Resolved Spell Parry Vs Dragon Magic


Seattle Staff
In 1.3, Spell Parry only worked against spell qualifier dragon magic, because Dragon Magic was spell qualifier by default.

Is this still the case? Can Dragon Magic use any qualifier and thus be deflected by Spell Parry, per the text of the ritual scroll?

A Spell Parry may be used against any effect delivered with the Spell Qualifier. It may also be used against Dragon Magic or Shadow Magic Rituals.

Thus “I call upon the power of the dragon to obliterate you! Poison Obliterate!” would qualify for Spell Parry?


Alliance Rules
This line in the ritual was intended to be used in conjunction with the original Dragon Magic package which clearly defined Dragon Magic and Shadow Magic as magic delivery, and specifically not any other qualifier. As such the intention for 2.0 was to include anything that was delivered via the Spell Qualifier, which includes Dragon Magic or Shadow Magic Rituals delivered with the Spell Qualifier only. Any alternative delivery method (Arcane, Elemental, Poison, LCO special delivery method) would not be eligible for a spell parry.