Southern Minnesota Chapter Policies - Please Read!

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Please familiarize yourself with the following chapter policies. Thank you!

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Health Form & Release and Waiver
The below forms must be filled out and submitted to the SoMN Staff by every new player before their first game, regardless of whether you are attending as a PC or NPC. Without submitting these forms, you will not be allowed to participate in any of our events, so this is an important step you must take!
Health Form
Release and Waiver

Event Payment
We accept cash, and checks for onsite payment. All fees and dues must be paid before participation in the game.

You may pre-pay online for any of our events using the following link: PayPal

Membership Policies

A Membership of some kind is required to attend a SoMN Event, since it is a part of how we pay for our insurance and site rental costs. You may purchase a membership for the year for $15. Memberships expire on January 1st and must be renewed each year.

A SoMN Membership is not required to blanket SoMN Events, but a Membership is required to begin getting Monthly Blankets on a character housed in the chapter.

New Player Policies
With new players helping build up the chapter and its future, the SoMN chapter offers some benefits to new players and those that help recruit new players to the chapter. A New Player is defined as someone who has not played Alliance LARP before, not just someone who is attending their first SoMN event.

New Players are given the following:
  • Your first event is given half price if attending as a PC, or Free if attending as an NPC
  • Free one game Membership for their first event
  • 50 Goblin Stamps of production items given at your second event attending as a PC. These are 50 goblin stamps that must be spent on production items at logistics, such as potion/weapon/alchemy/scroll tags.
Players that recruit new players are also given a few bonuses for their help. These bonuses apply whether the new player attends as a PC or an NPC. Note that you are given credit for anyone that comes in from an advertisement you designed or posted.

Recruiter Bonuses:
  • 50 Goblin Stamps for the first event the New Player attends
  • 25 additional Goblin Stamps at each of the next two events the New Player attends that year
  • 1 Free "Gift" perk at the New Player’s third attendance as a PC.
  • 15 Goblin Stamps for a New Player’s attendance at a Fight Practice (his/her first time only)

Magic Item Transfer Policy

Restricted Magic Items:
All Restricted Magic Items that are creatable by the current system will transfer in freely with no limits. Please note that individual items with excessive, non-standard, or clearly exceptionally modified flaws may be refused on a case-by-case basis.

Non-SoMN LCO Items:
Do not transfer and are not available for use in the SoMN chronical.

IBGA Policy
IBGA stands for In-Between Game Action. Southern Minnesota does not want to tell players how to play the game or have fun. However, we encourage players in the Alliance LARP to keep their game activities limited to the time between when an event starts and when that event ends. Actions outside of events such as; Role-Playing, politicking, and handling of ‘downtime actions’ add more responsibility to your hobby of LARPing.

Southern Minnesota will no longer accept IBGAs.

Non-standard crafting and materials

Are no longer available for use in any way in Southern Minnesota.

We will be sunsetting the non-standard crafting in Southern Minnesota. Any current recipes will be able to be utilized but they will be consumed/ destroyed in the process.

Information on the website no longer valid
The website that the chapter curates is out of date and all information should be taken from the forums.
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