Southern Minnesota April 6-8th Opener Weekend Favourites


Hello all!

With the SoMN Opener Event done, I'm sure we all had a ton of fun, whether it be fighting Corrupt to playing ChoKoNu's games of chance in the tavern. What are some highlights you enjoyed most about this event?

ALSO, do not forget to send in your feedback to The form is up on the website, and for doing so you will receive 15 goblin stamps. It takes about 2 minutes for an easy 15 goblin stamps, and plot wants to know what you want to do more of!

With that said, here were some of my favorites off the top of my head:
-Andrea's cloak, it looks great, thank you Andrea!
-Seeing all of the new PC's, it's good to see the chapter grow
-Trying to point fingers at Davion for the spiders which were SUPPOSED to die off in the cold over the winter
-Doing the hat game, getting an eye patch that doubles all ranged weapon blows, then trading that off for a bunch of healing potions
-Going on all the mods, they were all fun (thank you NPC's!)
-The 3 Undead Liches trying to throw money at us to go away after we kill all their undead
-Picking up like 10-15 or so people with my healing, and then taking a Death Spell for someone whom I had just healed, so they didn't have to die
-Gorka's resurrection of Icey, he came back feeling pretty good about himself
-Fern, "Since you gave me that Earth blade, you have rights to sit in my chair when I'm not sitting in it." That chair is so awesome, not gonna lie
-Getting sad about sleeping through the Saturday night mod, then waking up and slaughtering some elementals, the people around me, like, "How do you still have that many spells left?"
-In my head, "Huh, I still have my Life spell in memory. I HAVE A DEATH IN MEMORY!" and then casting a Death Spell on an elemental.
-Gandian lighting all of the spider webs on fire, but leaving the entire barn untouched, as well as the phys-rep spider
-The undead next morning, me doing pretty much nothing against them, besides giving Fern another Earth Blade.
-The Elemental Cave exploration for the Celestial Guild
-The whole tax collectors near the end "But I have a puppy!"
I wasn't there for very long..but whatever. :p

*Meeting new PC's!! Late night Tavern talks are really entertaining.
*Saving dying Pcs.. I felt super cool.
*Stealing cloaks from nice people because I underdressed
*Harassing Adam to be a PC next event
*Growling at my wake up call
*"You guys are going to bed already? It's so early" "... It's 2 am." "Really?!" "Welcome to LARP."
*"That's not a valid question.. " Oh.. awkward.

It was so much fun! And Sorry I got sick. :(
I had a blast! It was better than I expected especially for my first time.

-Not dying all weekend! Thanks to everyone who healed me when I was down.
-phase elementals. I enjoyed the Magic Storm from the porch.
-Watching the General get killed and Gandian locking him in the prison.
-Being involved in a ritual casting.
-Running into trolls who had us pay the toll and it was different for every person.
-Meeting the wolf pups and watching them get excited around Jeyhu.
-Listening to all the battle stories and the gossip in the tavern.
-Doing the testing cave with 4 fellow players. That was a great mind game.
-Seeing Raven running through the field to throw shatters at the node and then get away without getting hurt. Talk about a suicide mission.
-The gypsy curse killing the corrupt unicorn.
-Meeting all the people in town and making new friends (and running into an old one)
-Getting a cloak from Gorka. Its great and I love the clasp! It fits beautifully and just the right size. Thank you Gorka!

There are lots more. I keep remembering stuff as I go. lol.
Can't wait to do it all again.


Chicago Staff
Glad to see such an explosive turn out this season opener! Hope a lot of you had fun even if you could only stay for half the game! Thanks to the NPCs who showed up! The game wouldn't exist without you guys!

My favorites:
- Anytime Paige Sunday said "Foreclosure" or " I have a Puppy, he'll be lonely" as a false tax collector. Fern and I completely lost it at the end.
- Stepping into my duties as Sheriff and getting a feel of it towards the end of Saturday-- sanctioning/watching the Hobling honor duel.
- Campfire late Saturday night--just a generally relaxing time.
- The Teamwork puzzle mod, was worth the wait. Nicely done DT.
- I really enjoyed the Unicorn mod. The amount of teamwork and coordination we had was some of the best I've seen.
- The chain Romani curses on the Unicorn. Nicely executed guys, that was amazing!
- Learning how to meld with trees and travel that way. That was a really cool bit of lore.
- Thorador and Victor Von Gryphon becoming Squires under Sir Durefang.
- 4 Dryad PCs at one event! Woo!
- Talitha walking up to an elemental without any weapons, raising an aura and sending a lightning blast to kill it.
- Giving Gandian a paranoia Elixir instead of an antidote and thus resetting his timer. DG OOG saying..umm, that's not an antidote and me having an "I'm an idiot" face.
- Asher finally got angry at something, and it was weird.
- Group 2 wanting to risk their lives for my staff...before finding out it was magical. Thanks guys! I was glad to grab it back from a dead Corrupt.
- More to come I'm sure..


*Insert generic statement of satisfaction for the event here*

In all seriousness though, I had an absolute blast at this event. I always enjoy larp no matter what's going on and this one was no exception. I feel like Roy grew a lot this event and I have a better idea where he fits in the town. I look forward to seeing where this new season takes him and the rest of the town. Here are some of my favorites:

- Meeting all the new people. I always enjoy talking to new people about our game and helping them get settled in at least a little. In retrospect, going on the newbie mod may have made them think I was new too.
- The gypsy curses killing the unicorn. I was a little disappointed because mine was right on the tip of my tongue when it died, but it was still a really cool thing that the gypsy's had a major part in that fight, even if they couldn't fight him directly.
- Meeting Misty O'shun again. I get super excited whenever I meet her (him? it?) because of the fun rp and knowing that I gave he/she/it that name
- Hitting some undead with a weapon I couldn't use just to distract them. Clever, huh?
- Fighting York for a little while again whilst NPCing. Whenever I NPC I always end up fighting York swinging the same damage as him and it's always fun for me, even if our little duel ended being interrupted by a lightning blast square between my eyes (I'm looking at you Talitha :p)
- The setup for the unicorn mod. I really liked the idea of splitting the town into three groups and making them work cooperatively toward the same goal. It was a neat concept and it worked well in my opinion.
- Magic banish storm. I had a lot of fun with that even though my aim stinks
- Gabriel's group of fighters. I didn't expect their group to be so effective and well organized so quickly! I was really surprised by this group (sorry that I don't know everyone who was in it) and I have to say that I was extremely impressed by them and their teamwork. I expect really great things in the future from that group.
- Buying a leaf from Gandian for a gold, then turning around and selling it to an NPC for just about 2.5 gold. Dat merchanting.
- Von Gryphon's and Thorador's speeches. They were both very good. Keep it up you two!
- More to come when I remember them

*Edit: added something I remembered


Oh yes yes. This was a fantastic event. There are so many things to talk about.

-Fighting in the rain, and seeing Dure'dhel with his 'all you can cast' magic storm on the porch.
-Having Anthony joining up with the Black Wolves, learning how to fight with them and seeing how groups fight interdependently.
-Getting to meet a knight and training with him and others in group tactics.
-'Dying' in the battle with the unicorn and Cho Ko Nhu motivating us to push forward. It was pleasantly surprising to be led by him.
-Being exposed to unique quests (gathering, hunting, teamwork) with the wolf-kin.
-Getting intoxicated at the worst possible times (i.e. before or during a battle) voluntarily or by 'friendly' sources. :p
-Reagan being my lucky charm at the games of chance and paying a gold for her cupcakes.
-Anthony's education about the 'swords and the sheathes'.
-Seeing Victor being selected as a squire and watching him lead was very cool.
-The NPCs, you guys are what makes Larp! Lots of love to you guys.

And I just know I'm missing a lot of things, but nevertheless I still loved this weekend!


I think everyone else is already getting most of my favorite moments, but here goes.

First of all, I had a good death. It was my fault, but I wouldn't do things significantly differently. I probably should've popped my slay, but I'm not sure it would have made a difference.
Normally I hate larping in the rain, but the fight against the phase pairs outside the tavern was pretty awesome. My armor and my giant hair kept me nice and dry.
Having people compete for my group membership - the Keepers picked me up between games, but Shadow's Light was trying to recruit me and Victor wanted me in the Black Wolves. It's nice to feel wanted. :thumbsup:
Playing Carrots and Crafts with Jehyu and getting extra points on a technicality.
Dagmara's decision that power should be based on the fanciness and size of one's hat. Sir Durthang obviously shouldn't be a knight, as he doesn't even have a hat, and the Baroness's circlet is both tiny and made of metal, so she has negative hat points. The gypsy with the giant purple top hat, on the other hand...
I still feel terrible about slide-tackling Emilynn and Carly in the middle of the Empire fight, but thankfully nobody was hurt. That grass was slippery!
Magic storm baseball! Roy might have had a better batting average, but I think I got the best distance.
Dave T's puzzle mod was pretty cool. We had to wait a good while to get in there and it was kinda hard to rep, but the puzzle itself was a lot of fun.
Steven's spider mod on Saturday night. That giant spider phys rep is awesome, and making our way through the mod shack with spider webs getting in my hair, all over my weapons, and in my mouth felt more dangerous than fighting the spiders outside. The flickering light rep we had just added to the creepy vibe.
On the same mod, hearing the spider webs go up in flames with Icey and Gandian still inside was tense for a few seconds.
All the Dryads! I kept meaning to spend some more time with Asher and Enya, but I'm bad at sitting down to talk in the middle of an event. I need to learn to tree-walk.
Having fun with Jonathon as he continued to call Dagmara "it" instead of "she" or "her".
Fighting as an organized, cohesive unit in Group 1 against the corrupted unicorn. We did pretty damn well for ourselves.

Overall it was a great event. I'll get my event feedback in by the end of today, and so should the rest of you! Write it up while the event is still fresh in your mind!
Well this was a most entertaining event I must say, and I enjoyed every single bit of it. My MOST favorite however, has to be:


/end bitterness

But it's all cool, I really loved making the food for you guys and fighting against you.


Thank you for all those who put in so much work to make this happen.

-Seeing all the cloaks and costuming I made and hearing that people stayed warm and dry and got armor points, now if only I had made one for myself.
-Getting to see my old disjunction teacher Mensa and getting to see the origin of him picking up his spear.
-speaking with Misty O Shun
-Teaching First aid with a real dying teaching aid, I finally felt confident enough that I had the spells and support to teach first aid the orc way
-Getting marked for disjunction and having all the people asking Leapold and Joanna questions about how to do it and Joanna referring them all to Gorka for information, but then no one coming to ask me questions.
-talking to Wipvine, the Dyad ambassador and trying to figure out the mold
-Fighting the Purple Fungus, having the 'Look over there' tactic not work on Gorka the first few times but every 6th or 7th hit it did.
-York scolding Zed for his absents
-York and Jonathan Drunk going to a mod.
-Kendra and Gandian finally figuring out the proper ways to proven Gorka running out on suicide rescues.
-Gandian's reaction to Alexander Nites' scrifice
-Running back to check For Nites' spirit in the earth circle and having people think that gorka resurrected cus I didn't stick around to walk back.
-Deciding that resurrection stories work best when you just get the spirit pumped to come back, the more you let them know they are still needed the stronger and happier the spirit is when it reforms.
-Gorka Kendra Sister talk
-buying a banish item that little brother thought wasn't worth it but then correcting him that it very much was worth 7 gold for Gorka, Orc Panther Gasts, not good for a beat it from behind rouge.
-Dure'dhel's present for gorka, and slowly relizing after the game all his resins for doing it.
-Clean up mod
-Fist time Gorka got to hunt a real life stag insted of a spirit, and fining out that the real ones are easier than the spirits.
-puzzle mod, and the rendered place mat.

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
So much awesome happened this event that it cannot be put into words! Thanks everyone for everything, you all made it a wonderful event! Some of my favorites, in no particular order:
  • Casting Talitha's Lightning Aura, especially with a few people watching. What did you guys think?
  • Being worried about the ritual flaw of taking double damage from ice for the rest of the event, succeeding the ritual without flawing it, then five minutes later becoming vulnerable to ice for the weekend via a different means (I only took a grand total of 20 damage from that the whole event, luckily).
  • Having the in-character transformation from regarding Pox as a friend to a traitorous villain, and being the one to beat him down with what Fern said was "the biggest Slay [he'd] ever seen". What can I say, Gandian was pissed.
  • Since he had already expended his one Circle of Power for the day, having to put the corpse of General Gaius Mandrake in a Prison Hug until he dissipated.
  • Aleksandr Nitus' sacrifice, and the resulting grief, anger, and vengeance it awoke within Gandian.
  • Identifiying Pox's half-dozen 20-ritual items and being flabbergasted, then coming to realize that they were all times-evers with only a few charges left.
  • People wanting to buy Pox's dagger, not because of its magic effects, but because the rep I built was cool.
  • Celestial Guild discussions in the rainy Celestial Circle. I'm tellin' you, I still like my Bucket Theory.
  • Fern Woods. 'Nuff said.
  • Magic storm baseball!
  • Getting my knee crippled by a Slay from Kendra. If I hadn't used my Parry 5 seconds earlier, I could have Parried HER, and I probably would have saved myself an OOG injury... :pinch:
  • Having my custom Corrupt Unicorn leather mask used in multiple fights, even though it was too dark for people to see the details I put onto it. Sometime, y'all should do a big fight with one of my masks in the daytime. :thumbsup:
  • Group 1 in the Unicorn fight. We rocked! It was super cool to see our defense holding strong, and especially everyone guarding me as the one with all the Destroys for the Node.
  • Knocking down Stephen's big Corrupt with my Vengeance, then having Aine run out and accidentally heal the Corrupt instead of me. :funny:
  • Gerald Thompson! Gandian has at least one fanboy! :hahaha:
  • Late-night spider mod, especially with the awesome big spider rep. The first time that (unbeknownst to me) Stephen's fingers "crawled" across my neck as I wended my way through the web nearly gave me a heart attack; I don't like spiders.
  • Selling a leaf to Roy for a gold. ;)
  • Amazing high-five picture with my Star!

And probably so much more that I'm forgetting. Perhaps more to come later.
Fantastic event as always, Thanks to all the NPC's and Marshalls you folks make some amazing things happen!

Favorites are:

-Beating up Zed :twisted:
-Recruiting Shanthony to the Black Wolves
-late night drinking and the Mod that followed
-The soul crushing sadness of the +6 corrupt reaver staying in the past...
-Doing tactics with Sir Durthang (York has yet to lose a tactics training fight)
-Walking out as the Sheriff besides a Knight (Durthang) and a Bonded Guardsman (Fern) and taking on the phase pairs to give the town time to recoup and hear what was going on. That was pure badass.
-Tolls from Trolls ("You... with the scowly face, you may pass")
-Meeting Wolfkin and the wonderful RP caused by my Wolf tabard.
-as the town kind of fell to pieces fighting the General and Pucks the Black wolves stuck together.
-Being afraid that Shanthony was going to rez and finally pushing in one last time and finding him safe in another squad. Made for a happy Captain.
-Late night spider fun!
-Getting to see Asher take on the role of Deputy Sheriff by leading and making plans.
-Being happy York for once was an interesting experience.
-Sir Durthang wondering why all the groups in town have pretentious names, I don't know maybe we should ask Baroness "Shademarch" about that :p

Good stuff all around, its amazing to see how far Hopes Reach has come and can't wait to see what happens this season!


I had a great time, it's really exciting to see the new staff flex their plotly muscles, and was super jazzed to see some long missed folks out again!

Favorites in no particular order.

- The sheer number of different groups, it was nice to here calls for 'Ravenwood' and other groups and see a portion of the folks surge to a particular area.
- The Test Mod, Of course once Asher gets into position the rabbit realizes he is the one who gets to 'bunny hop' over the last, most complicated part.
- Chess with Cho-ko-nu
- Breaking poor Gandian with Jehyu's smart arse comments, someday he'll push to far. (Although Jehyu still wants to know what a Suewagga is)
- "2.2 Gold"
- So many refits satuday morning and night, gonna put a lot more thought into maybe pushing to 20 blacksmithing faster.
- Reverse foreshadowing during the Mesa mod
- So many folks coming to the rescue when Jehyu was in trouble, I'm not used to folks moving to intercept for me.
- Giving out one metric ton of candy eggs.
- Corrupt unicorn mod, I did do much but it was very cool ^.^


Had to leave the event early after the Unicorn mod on Saturday evening, but my favorites were:

-Getting Dominated by Stephen's archer corrupt, him taking my bow, then Davion Dominating me to get me back to the line, but me still falling behind the Node, weaponless and completely vulnerable for about half the Unicorn fight until Group 3 surged forward and gave me a chance to run back. It gave me an amazing view of the mod to see all three groups and the node at once, although it was terrifying for the Corrupt to all be so close and not notice me (or determine I was not a threat).
-Sneaking behind Pax's line at the beginning of the fight and getting a surprise attack with my serious vorpal coated arrows, only to be cut down and killing blowed by Emilynn's NPC.
-Challenging Davion in the auction for a 1 ever Dodge item, even though we share the same Keepers gold. :lol:
-Roleplaying with Kendra regarding Sky Magic.
-Telling some new PC's about which items they received in loot were illegal in Gaden, and what they should do with them. :twisted:
-Seeing Miss Katira go from Cho Ko Nu's scroll/tavern assistant to going out on mods and fighting things a lot. I love seeing new players make the leap to complete comfort with the game and taking initiative to go out on mods! :thumbsup:
-And of course, BUYING THE TAVERN! That was the one goal I had for Cho Ko Nu from the beginning (other than getting home to Pratorak).

And as always, THANK YOU STAFF AND NPC'S!!!


was a really fun event over all, but one thing really sticks out
standing at the tavern door as a flame ooze and the shock on the pcs faces at "I ooze throught the door one..."
Least favorite
laying on the ground as a "dead" VERY tired stag hearing "That was the easiest stag hunt ever"

Still, over all a really fun event, Just wish bill got to see Katira stroke Jonathon's feathers like he and the biata lady (larp mom) convinced her to
Great event. I was happy I could attend as much as I did.
-unicorn mod and Kendra getting her first real shot at battle leading. She was truly proud of all the fierce battle cries!
- slaying gandian although I felt bad for your knee. Don't fall so dramatically all the time ;)
- sister talk with gorka
-sneaking up to the tavern, stalking Chokonu hearing from someone as I'm about to pounce" hey Kendra...what you do-oh.." I run up to beat Cho down and drag him to the woods to have a 'talk'.


so many things.
overall, thank you for coming out and helping us tell an amazing story. I can't wait to see how we continue to tell it together!
Wow- Fantastic Opener guys! I had a blast getting to see friends both old and new and a bit of a surreal time playing Fern this weekend. Some stand-outs for me this weekend:

-BONDED SWORD!- OMG thank you Paige for making this awesome rep and to plot for making it just awesome. It got a lot of use and for the most part the design stood up to the beatings.
-I had a hilarious time with some of the PCs making innuendo jokes and working on nicknames for folks with Raven and Yolo.
-Gandian's Nitus RP was a lot of fun thanks for keeping it serious.
- Grouping up with the "mod squad and surprising Davion with the invite (Dave C I love you man, Fern and Davion won't ever be good friends but man do we "gas grill" bad guys well together)
- Seeing all the "new players" from 2 seasons ago going into their 3rd season with purposes, new skills, and making a huge dent was a special treat. Especially when I found myself thinking I should go ask this person or that person about something or when Rick finally bested me in 3 tap (re-match soon sir)
-Finally finding a right time to make the point about potions/healing without short-selling Gorka, Enya and all the other very generous folks who keep putting money out of their pockets for healing.
-Best of all, seeing all my good friends in MN. Thanks guys!
Wow. What an incredible event. Thank you so much to all the NPC's who made this weekend possible.

Many highlights, few I'll mention here.
- Recruiting Shanthony successfully and easily, and the subsequent drunk fighting with Shanthony and York. And corrupting Shanthony throughout the weekend, with many different vices.
- Puzzle mod was fun. The discussion between York and Jon afterwards about how we had planned for the 'leaderless' possibility.
- Larp rain, and HOT SHOWERS. Holy crap, that hot shower was life-changing.
- Glook and the faces. 'IT KEEPS MAKING FACES AT ME!'
- Gorka and Shanthony only fake dying. That made me so happy. Twice.
- Therapy with Caithis (sp?). That dude has some issues.
- The undead liches. Those guys were hilarious. Jon hated it, but I loved it. Thanks guys!

Sorry kendra. You were all crouchy and sneaky, and I was curious.
some of the favorite things on the april event in no real order. meeting some of the new players for the first time, the battle with the phase pairs was quite interesting, being moved from hope's reach to the valley of solace,the meeting of the wolf wilderkin, the puzzlemod., and the final battle with the dark unicorn which showed that the town is improving its teamwork ability.
-Meeting all the PC's I've heard so much about for myself
-Running around with Ravenwood
-Fighting formations
-The silly late night Necromancers
-Having Ravenwood retreat after a few of our members got hit with Nausea and were vomiting all the way back to the tavern.
-Playing Jehyu's games...especially the first time since he was so generous as to allow me to play without a silver since I was so dirt poor at the time.
-Holding the line for the Unicorn fight
-Borrowing a cloak from Gorka...I felt warm for the first time that entire event <3