Some reminders from your new plot team.

Hello eveyone,

Wanted to let everyone know that we, who are your new plot team, are extremely excited for the November event, it is comming very soon so get your IBGA's to us (we're new so need some time to iron out how we intend to respond). To you who have already sent yours, thank you, and fear not we will respond to them soon!

Also send us along anything your PC is currently involved in; goals, dreams, immoral pacts with unnatural beings... ect....

We have been though many plot team shifts ourselves and are doing our best to lessen dropped plot lines.

If you were thinking at some point of running any kind of rogue plot, we would like a write up so we can intergrate you into the setting.

And while on the subject of rogue plot, we request that no rogue plot is run for our first two events, those being November and Feburary, just so we can get our berings... We hope that all of you will be too busy enjoying our story to run anything anyway... (here's hoping)

send IBGAs, questions, comments and money to:

It has been brought to my attention that "rogue plot" is a bit ambiguous and can be taken to mean "plot specifically for players who have chosen the rogue character class"... sorry...

To clarify: If you are thinking of running a plot line, a couple of mods, someones character history, anything like that... contact us.. also we ask that none of that stuff goes on till March.

Thank you..