[.11] Spell Slots, Formal, and Scholarly Skills


I just want to double check since I cannot find it in the 0.11c of the rules ...

Spell Slots and Formal are considered to be Scholarly Skills, right? No where in the document does it state that, so I want to make sure it is not forgotten or overlooked.
In the 'official' 2.0 database (the one that people should be building their characters in for events, not the freeplay one), it counts Spell Slots, Formal Magic, Create Potion, and Create Scroll as Scholarly skills. I believe it may also count Read Magic, Healing Arts, and First Aid in there, as well, but I would have to double-check that.

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Yeah, the 0.11c lists Create Potion, Create Scroll, Read Magic, Healing Arts, and First Aid as Scholarly Skills. It makes no mention of Spell Slots or Formal, though.

I know the generator and database currently count them. I just want to make sure the rules will reflect the practice. I would hate for the rules to be published then 5 years later someone goes "Oh, wait, the rules don't actually count that."


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Read Magic, Healing Arts and First Aid are explicitly listed as scholarly skills. I inferred spells and formal were, or Bryan told me. I don't remember. I think it's safe to count them as Scholarly Skills. I did a lot of double checking with him on things when I was inputting stuff.