SoMN's Campaign Ending Fundraiser! Expired, Thank you!

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  1. Lurin

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    Alliance SoMN Castle Fundraiser.

    As we approach our Campaign Close this September, Alliance Southern MN is looking to raise funds to offset the cost of using the castle in back to back years (hey the corrupt like to build posh places to their climatic battles) After thinking about the current opportunities out there, we are of the opinion that in general, more build is not what people want or need, and there are already plenty of opportunities out there if that’s what you desire!

    So instead SoMN staff has decided to put together our best effort at a go fund me style fundraiser. Although we are not utilizing fundraising site because we feel we can reach the vast majority of interested parties without giving up that percentage and every copper counts after all!

    So without further ado here is what we’ve come up with to tempt you into donating some of your hard earned coin to help us make the end of our first campaign as exciting as possible! All donations come with a 5:1 Goblin stamp bonus as an extra thank you!

    Please note, these donation levels ARE limited as we cannot promise more DS than we have to offer, so take advantage early if interested!

    Donations of any level - Curious Observer- Closed

    Hey thanks! No seriously every little bit helps. You’ll get a 5:1 goblin ratio and a copy of the end of campaign write up that will be going out to our players to help share the “Those in the know” information, which will be a bit more detailed than the general “What your average person would know” information we will be posting on the forums.

    $25 Dollar level - Friend from the Mists - Closed

    As with the first level, but in addition your character will be able to have a limited impact on the event, even if they can’t make it! Our plot team will work with any interested party at this level to include a small action that will make it through our mist wall. This could be a care package, or a small group of mercenaries sent to help with a specific task. Plot will do their best to include these submissions in our story lines. This will be limited to the first 10 participants.

    $50 Dollar Level - Corruption’s End Token - Closed

    At this level you will receive an actual token that will be suitable to have in game. These tokens are being made by a local craftsman to commemorate the occasion and will likely be a small leather item or pouch. This also comes with 20 Dragon Stamps to enchant this item with! (That is enough for a cloak, or 10 levels of spells for example)

    $75 Dolars - I want both! - Closed

    This level gives you both of the above levels together, hey it’s only one button, how easy! In addition you’ll get an extra 10 Dragon stamps for a total of 30.

    $100 Dollars - Been there (maybe) done that, got the T-shirt - Closed

    All of the items from the $50 Dollar level, we’ll up the ante to 40 total DS, AND you get a T-shirt! The design to be determined via a contest, this t-shirt will be a 2 color professionally made shirt and is certainly to be a hit in certain circles!

    I Want to give more! - Closed

    For any donation above $100 you'll continue to get Goblins at 5:1 and Dragon Stamps at a rate of 10 per $25 donated (While our supplies last)
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  2. Lurin

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    Thanks to the people that have already donated we've filled 25% of our Goal/maximum as our ability to offer Dragon Stamps at this special rate is limited to what SoMN has available!

    The E-mails for those who have already donated will be going out to night, while we obviously suggest that it would be cool to save those Dragon Stamps to make your token extra cool you are free to do with them whatever you wish!

    Edit - Make that 25% oh my! Thanks so much folks!
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  3. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Newbie

    How's this going? My wife and I were looking around to make some donations, and the lure of DS is strong, so we wanted to see if there were still DS in the pot.
  4. Lurin

    Lurin Count Owner Southern Minnesota Staff Chicago Staff

    We've been keeping this up to date. We've also got a super secret sinister agreement from some neighboring chapters to take care of any overflow that might happen if a sudden surge comes in at the end to ensure 100% of all folks get their DS while this post is up. We have thus far raised about 1/4th of our goal! (Thanks folks!)
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  5. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Newbie

    Thanks for the update!
  6. Mark of Chaos

    Mark of Chaos Newbie

    Donations sent from each of us (and emailed a request to your logistics to spend some of those GS already :) ). Have fun storming the castle!
  7. AllianceCHI

    AllianceCHI Baron

    25 bucks is in the mail. I might be far away but I care DG! :)
  8. Lurin

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    This Fundraiser will end August 1st, as the first of the Two IBGA options for our donators will be started at that time, as well as we need to get the other rewards in process.
  9. AllianceCHI

    AllianceCHI Baron

    Any chance you wanna leave it open till the 3rd of Aug? :p

  10. Lurin

    Lurin Count Owner Southern Minnesota Staff Chicago Staff

    Let us know of your intention by the deadline and we will happily extend the date to the 3rd for you sir.
  11. AllianceCHI

    AllianceCHI Baron

    Donating more money?
  12. Lurin

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    We'll be turning off the links tonight folks!

    I do want to thank everyone that has donated, I have a good number of excited folks that have been given budgets for their special projects for our castle event!

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