corvallis. You can always hunt up stuff through them, but feel free to browse through the national props/costuming board for good links to online vendors as well.

Sleeping - we can, at best, ensure that you have a roof over your head. As for which group, you might want to pursue that in-game... you'll likely get better results, although asking around if you can create a character with some pre-existing link to some group wouldn't be frowned upon. We have, in the past, insisted that people figure it out amongst themselves how to fit everyone in the few cabins we have available. Something that could be done, though no one has asked, is that you could partition off part of the tavern with some tapestries and set up a ward (or not) of your own in there, though we would probably require that all the pc cabins have been filled up first.

You guys should be able to team up - I run around as a fairly low-level character and have had no problem integrating my playstyle with characters ranging anywhere from brand-new to well-established. As for writing your histories into the tapestry of the game, come up with a character history and send it to plot ( and we'll suggest tweaks or adjustments as needed. We're still working on the player handbook, and should have something sussed out by the end of this current arc; until then, the general theme of "I come from far away and find myself in this place" certainly works. :)

For gear, there are online vendors of latex weapons, if money is less of a concern. Otherwise, you might want to hit up Matt - he's a pretty talented foamsmith, time is just the big hindrance there. One note - the game does not allow for a "one-handed polearm". Could probably do something neat by way of an "axe", though.


I highly recommend Stage West/Costume Avenue in downtown Beaverton for makeup. Her prices are comparable to most online shops, she has a large selection and will let you sample all of them, so you can find the perfect color and shade.


We do allow spear and shield which is how I fight most of the time. Spear is governed by the one-handed edged skill.


Keep in mind that latex weapons, such as spears, do not have a thrusting tip as required by Alliance. So the fighting style with Latex weaponry ends up being slashing.
I got some questions, and some advice.

First, I want to play in one of your LARP games, I have never LARPed before and have been researching for a LARP group near me, I found you guys. I am 16, currently live in Carlton (near Yamhill), and have a basic idea of what I want to RP as. but I got no idea what to do now. I got a foam sword I made that should be safe, that is about it, but I should have a costume by your next game.

Second, you guys need to post way more videos of you guys LARPing, have an example of play, or something.

You can email me at and tell me what I should do next.


Oregon Staff
Welcome! You have officially chosen the best pasttime in the world to get involved in! ;D If you don't have a rule book, you should definitely pick one up. The e-book is available here. If you want a paperback, though, you're going to need to get one at an event, or wait a few weeks and order from Amazon. We just updated the book, and Amazon still old version copies, not new ones yet.

As for the filming: well, in our defense, it's a bit of a challenge to get filming done (as a member of a team who has done so in the past). It requires stepping out of game for some awesome fights, and a lot of us LARP because we love fighting. It also breaks the fourth wall, as it were, and that's never a huge pile of fun. Furthermore, unless you know the system, the voices just sound like a bunch of gibberish (which doesn't improve much when you know the system and are in the middle of a huge combat :D).

However, we do have some wicked-cool footage from the Seattle event a few months ago. You can check it out on youtube:

Metal Version:
More Techno-y Longer Version:

Those are the two with which i helped. :D
There are also some examples of combat where you can hear the calls here:,

Other than that, just make sure your weapon fits the specs outlined in book, because it will be thoroughly checked when you get on site, and get ready to have an awesome time. Are you going to try and make the Seattle game on the 22nd? A lot of Oregon players come up for Seattle events (and vice versa) because we're relatively close to each other, and you could probably grab a carpool if you'd like. Short notice, but it should be fun if you can swing it. :)


Personally, I am not a fan of LARP videos in general, other than for my own nostalgia's sake (and to review my own combat for improvement, etc.). They just don't translate well - LARP is not a spectator sport.
I won't be able to make it to the game on the 22nd, but will be able to attend games within the state of Oregon. The reason why is it would be about a 3 and a half trip there for me, and my parents are not willing to go that far a distance. Also my parents are not the most trusting, so I wouldn't be able to car pool with anyone unless they know them.

Do you have games once a month, once every two weeks, or some other game schedule, it would be nice to know.
BTW I got the book (PDF) and read the whole thing. This looks like something I would really enjoy :lol: . partly because I play D&D with my friends, and I usually (99.9% of the time) get stuck with being the DM so I don't get to be a player much, :( ...
At some point I Might come up to Portland and ask some (probably a lot) questions about the game and stuff.

This is my character
Name: VanRon NaiRohd (Translation from Elven to Common>First: Forest-Walker; Last: Oak-Leaf)
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
Class: Scout

One Handed Edged
Two Weapons

P.S.It would be epic if you guys used LARP arrows instead of bean bags.

Sorry if this Post seems to be all over the place with the questions, I just like to ask questions.


"P.S.It would be epic if you guys used LARP arrows instead of bean bags."

As one of the several resident archers I can't help but agree! It'd be wonderful if an arrow strike felt different than a spell. Alas!


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iWolfe said:
"P.S.It would be epic if you guys used LARP arrows instead of bean bags."

As one of the several resident archers I can't help but agree! It'd be wonderful if an arrow strike felt different than a spell. Alas!
Be a bit more expensive to use bows ($15.75 / arrow & $60+ for a bow), also run the risk of people stepping on & breaking arrows.


There are definitely some cool larps that use real bows. The Alliance system doesn't really lend itself well to that though - it's hard enough making sure victims (er, people) 30-feet away clearly hear your Dragon's Breath hitting them; differentiating between a Terminate and 50 Slay from 40 yards away gets downright dicey. Plus, Alliance generally lends itself to having to do multiple hits, not just one or two well-placed arrows, so the coolness factor of lobbing shafts across the field definitely falls short in this system.

Don't get me wrong. My first character was an elven archer and I loved the heck out of it. But as the game has grown, there really isn't a good niche for true archery.
I know how to make a single larp arrow for about 3-6 bucks, about the same price it takes to make a sword or less (for me).

Before reading the handbook, I wanted to be an archer character. I just love the idea of sniping someone from 100ft, or better yet, in an epic battle you could have multiple archers do a volley of arrows, and have it rain upon the heads of the apposing force.
After reading the handbook, I changed my mind, I would rather whack someone with foam weapons rather then throw bean bags at them from 30ft away.
I am wondering if any one can help me on my Elf's History/Background so it can integrate better into the game.

So far this is what I have.

My name is VanRon (Forest Walker) NaiRohd (Oak Leaf), I am an Elf, the last member left in my family.
I never knew my parents. My father (AnsrAvel (Rune Sword)) died on the front lines as a solder, so I am told, and my mother (RomOlo(Meadow Flower)) died in child birth along with the baby, my brother who was never named. I was very young at that time, and have no memories of them. The only other relative I had was my uncle, KethAm (Wind Strider). He was a hermit, I guess you could say, some of his habits, good and bad, rubbed off onto me. He taught me how to survive in the wild, and how to use a sword, or two, as the years went by. One day, a giant bear attacked my uncle at his hut while I was out hunting. The bear killed him of course. But I tracked the bear down, and killed the foul beast. It was a fierce battle, but came out with just a few scars (Claw marks across my face, Ouch).I have been wandering the woods ever since, looking for some answer or calling.Trying to find my self. Living in the forest, learning from the trees, beasts, and earth it's self. They all taught me, I have much to learn, and it cant, and will not, be learned here. So I have chosen to come back to the civilized world, and try to look here.

And there you go.
from birth to the first game.