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Hi guys.

I’ve never had the pleasure of playing Alliance (since I live down in Georgia), but for a dozen years now, I’ve made spell packets for the LARP I play. In fact, I make what many have told me are the best spell packets they’ve ever used, so I’ve decided to start selling them.

I’d love for you to visit my website, www.BradleyPackets.com , to see what I have to offer. I know that anyone can make spell packets, but my hope is that you’ll see the value in my work and the benefits of using my packets.

Bradley Packets are as uniform in size and shape as humanly possible. They are designed to be firm enough to give you a consistent, stable mass to throw, yet have enough "give" to allow the seeds to shift on impact, flattening the head and softening the blow of a hard or a full-force throw. This uniformity helps you throw your spells with a greater degree of speed and accuracy. My hope is that this will ultimately increase the joy you take from your LARPing experience.

As a gesture of my sincerity, I’d like to make the following offer: I will ship 20 free spell packets to the first Alliance staff member from each US-based chapter to contact me with a mailing address (sorry, but shipping internationally is cost-prohibitive). When you use them at your next event, your players will be able to judge if they are an improvement to the packets you normally use. All I ask in return is that if you like them, you tell your players where they can buy them (and perhaps post my website on your Links page). If you have any criticisms or suggestions as to how I can make my packets better, I’d welcome your feedback.

If you Like my Facebook page ( www.facebook.com/BradleyPackets ), you’ll receive occasional updates on promotional sales and special, limited-quantity packets made with particularly desirable fabric (flames, skulls, etc), which will be for sale on my Etsy page ( www.BradleyPackets.etsy.com ). For those who are regularly on Etsy, please add me to your Circle so you’ll be the first to know when I list some of those awesome packets.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me ( BradleyPackets@gmail.com ). Thanks to everyone for your consideration and support!


PS-I’ve attached a picture of some of my spell packets for reference.
As a note, I can't reply to private messages here on this forum (not sure what else I have to register for to do that ;) ), so if you're going to send me one, please include your e-mail.

And Paul F., I will put your packets in the mail tomorrow. :)

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Dr_Chill said:
Wow, these are expensive! $95 bucks plus shipping for 200 packets?!
It's true I was surprised the discount rate didn't ramp up faster, I've received my free sample and they look to be very well made of a very durable fabric, I'll post a more complete review after our January practice once I've had a chance to try them out.

I expect this will be more of a premium product for dedicated casters, more than a source for donations, but I could for see dropping a chunk of change to have a stockpile of well balanced packets.


Dr_Chill said:
Wow, these are expensive! $95 bucks plus shipping for 200 packets?!
If you think of it, that's 48 cents per packet. Considering that includes all materials and time, I don't think it's that bad of a rate. They look (in pictures, haven't gotten a hand on one yet) to be all well balanced, a good tautness, and sturdy. Probably not the packets to use in a rain storm, but they look to be very high quality!